Medieval Naming Guides: Greek and Armenian

Greek and Armenian Names

Classical Greek Names

A Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
This website presents the work of an academic research project at Oxford University, an index of all known ancient Greek personal names from sources up to approximately the 6th century. The new database search retrieves information about individuals. The old complex search is a quick way for an expert user to count the number of times a name is used (an explanation is available.) They have a general introduction to ancient Greek naming customs and an index to their data with links to statistics on the data from each region of Greece, including tables of the most popular names for men and women.

Greek Names with Scytho-Sarmatian Roots, by Ursula Georges
Masculine and feminine names found in Greek inscriptions from towns near the Black Sea with possible Scythian or Sarmatian roots.

Greek Personal Names, Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua XI: Monuments from Phrygia and Lykaonia
Greek names from inscriptions found in modern Turkey. Listed alphabetically by nominative Greek form, followed by the original spelling and a link to full inscription information.

Inscriptions of Aphrodisias: Indices
Lists of words and names from a searchable database of Greek inscriptions found at Aphrodisias, in modern Turkey. Covers roughly the second century BC to the seventh century AD.

Trismegistos People
A database of names recorded in Egypt, including many names written in Greek.

Medieval Greek Names

Common Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire During the 6th and 7th Centuries, by Bardas Xiphias
Lists of masculine and feminine names found in Byzantine records, with relative frequencies.

Personal Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire during the Later Byzantine Era, by Bardas Xiphias
A thorough discussion of name structure, with tables of masculine and feminine given names and of surnames.

Prosopography of the Byzantine World Database
Part of the Prosopography of the Byzantine World. Lists biographical and textual information about tenth- and eleventh-century Byzantine men and women, alphabetized by a Romanized form of the given name.

Some Name Constructions in Actes d'Iviron
Grammatical name constructions found in tenth- and eleventh-century documents from northern Greece.

A Short (and rough) Guide to Byzantine Names for SCA Personae, by Hrolf Herjolfsson
A compilation of given names and family names, along with extensive discussion of name formation. Non-personal names, such as names of towns, geographical features, occupations, and titles, are also discussed.

Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit Online
A database of Byzantine people from 6411025 AD. You will need to create a free login or use an academic library subscription.

Names of Lay Proprietors in the Themes of Thessaloniki and Strymon in the 2nd Half of the 13th and 14th Century, by Maridonna Benvenuti
Names of members of the lower nobility, mostly masculine but some feminine.

Early 14th Century Byzantine Names of Macedonia, by Maridonna Benvenuti
Masculine and feminine given names and bynames.

Names of 14th-15th C. Thessalonian Lesser Aristocrats, by Maridonna Benvenuti
Names of soldiers and civic office holders from the city of Thessalonike, recorded in Venice. Some of the given names have been changed to modern English forms.

Armenian Names

Turkish Names, Christian Faith: Armenians in 1455 Istanbul, by Ursula Georges
A discussion and list of names of ethnic Armenians as recorded in an Ottoman Turkish census.

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