Japanese Names and Armory

Entries marked "ST" were reviewed by Solveig Throndarsdottir.


Koop & Inada. Japanese Names and How to Read Them.

Includes an informative introduction, although much of the information is post-period. (ST)

Nostrand, Barbara. Name Construction in Medieval Japan. Outlaw Press: 1993.

A book intended to be used by SCA members. Contains lots of information about Japanese names and naming practices. Considered a standard SCA source. (AF)

Plutschow, Herbert. Japan's Name Culture. Japan Library, St. John's Studios: Richmond, Surrey, 1995.

This book gives you a fairly good look at how names functioned in Japanese society. Written by a professor of Japanese. Somewhat difficult to use because it lacks tables. (ST)


Sakamaki, Shunzo. Ryukyuan Names. East-West Center Press: Honolulu, 1964.

Monographs on and list of personal and place names in the Ryukyus. Recommended for Ryukyuan names only. (JA)


Dower, John W., The Elements of Japanese Design, Weatherhill, 1971.

A recommended book for design ideas and symbolims used in Japanese armory. Extensively illustrated, though it does not cite sources.

Hawley, W. M., and K. K. Chappeleer, Mon: The Japanese Family Crest.

One of the standard SCA references on Japanese armory.

Matsuya Piece Good Store, Japanese Design Motifs, tr. Fumie Adashi, New York: Dover Publications Inc., 1972.

An ordinary of Japanese heraldry.


Gillis, I. V. & Pai Ping-Ch'i. Japanese Surnames. A comprehensive listing of Japanese personal names.

Gives no information about the name. Not a reliable source. (AF)

O'Neill, P.G. Japanese Names. John Weatherhill, Inc.: New York, 1972.

An undated list of names compiled in the mid-20'th century which lacks a bibliography. O'Neill's introduction makes it clear that his research method consisted of accumulating names regardless of source. An unreliable source for information. (ST)

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