Late 16C English Given Names: Notes on Helegor

Late Sixteenth Century English Given Names

Notes on the name Helegor

Helegor: His full name is given as Helegor Slaman, of St. Botolph without Algate, London. He may have been a merchant from Northern Germany or the Low Countries, in which case Helegor may represent Hilliger, Hilger, Slaman being perhaps for Low German Sloman; see Bahlow at Hilger, Sloman. If the name is English, Helegor may be from ODa Hildiger, found in East Anglia, but a derivation from OE Ælfgâr seems likelier; see DES at Hilger, Algar and Seltén at Ælf- or Æþelgâr. In this case Slaman should be compared with Sleeman and Slomann in DES.

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