A sample of Jewish names in Milan 1540-1570

Compiled by Yehoshua ben Haim haYerushalmi (MKA Zachary Kessin)

© 2003 Zachary Kessin


Jews had spread across Italy as far back as roman times and with the coming of the Renisanse were increasingly involved in culture in Italy. In the 16th century Jews lived across Italy, this is a sample of names of Jews taken from notary records in the Duchy of Milan. As in most cases the majority of names are male however a few female names are in list. Female names are marked with a "(f)". The name "Sara" which does not show up in a sample of names from the Jewish court in Rome does in fact show up here.


Simonsohn, Shlomo, The Jews in the Duchy of Milan, Volume 4, (The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Jerusalem 1986)
Research performed in the reading room of the Hebrew University In Jerusalem, Givat Ram Campus