These names were taken from La chanson de la croisade albigeoise de Guillaume de Tulède (ISBN 2-253-05084-9, texte originale, avec une adaptation en français de Henri Gougaud, Le Livre de Poche, Librairie Générale Française, Paris, 1989).

Listed below are the French names, the corresponding Occitan names, and the first page of the text citing the name. These were taken from the index, and the frequency of separate persons cited with the same name may indicate the popularity of the name. Bear in mind that the names are those of the participants and persons otherwise involved in the affairs of the Albigensian crusades. People were involved from Rome to Normandy, Germany to Aragon, and more. Please note that the French spellings in these lists are modern French forms. Only the Occitan spellings are from the original text.


FrenchOccitanFirst Page
Sancha (f) sister of King Pierre II d'Aragon (?)191
Sanche VIII, King of Navarre(?) 45
Sanche I, King of Portugal(?) 85
Sanche EspadaSanc Espaza 129
Savary de MauléonSavarics de Malleo 115
Sequin de BalenxSegui de Balencs 55
Seven GorloinSevis Goloens 425
Sicard, vicomte de Lautreclo vescoms Lautragues 521
Sicard de Montaut(?) 381
Sicard de PuylaurensSicart de Pog Laurens 439
Simon (IV) de Monfort, seigneur de Monfort, comte de Leicester, dit le comte de Monfort Simos de Montfort, lo coms de Monfort, lo coms Fortz 81
Simon le SaxonSimo lo Laine 101


FrenchOccitanFirst Page
TédiseTecin, Tezis 39
Teigneux des Juréslo Tinhos dels Juratz 527
Thibaud de BlaisonTibout de Blezon 455
Thibaud de NonnevilleTibaut, Titbaut, Tibal, Tibaut de Nouvila 301
Thibaud d'OrionTibaut d'orion 455
Thiébaut, comte de Barlo coms de Bar 133


FrenchOccitanFirst Page
Sorry, no entries.


FrenchOccitanFirst Page
Removed an entry here for Veronica, which was a reference to a relic rather than a person's name. -- ed. 25 Mar 2004
Vézian de LomangneVezias de Lomanha 449


FrenchOccitanFirst Page
Winchester (comte de)Guinsestre 81