13th & 14th Century Scottish Names

Appendix Concerning William Wallace

by Symon Freser of Lovat (Bryan J. Maloney, bjm10@cornell.edu)

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The name "Wallace" does not appear in the preceding lists (Vallance is not a version of Wallace). This is because William Wallace is never mentioned by family name in The Bruce. In fact, the full accord given to the hero of Mad Max IV: Beyond Haggis-Dome is short enough to include below:

The above stanzas are from Book I, verses 275-287. "Schir Wil3am off dowglaB" was the William Wallace of the recent movie. Lest you still have an inflated sense of Wallace's importance to the work as a whole, Book I has 630 verses and is only the first of twenty books of around 600-800 verses, each.

For the modern English-only reader:

Reference: Barbour, John. 1375. The Bruce; or, The Book of the most excellent and noble prince, Robert de Broyss, King of Scots. Early English Text Society. London. 1870 edition edited by Walter W. Skeat.

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