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*Grece Perh. <CG grisja `grey', since OFr gris `grey' appears in ME as grece, greyce; popularly assoc. with OFr grace < Lat gratia `grace'. Grace and Grece prob. representthe vern. forms. DECN GRACE. [Grace]
Grace 1562 (W)
Gracia 1200 (W); 1213, 1232-35, 1247 Grace; 1303 (W); 1309 Hasse;1346 (W)
Gracye* 1296 Grace
Gratia 1221 Grace
Grece* 1275 Grace
Grecia 1201 Grace; 1213, 1346(W)
Grecie (g.) 1188 Grace
Gricia 1346(W)

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