An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (William R-[end]):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
WilliamfiliusRadulphi K-0493
WilliamfiliusRadulphi K-08617
WilliamfiliusRadulphi K-1447
WilliamfiliusRadulphi K-1824
WilliamfiliusRadulphi K-20711
WilliamfiliusRadulphi K-20812
WilliamfiliusRadulphi H-3117
WilliamfiliusRadulphi H-14154
WilliamfiliusRadulphi L-751
William Rageman H-1467
William Rainald K-07018
WilliamdeRammesey K-16953
William Randolf jnr K-18034
William Randolf H-1783
William Randolf' K-18032
WilliamfiliusRanulphi K-12110
WilliamfiliusRanulphi K-1443
WilliamfiliusRanulphi H-1918
William Raper L-3921
William Rauf L-1012
William Rauf L-468
William Rauf' L-631
William Ray L-875
William Raym[er] K-12046
William Raynbald L-9212
William Redewell' K-02315
WilliamfiliusReginaldi K-16018
WilliamfiliusReginaldi L-5520
WilliamdeResham L-365
William Reyng[er] L-5530
William Reynwyll' K-1768
William Ricard L-859
WilliamfiliusRicardi K-01814
WilliamfiliusRicardi K-06953
WilliamfiliusRicardi K-0816
WilliamfiliusRicardi K-08817
WilliamfiliusRicardi H-3036
WilliamfiliusRicardi de Hechyl L-322
WilliamfiliusRicardi filii Ranulphi L-0283
William Riche K-07420
William Riche K-19730
William ultra Ripam H-1829
William Ro K-1086
William Robbe K-09127
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-01415
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-0175
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-0522
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-06316
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-0817
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-11212
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-1462
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-18716
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-1907
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-20226
WilliamfiliusRoberti K-20618
WilliamfiliusRoberti L-0517
WilliamfiliusRoberti L-2037
WilliamfiliusRoberti L-7341
WilliamfiliusRoberti L-8426
WilliamfiliusRoberti L-927
WilliamfiliusRoberti Bryan K-12712
WilliamfiliusRoberti Carpentarii L-5518
WilliamfiliusRoberti in venella K-16210
WilliamfiliusRoberti Rote H-0169
WilliamdeRodale H-3268
WilliamRode K-08011
WilliamRoger K-09632
WilliamfiliusRogeri K-07718
WilliamfiliusRogeri K-08842
WilliamfiliusRogeri K-14214
WilliamfiliusRogeri K-15018
WilliamfiliusRogeri K-16614
WilliamfiliusRogeri K-2121
WilliamfiliusRogeri K-21424
WilliamfiliusRogeri H-2923
WilliamfiliusRogeri H-0846
WilliamfiliusRogeri H-1239
WilliamfiliusRogeri H-2717
WilliamfiliusRogeri H-0159
WilliamfiliusRogeri L-3021
WilliamfiliusRogeri L-665
WilliamfiliusRogeri L-852
WilliamfiliusRogeri L-9123
WilliamfiliusRogeri Heyqued H-0549
WilliamfiliusRogeri petit K-18926
WilliamfiliusRogeri Rote H-0157
WilliamRolland H-27146
WilliamdeRome K-2144
WilliamdeRoppesle K-16611
William Ros K-1571
WilliamdeRos de Wolsthorp' K-15717
William Rose L-7024
William Rosmund' L-847
WilliamdeRouceby K-17949
William Rougsone H-3064
William Rounciuale K-21430
WilliamdeRoust' K-19418
William Rowis H-1354
William Russell' L-2432
William Ruupe H-1290
William Rybald H-1238
WilliamdeRydale K-19219
William Rypoun K-06975
William Sacry H-07136
WilliamleSadeler K-00175
William Salt[er] K-08519
William Sampson K-09754
WilliamdeSancto Botholfo [Boston] H-19116
WilliamdeSaxby L-3326
William Saynwas K-06513
William Schakell' L-9119
William Schakelock H-1596
William Scharp' K-06947
William Scharp' K-1919
William Schephyrd K-0916
William Scherman K-00144
WilliamleScherman K-0502
Williamdeschymlyf L-4323
William Schyrreue K-0447
William Schyrwen H-0544
William Scot K-0116
William Scot H-2951
William Scot H-23138
William Scoule K-15414
William Sebrond K-01826
WilliamdeSegbrok' K-1544
William segodd' K-05535
William Semine L-596
William Seward' L-8630
William Shephird L-262
William Sherman L-1725
William Sholy H-1812
William Sibald K-2081
