Late Period German Masculine Given Names

by Talan Gwynek (Brian M. Scott)

This article presents some lists of names from two regions of Germany. Keep in mind that name distributions varied from one place to another, so the two sets of data cannot be freely mixed. However, they can probably be taken as a general guide to given names in much of late-period Germany.

These data were compiled from two sources:

Name Frequency


The following tables list the most frequent men's names from the area around Plauen (in what was East Germany, at its common border with Czechoslovakia and the former West Germany). I have combined records from the four towns with those from the surrounding villages and countryside. The total number of persons named is 1280 for the earlier period; for the later it is 4204. The data are taken from Hellfritzsch.

1451-1500 1501-1550
Johannes 397 Johannes 1018
Nikolaus 287 Nikolaus 615
Heinrich 86 Georg 218
Ehrhart 74 Ehrhart 203
Konrad 67 Jobst 183
Peter 43 Wolf(gang) 173
Georg 35 Peter 154
Lorenz 27 Heinrich 135
Friedrich 24 Konrad 121
Michel 24 Lorenz 111

Alphabetical Lists

Four lists are available. The Arnsburg list, from Mulch, is a catalogue of names recorded in the vicinity of Arnsburg in the 15th century. The Plauen lists, from Hellfritzsch, are lists of names first recorded in the Plauen area, organized by 50-year blocks.

Editted & published by Arval Benicoeur