Table of Contents

General Information on Medieval Personal Naming

Personal Names in Specific Cultures

  • English, Old English, and Anglo-Norman Names
  • Scandinavian Names
  • German Names
  • Names from the Low Countries
  • Frankish and French Names
  • Occitan and Catalan Names
  • Spanish and Portuguese Names
  • Italian Names
  • Scottish Names
  • Irish and Manx Names
  • Welsh, Cornish, and Breton Names
  • Early Celtic Names
  • Gaulish Names
  • Pictish Names
  • Classical Roman Names
  • Greek and Armenian Names
  • Coptic and Nubian Names
  • Gothic Names
  • Slavic Names
  • Baltic Names
  • Hungarian Names
  • Romanian Names
  • Romany Names
  • Jewish Names
  • Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Islamic Names
  • Central Asian
  • Ancient Iranian Names
  • Mongol Names
  • Indian Names
  • Chinese Names
  • Japanese Names
  • Names from the New World
  • Names of Things (including places, ships, buildings, clans, military units, and orders of chivalry)

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