WilliamfiliusSibille K-20220
William Sigger K-11389
William Silueron H-2052
WilliamfiliusSimonis K-01420
WilliamfiliusSimonis K-0203
WilliamfiliusSimonis K-04613
WilliamfiliusSimonis K-12049
WilliamfiliusSimonis K-13120
WilliamfiliusSimonis K-1536
WilliamfiliusSimonis H-1875
WilliamfiliusSimonis H-17126
WilliamfiliusSimonis H-2372
WilliamfiliusSimonis L-0382
WilliamfiliusSimonis L-0514
William Sire K-1402
WilliamdeSixill' L-6810
William Skakel H-1440
WilliamdeSkekeneys H-08101
WilliamdeSkelton' K-001136
WilliamdeSkeryngton K-07330
William Skirlok' L-527
William Skours K-11413
WilliamdeSkredyngton' K-06021
WilliamdeSkylyngton' K-05537
William Skynere H-0849
William Skynner jnr L-1312
William Slay K-13610
William Sledd H-04198
William Slyth' H-2532
William Smith K-14114
William Smyth L-532
William Snel L-0334
William snell' L-8532
WilliamdeSnyterby L-3856
William Solace K-08023
WilliamdeSomeresby K-1017
WilliamdeSomersby K-21022
William Sosan K-09612
William Sourale jnr H-2745
William Sourale snrH-2744
WilliamdeSpaldyng H-19101
WilliamdeSpaldyng H-12129
WilliamdeSpaldyng H-2124
William Spark' K-14911
William Sparwe H-04111
William Spede L-6922
William spell' L-4813
WilliamleSpenser K-08213
William Spenser K-18116
William Spenser H-0779
William Spot L-517
William Sprot K-11010
William Sprot K-11451
William Spryng K-0311
William Sprynhald' K-1006
William Stagg' L-516
WilliamdeStanton' K-18816
WilliamdeStaunton K-15522
WilliamdeSteynwayth K-0433
William sticle L-2812
William Stinford K-14522
WilliamdeStokeye K-1541
William Ston H-1519
WilliamatteStones K-06933
William Stot H-2663
William Stoyl K-06819
WilliamdeStrakelthorp' K-20929
William Styward H-21111
WilliamdeSurflet H-1982
WilliamdeSurflet H-2630
William Surreis K-0793
William sutor K-12327
William sutor L-082
WilliamdeSutton' K-19513
WilliamdeSwanborn K-07810
WilliamdeSwaton' K-01813
William Swaynson L-549
William Swethbon' K-20315
William Swyft H-317
William Swyft H-0854
WilliamdeSwynsted K-1644
William Symple H-0311
William Taillour H-04152
William Taillour H-27140
William Tailour K-06919
WilliamleTailour K-1159
WilliamleTailour de Beauuer K-15719
William Tailur K-14920
William Takel L-013
William Taker K-11388
William Tanur K-1286
William Tapkorn K-1423
WilliamdeTathewell L-523
WilliamdeTathewell' L-3514
William Le Tauerner H-3269
William Tebbe K-16950
William Tebbe L-168
William Tefford' K-21614
William Tempelman L-633
WilliamdeTemplo K-0905
WilliamdeTemplo K-1863
William Tenman K-08853
WilliamdeTerryng K-0K-07323
WilliamdeTharlethorp' L-389
WilliamfiliusTheobaldi H-1548
WilliamdeTheuelby L-2033
WilliamdeThirleby K-11111
WilliamfiliusThome K-17124
WilliamfiliusThome H-23137
WilliamfiliusThome H-2617
WilliamfiliusThome H-2219
WilliamfiliusThome H-0313
WilliamfiliusThome L-664
WilliamfiliusThome del Edyk' H-105
WilliamfiliusThome Ingreth' L-0430
WilliamfiliusThome le Clerk K-15720
William Thomeys H-0927
William Thomme L-7213
William Thorald K-1063
WilliamdeThormeston' K-06962
WilliamdeThornhagh' K-16119
WilliamdeThorp' K-17613
WilliamdeThorp' K-1865
WilliamdeThurleby K-02918
William Thurstan K-1911
William Thurstan L-5521
William Titulut K-13651
WilliamdeToft H-0130
William Togo K-00663
William Toke L-0358
William Toke L-0366
William tornemor K-0365
William Toury L-0319
William Tredfule K-05124
William Trop K-20925
William Trope L-837
William Trussell' L-259
William Tryg H-3219
William Tryg' K-1033
William Trygg' H-1589
William Tubbe Carpentarius(?) [MS Carpn with contraction mark] H-3043
WilliamdeTumby snrK-00814
WilliamdeTumby jnr K-00826
William Turnay L-0611
William Turnur K-04117
WilliamdeTwengge K-12117
WilliamdeTy K-16114
WilliamdeTykeryng' [sic] K-19421
WilliamleTyler H-3215
WilliamdeTymberlond K-01018
WilliamdeTyryngton' H-2930
William Ulkil L-9114
William vache [sic] K-00662
William Valle K-001182
William Vanatour H-014
William vendour L-5527
Williaminvenella K-1024
SirWilliam vicarius K-1492
William vicarius de Weston' H-2064
