A sample of Jewish names in Valencia 1293-1485

Compiled by Yehoshua ben Haim haYerushalmi (MKA Zachary Kessin)

© 2003 Zachary Kessin


The Jewish presence in Valencia along with much of Spain persisted for many centuries under both Christian and Muslim rulers until coming to an end with the order of expulsion in 1492. In that time Jews lived in both large cities as well as in small towns. Included here is a list of Jews who lived in the towns of Santa Columa de Queralt and worked as money lenders there. As well as Jews who had paid taxes in the town of Castellon De la Plana.

Since both money lending and taxes involved money they were activities for which solid records where kept. The records in this case appear to have been kept in Latin and the spellings of the names are presented as they appear in the source volumes. All of the original documents are in Latin.

Most of the names are of men but some women do show up in the list, they are marked with a "(f)" and in red.


Research performed in the reading room of the Hebrew University In Jerusalem, Givat Ram Campus