Dated Placenames from Lincolnshire

by Gunnvör silfrahárr (Christie L. Ward) and Talan Gwynek (Brian M. Scott)

© 2004 Christie L. Ward; all rights reserved

This is a listing of some early forms of placenames from Lincolnshire, based on lists of towns and parishes from the GENUKI website. This is not a comprehensive list of every possible placename, town or parish in the Lincolnshire area, nor does it include every medieval form extant for a given placename. Only placenames with recorded dates have been included below. Items marked ON are from Old Norse, items marked OE are from Old English.

Data on the derivation or etymology of the individual placenames given on the GENUKI website comes from A.D. Mills, A Dictionary of English Place-Names (Oxford University Press, 1991). More current scholarship on the etymology of English placenames is now available and the information here has been updated with supplementary etymologies from Victor Watts, John Insley, and Margaret Gelling, eds. Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names, Based on the Collections of the English Place-Name Society (Cambridge University Press. 2004). Another source used here is Eilert Ekwall's The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names (4th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press 1991). Some additional information has been provided from other sources, which are cited in the Bibliography. For this article, etymologies are based on Watts, Mills, and Ekwall, with preference generally given to Watts as being based on the broadest and most current scholarship.

Items dated 1086 are from the 1086 Domesday Book. The spellings used in the Domesday Book represent very early Anglo-Norman spellings in a Latin context. These spellings are often quite different from the Old English spellings that preceded them, but are often very different from typical later spellings as well.


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