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Emmeline OFr Ameline, Emmeline, hyp. < CG Adal-; OFr Amelot, Emelot, hyp. <
>Ameline.Ameline and Emeline are formally a Lat gens. of Amelina and Emelina, resp., but they app. also representvern. forms in the nom. [Emblem, Emblott, Amelot]Amelot
Amelina 1221 Emblem
Ameline (g.) 1066 Emblem
Amelyn* 1296 Emblem
Emelin* 1208 Emblem
Emelina 1154-89 Emblem; 1199-1215 (W); 1221 Emblem; 1319 (W)
Emeline 1422 (W)
Emeline (g.) 1115 Emblem
Emelyn 1379(W)
Emelyne 1292 (W)
Emmelina 1154-89 Emblem
Emylyna 1332 Down
Amelot* 1275
Emelot 12° Amelot
Emelote* 1305 Emblott
Emeloth 1221 Barefoot

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