15th & 16th Century Names from Trieste

by Andrea Hicks (Maridonna Benvenuti)

© 2009, 2013
last updated 25Feb13

Trieste was a flourishing port city during the 15th and 16th centuries. Trieste had received its independence from King Lothar II of Italy in 948. From 1202 until 1382 it was ruled by the Venetians. It gradually became part of the Hapsburg empire until 1918 when, through a treaty, it became part of Italy. The city is located on the East side of the Northern Adriatic Sea surrounded by what is now Slovenia. Native to Trieste are the Venetian Triestino dialect and Slovene language with a small number of German speakers.

These names are sorted into four lists: Grouped by date with notes, feminine given names alphabetically (3), masculine given names alphabetically with frequency, and surnames/bynames alphabetically with frequency.

These names come from the book Vita Comunale ed il Dialetto di Trieste nel MCCCCXXVI, Studiati nel Quaderno di un Cameraro da Oddone Zenatti, 1888.


1435 ad an. 1461



Feminine Given Names

Masculine Given Names

Surnames and Bynames