Medieval Naming Guides: Baltic

Baltic Names

Lithuanian Names

Lithuanian Names, by Willam R. Schmalstieg
An article in the scholarly journal Lituanus. The author is a scholar of Old Prussian. This article is an outline of the development of naming customs in Lithuania, written for a general audience. It contains a number of dated examples. Also at this website is an article analyzing Three Lithuanian City Names.

Lithuanian Grand Dukes from the Galicia-Volhynia Treaty, by ffride wlffsdotter
Names of 20 dukes and one duke's wife extracted from a 15th-century manuscript about a 13th-century treaty.

Feminine Names from the Gediminid Line of Lithuania, by Walraven van Nijmegen
Analyzes the names of women from a fourteenth-century ruling dynasty.

15-16th Century Lithuanian Masculine Names from Vitsyebsk and Mahilyow districts, Belarus, by Rebecca Lucas (ffride wlffsdotter)
Names with Lithuanian origins from what is now Belarus.

Some names from 16th century Kaunas: 1522-1591, by Rebecca Lucas (ffride wlffsdotter)
Masculine and feminine given names and byname patterns.

16th and Early 17th C. Feminine Names from Lithuanian Records, by ffride wlffsdotter
A collection of women's names from 1528, 1565, 1567, and 1631.

Early 17th century bynames of bridegrooms, from a wedding register from Lankeliškiai parish, Lithuania, by ffride wlffsdotter.
A collection of masculine bynames from 1602 to 1650; these are after the SCA's period, but the article is still useful given the derth of material on Lithuanian names earlier.

Latvian Names

Medieval Latvian Given Names, by Aryanhwy merch Catmael
A list of some given names (the author has only covered the letters A to M so far). Many spellings are modernized; medieval Latvian didn't include many of the special characters used in the article.

The 10 most popular masculine names from Vidzeme in 1638, by Rebecca Lucas (ffride wlffsdotter)
Names from a town that is today part of Latvia but was then part of Swedish Livonia.

Bynames from 15-17th century Latvia, by Rebecca Lucas (ffride wlffsdotter)
Attested bynames and their meanings.

Estonian Names

Names of Estonians from the Schultbok of Helmich Ficke: 1515-1556, by ffride wlffsdotter
A list of 43 masculine names and 2 feminine names of Estonian peasants from a Middle Low-German source (thus, the names are not themselves linguistically Estonian).

16th century masculine names and locative bynames from Hiiu County, Estonia, by ffride wlffsdotter
Two lists of names, from pre-1563 and post-1563, most of which come from Latinized records. There is an extensive discussion of byname patterns.

Feminine bynames from Livonia ending in -naine (ca. 1524-1532), by ffride wlffsdotter (Rebecca Lucas)

Late 16th and early 17th century names from Northern Estonian grave markers, by Rebecca Lucas (ffride wlffsdotter)

Placenames, and some personal names, from northern Livonia, 13-17th centuries, by ffride wlffsdotter.
A collection of place name citations from Estonia, from Latin and vernacular records from the 13th to the early 17th C. There is also a short list of masculine names.

Fishy Business: A brief look at some masculine, aquatic-themed names from 14th to 17th century Estonia, by ffride wlffsdotter (Rebecca Lucas)

Street names from Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu, by ffride wlffsdotter (Rebecca Lucas)
Medieval street names from what is now Estonia, recorded in Middle Low German, Latin and Polish.

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