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Theophania Fr Tiphaine, sometimes Tiphine.The vern. would seem to be Tiffan(y) or Teffan(y).[Tiffany]
Teffan 1379 Tiffany
Teffania 1206 Tiffany
Tephania 1154-89 Tiffany
Teph'na 1381 (S:Hringwulf)
Theffanie 1206 Tiffany
Theophania 1206 Tiffany
Thiphania 1327 (S:Burgheard)
Tiffan 1379 Tiffany
Tiffania 1323 Tiffany
Tiphina 1322 Justice
Tyffayne* 1288 Tiffany

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