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Aileva < OE Æðelgifu. DECN ELGIVA, which includes somecitations that prob. belong to ALVIVA. [Ayliff]
Aelive (g.) 1214 Ayliff
Aileua 1086 Ayliff; 1202 (S)
Ailiue 1228 (S)
Ailiva 1199 (S)
Aliua 1209 (S);1395 Nesfield
Aliva 1301(S)
Alyva 1242(S)
Ayliua 1228(S)
Æileua 1086 Ayliff
Æilgyuu 1050-71 Good
Eileua 1086 Ayliff
Eileue 1209(S)
Eileve (g.) 1206 Ayliff
Eilieua 1154-89 Ayliff
Eilliva 1214 (S)
Eleua 1086 Ayliff

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