Spanish Name and Armory References


Arana de Love, Francisca, Nombres Proprioes Espannoles, Editorial Vosgos, Barcelona, 1982.

I list this book mostly because it is the only good book on Spanish names of which I know. It is in Spanish, and incldues a dictionary of names, many dated. (AN)

Gosnell, Charles F. Spanish Personal Names. The H.W. Wilson Company: New York, 1938.

This is a book on Spanish last names, designed for people who have to catalogue or do bibliographic work. There is a lot of information as to how Spanish names are formed, and some names with dates. It is not as useful as we want, but it is better than nothing. Recommended, but use with care. (JA)

Sopena, Pascual Martinez. Antroponimia y sociedad : sistemas de identificacion hispano-cristianos en los siglos IX a XIII. Serie Historia y Sociedad (Valladolid, Spain) ; no. 46. Santiago de Compostela : Universidade de Santiago de Compostela ; Valladolid : Universidad de Valladolid, 1995). A collection of essays in French and Spanish on the transition from the Gothic single-element naming system to the Christian two-element system in Iberia. Includes articles on naming in various regions of Iberia, from Catalonia to Portugal, many with tables of name frequencies. (AN)

Tibón, Gutierre. Diccionario Etimológico Comparado de Nombres Propios de Persona. Union Tipografica Editorial Hispano Americana: Mexico.

A listing of a number of names, with variant forms and dates in Spanish. Recommended for advanced name people only. (JA)


Maduell, Jr, Charles R. The Romance of Spanish Surnames. 1967.

This book lacks dates and lacks much information necessary for a good SCA name book. Not recommended. (JA)

Pollock, Saul. Spanish and Mexican Given Names. Committee for Social Research: Los Angeles, 1942.

This is an alphabetical listing of Spanish names, complete with derivatives and English equivalents. It does not have any dates, and includes many modern names and usages. However, by using the English equivalents, it might be possible to document the names using Withycombe. Not recommended. (JA)

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