The Academy of Saint Gabriel closes for vacation from time to time.

We occasionally close down and take a break to allow us to clear out our backlog, work on other projects, and relax. Our vacations generally last from six weeks to six months.

When we open for business after each break, we post announcements to SCA heraldry mailing lists. While we're closed, you may be able to find the information you need in our other resources (you can find research suggestions in our FAQ or the FAQ for heralds) or by sending your question elsewhere. You can send it to an SCA mailing list, or contact the senior heraldic staff of your kingdom. If you send it to us, one of our members may reply, but it depends on whether the right person has time.

Part of the reason we need a break is that we get more questions than we can handle. We could use your help if you're interested in medieval names and arms and you can look things up in the library, or proofread, or write clearly, or if you want to learn about names and arms. Drop us a line!

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