Feminine Nubian Given Names from Coptic and Greek Inscriptions

Ursula Georges and Aryanhwy merch Catmael

The following is a brief list of feminine given names from medieval Christian Nubia, taken from inscriptions written in Coptic and Greek. Although I have divided the names according to the dominant language of the inscription, the Coptic alphabet was sometimes used to record names in Greek inscriptions, and vice versa.

Coptic Inscriptions

Name Date
Anthelia c. ninth century
Iêsousyko died 9 January 1046
Mariam 930
Michaêliko died 11 December 1037
Ouarenô eighth or ninth century

Greek Inscriptions

Name Date
Christina eighth to tenth century
Eikkir 1095-1183
Eito.u. [The periods represent dots below the letters]
Genseoua ninth to tenth century
Kel 785
Maria eighth to tenth century

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