Names of 14th-15th C. Thessalonian Lesser Aristocrats

by Andrea Hicks
known in the SCA as Maridonna Benvenuti

© 2006 Andrea Hicks, all rights reserved
last updated 08Jun06

This article contains two lists. The first list contains names of 50 archontes of Thessalonike, the second largest city in Byzantium. The second is a list made in Venice of Thessalonian soldiers' names which includes archontes; these names are all in the Venetian dialect of Italian. This document is dated 7 July 1425. Note: The name spellings in the second list have been modernized. It appears that the given names in the first list have also been partially modernized, though the surnames appear to be untouched. Archontes were a group of locally rooted office holders who dominated civic life and made up Thessalonike's ruling class. Byzantine Greece did not have nobles as did the Europeans.

List I. Archontes of Thessalonike, 14th - 15th c.

arranged alphabetically by surname

In this list the author has put surnames of other family members in square brackets. I have omitted the one incomplete surname. This list is not exhaustive.

George Allelouias1327
George Angelos1381
John Aprenos1409(?)
Theordore Brachnos1320
Theodore Chalazas1314-1326
Symeon Chionates1361-66
Thomas Chrysoloras1421
Manuel Deblitzenos1381
Theodore Diagoupes1421
Paul Gazes1406-09
Demetrios Glabas [Komes?]1366
Demetrios Hidromenos1421
Alexios Hyaleas [1]1333-36
Constantine Ibankos1404
Athanasios Kabakes1327
Manuel Kampanaropoulos1314-1324
John Kantakouzenos1414
Manuel Kasandrenos1381
Laskaris Kephalas1373
Constantine Kokolasca. 1320
George Kokalas1336
Bartholomaios Komes1404-19
Manuel Ko(u)llourakes1356-66
Michael Palaiologos Krybitziotes1421
George Kyprianos1348-61
Theodore Doukas Kyprianos1414
John Maroules1379-84
John Douk(a)s Melachrinos1415
Andronikos Metochites1421
Laskaris Metochites1373-76
Constantine Palaiologos Oinaiotes1418-21
.....tos Palaiologos [sic]ca. 1381
John Pezos1379
Manuel Phaxenos1341
John Angleos Philathropenos1421
Demetrios Phoberes1379-84
Nicholas Prebezanios1366
Petros Prebezanios1366
Demetrios Palaiologos Prinkips1421
George Prinkips1407-09
John Rhadenos1415-21
Stephanos Doukas Rhadenos1415-21
Demetrios Sgouros1327
Theodore Doukas Spartenos1341
Michael Stavrakiosca. 1320
Demetrios Talapasca. 1381
Manuel Tarchaneiotes1366-78
Michael Angelos Trypommates1421
George Doukas Tzykandyles1373-81
Andronikos Doukas Tzykandylesca. 1381

List II. Names of archontes and other soldiers, who fought for Venice in 1425.

Several of the same people that appear in the List I also appear here, as do family members. The author's Greek surnames are in square brackets. My additions are in parenthesis.


[1] The source says of these two names, "The names of this family appears in the document as "Jalca", which is no doubt a misreading for Jalea, i.e. Hyaleas, on the part of the Venetian scribe who must have copies the names from a list. CF. Jacoby, "Thessalonique," 308 and note 29. It is also feasible that "Falca" and "Milka" "...represent further corruptions of "Jalca" caused by the scribes carelessness and lack of familiarity with Greek Names."


Necipoğlu, Nevra. 'The Aristocracy in Late Byzantine Thessalonike: A Case Study of the City's Archontes (Late 14th and early 15th Centuries)', in Dumbarton Oaks Papers no. 57, Symposium on Late Byzantine Thessalonike, 2003, pp. 134-151.