Medieval Names of Some Knightly Orders

Ursula Georges

This article collects some of the medieval references to knightly orders found in The Knights of the Crown by Darcy Jonathan Dacre Boulton (Suffolk: The Boydell Press, 1987). Boulton investigates the history and statutes of chivalric orders founded by medieval monarchs; as part of his analysis, he discusses the ways these orders named themselves and were named by others. I have gathered many of Boulton's examples here. Though the spellings quoted in the "Medieval Order Name" column are not modern, they may have been normalized or abbreviations expanded. I have largely followed Boulton's translations, when provided, though in a few cases I have substituted a more literal reading.

Modern Order Name Medieval Order Name Modern English Translation Language Context
Fraternal Society of Saint George, Hungary universitas societatis fraternalis militiae titulo Sancti Georgii insigniti community of the fraternal society of knighthood named for the notable Saint George Latin statutes
societas beati Georgii society of the blessed George Latin statutes
Order of the Band la Orden de la Banda the Order of the Band Spanish
la Orden de la Vanda the Order of the Band Spanish
Order of the Garter milites de Societate Garterii knights of the Society of the Garter Latin register of the Black Prince, 1348
societas de Garteris Society of the Garters Latin register of the great wardrobe, 1349
comitivam sancti Georgii de la gartiere Company of Saint George of the garter Latin & French Geoffrey le Baker
la tres noble Compaignie et Ordre du Jartier the very noble Company and Order of the Garter French 1377 letter
Ordo Sancti Georgii sive Societas Garterii Order of Saint George or Society of the Garter Latin statutes
Ordo Garterii Order of the Garter Latin statutes
Chevaliers de St George de la Compagnie du Gartier Knights of Saint George of the Company of the Garter French statutes
Company of the Star les Chevaliers de Nostre Dame de la Noble Maison the Knights of Our Lady of the Noble House French prologue to the letter of election
consortium seu societatem militem Beate Marie Nobilis Domus apud Sanctum Odoenum prope Sanctum Dyonisium in Francia the knightly company or society of the Blessed Mary of the Noble House at Saint-Ouen near Saint-Denis in France Latin letter founding the society's canonical institute
inclite Stellifere Congregationis nostre militaris apud Sanctum Audoenum in Domo Nobili illustrious Starbearing Knightly Congregation in the Noble House at Saint-Ouen Latin June 1356 letters
Order of the Collar Ordre du Collier de Savoye Order of the Collar of Savoy French unofficial fifteenth-century documents
Ordre de l'Annunciation Notre Dame Order of the Annunciation of Our Lady French official order name after 1518

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