German Given Names 1200-1250

by Talan Gwynek (Brian M. Scott)

Last revised 2 April 2002
These lists are compiled from Roland Mulch, Arnsburger Personennamen: Untersuchungen zum Namenmaterial aus Arnsburger Urkunden vom 13. - 16. Jahrhundert (Darmstadt & Marburg: Hessischen Historischen Kommission Darmstadt and the Historischen Kommission für Hessen, 1974.) Mulch divided his data into 50-year periods; this article presents lists of names found before 1200 and in the period 1200-1250.

Mulch used one notation that we may have interpretted incorrectly. In two names, he used parentheses to indicate variant forms of the name: the feminine name Lu(c)gardis and the masculine Gerbod(th)o. We have assumed that Mulch meant that the first name was spelled with c or g, and that the second name was spelled with d or th.

Mulch's data are derived from Latin sources, so all the names appear in Latin forms. The great majority of names in this sample are derived from the Germanic name stock. At this time, Latin-derived names were clearly only beginning to influence naming patterns in Arnsburg. But of course it was standard throughout Europe in this period for names to be recorded in Latinized forms.

It is unlikely that the Latin forms were used in daily life, so it is worthwhile to offer some suggestions on recovering the vernacular forms of names listed here. We can only make informed guesses at the actual form of the name in regular use. In Germanic feminine names, -is is a Latin ending; dropping it will generally produce a plausible vernacular form (e.g. Methild from Methildis). Other names are best used in one of the forms recorded here. In masculine names ending -us, dropping the ending will generally produce a reasonable vernacular form (e.g., Hermann from Hermannus). The second element -ricus most often represents -rich (e.g. Heinrich from Heinricus).

Before 1200

Men's Names: Cuno (1), Heinricus (1)
Women's Names: Liukardis (1), Luitgarde (2), Walpvrga (1)


The following lists are sorted by name frequency, with variants of the same name counted together. A second pair of lists is available, sorted alphabetically.

Men's Names

Heinricus 22
Hermannus 18
Cunradus 17
Wilhelmus 16
Wernerus 11
Hartmannus 9
Wikerus 9
Didericus 8
Wigandus 7
Ditmarus, Dimarus 6
Hartmudus 6
Meingotus, Mengotus 6
Fridebertus, Fridebraht       5
Rudegerus 5
Wecelo 5
Everwinus 4
Fridericus 4
Gerhardus 4
Guntramus 4
Harpernus 4
Meffridus 4
Sifridus 4
Theodericus 4
Eberhardus 3
Gernandus 3
Johannes 3
Ludewicus 3
Ortwinus 3

The following names occurred twice in the data: Anshelmus, Arnoldus, Baldemarus, Burkardus, Dammo, Eginolf/Einolfus, Emelricus, Gerbodo/Gerbotho, Gerlacus, Giso, Godscalcus, Heidolfus, Jofridus, Nidungus, Ortolfus, Ripertus, Rudolfus, Sibragtus/Sibratus, Sigenandus, Vlricus, Withekindus.

The following names occurred once in the data: Albertus, Bernardus, Berhdoldus, Berwelfus, Ciprianus, Cristianus, Cuno, Daniel, Deigenhardus, Ditwinus, Dudo, Eckardus, Embrico, Emercho, Emicho, Endemannus, Ermenoldus, Gelfradus, Gerbertus, Giselberdus, Godesmannus, Gunterus, Gunzelinus, Gotwinus, Hapertus, Helfricus, Hertwicus, Hetzkinus, Hildebrandus, Hupertus, Hugo, Ivvanus, Lentfridus, Ludoldus, Lvfridus, Luitfridus, Marquardus, Meinfridus, Nibelungus, Otto, Petrus, Philippus, Reinboldus, Roricus, Rubertus, Ruthardus, Sibertus, Siboldus, Swikerus, Stephan, Widradus, Wintherus, Wortwinus.

Women's Names

Gertrudis 6
Elisabeth 5
Lugardis, Lucardis       5
Chunegundis 4
Adelheidis, Aleidis 3
Methildis 3
Cristina 2
Guda 2
Hedewigis 2
Heidindrudis 2

The following names occurred once in the data: Agnes, Alberadis, Berta, Binhildis, Constantia, Evfemia, Gerhild, Hildeburgis, Yrmengardis, Judda, Judith, Reinhedis, Sophia.

Editted & published by Arval Benicoeur