William Wace H-08114
William Wake K-1144
William Walays L-3666
WilliamdeWald L-687
William Walger K-21126
William Walgor K-0345
William Walgor K-03412
WilliamdeWalgot' K-02329
William Walker L-874
William in že Walles K-001126
William Walter K-17612
WilliamfiliusWalteri K-00666
WilliamfiliusWalteri K-1053
WilliamfiliusWalteri K-1535
WilliamfiliusWalteri K-20111
WilliamfiliusWalteri K-21428
WilliamfiliusWalteri H-07153
WilliamfiliusWalteri H-2383
WilliamfiliusWalteri H-0436
WilliamfiliusWalteri H-04214
WilliamfiliusWalteri H-1453
WilliamfiliusWalteri L-2010
WilliamfiliusWalteri L-229
WilliamfiliusWalteri L-6117
WilliamfiliusWalteri L-9310
WilliamfiliusWalteri in Angulo K-02324
WilliamdeWalton' L-6151
William Wanton' H-1442
William Ward K-03513
William Ward' K-20630
William Warde K-05315
William Warde K-1406
William Warde K-14314
William Warde K-16921
William Warde H-0855
William Warde H-14158
WilliamdeWarkeworth' L-2424
William Warner L-0216
WilliamdeWarwyck H-1625
William Waryn H-245
William Waryn L-0411
William Waryn L-132
William Wastelyn L-2513
William Wastenay K-13114
WilliamdeWaterton' L-0519
WilliamdeWaynflete L-1113
WilliamleWayt K-1577
WilliamdeWelby H-05164
WilliamdeWelingouere K-0995
WilliamdeWelingouere K-21018
WilliamatteWell' K-0237
WilliamdeWelle L-0183
WilliamdeWellyngouer K-03410
WilliamdeWelton L-4211
William Wenne H-1337
William West K-07623
William West K-17038
William West' L-452
WilliamdeWestborn K-0781
WilliamdeWesteby K-0287
WilliamdeWesteby K-03910
WilliamdeWeston H-3236
William Westyby L-2221
William Westyby L-2336
William Westyby L-388
William Westyby [sic] L-2222
William Whytehand H-1612
William Whytyng H-32117
William Wilcock H-1296
William Wilkok' L-109
WilliamfiliusWillelmi K-0149
WilliamfiliusWillelmi K-06121
WilliamfiliusWillelmi K-07046
WilliamfiliusWillelmi K-0763
WilliamfiliusWillelmi K-11349
WilliamfiliusWillelmi K-18024
WilliamfiliusWillelmi K-18715
WilliamfiliusWillelmi H-1019
WilliamfiliusWillelmi H-2444
WilliamfiliusWillelmi H-1431
WilliamfiliusWillelmi L-4034
WilliamfiliusWillelmi L-944
WilliamfiliusWillelmi Coupereman H-3047
WilliamfiliusWillelmi de Cobeldyck H-0956
WilliamfiliusWillelmi de Kyme K-0601
WilliamfiliusWillelmi filii Alani K-0231
WilliamfiliusWillelmi Walter K-0383
WilliamdeWisbech' snrK-00180
WilliamdeWisbech' jnr K-00181
William Withyewyres K-1266
William Wizein K-1276
William Wodman K-17115
Williamin theWra L-0225
Williamin theWra snrL-1920
Williamin theWra jnr L-1921
Williamin leWra L-9012
William Wright L-0131
William Wryth K-1136
WilliamleWryth' K-20840
WilliamdeWygoto [sic] capellanus H-0998
William Wylde K-001196
WilliamleWylde K-1888
William Wyldechire K-0519
William Wyldhau[er] K-17715
William Wylimot H-14139
William Wylys H-07114
William Wymark' K-113101
William Wymerk H-21156
William Wynlof K-1487
William Wyot K-18727
William Wyrok' L-248
William Wysberd H-1326
William Wysman K-19732
WilliamleWyte K-0219
William Wyth' K-1052
William Wythbarn K-01317
William Wythie K-0298
WilliamdeWyttelsby K-2167
William Wyttyng K-00430
WilliamdeWywell' K-0607
William yape L-0437
Williamdeyardburgh' L-5528
Williamdeyerdeborn K-0102
William yongg' K-13122
William deBliton' K-1081
William faber K-00218
William Fole K-0671
William Marschall' K-07830
William filius prepositi K-07831
Sir"William," Rector K-1382
WimundleSlengg[er] K-001143
Wymarcadestowe L-3614
Wymark Bakon K-1414
WymarkrelictaJohannis K-21121
Wymerca [no byname] L-2112
Abbot of Bardney K-1889
Abbot of Barlings K-0091
Abbot of Newhouse L-3418
Abbot of Thornton K-10321
uxorAbraham' H-2316
Relicta Ade de Fouleston' L-7343
uxorAde filii Willelmi H-05170
uxorAlani del Walles H-07148
uxorAlani Neue H-23117
uxorAlani Styrckhyrd H-3030
fil' Alexandri Spenser H-27123
uxorBenedicti filii Simonis H-0787
fil' eiusdem Hugonis K-06960
uxorGalfridi H-2158
uxor quondam Galfridi H-2151
fil' Gilberti de Pyncebeck H-0423
uxorGilberti filii Bricii H-0777
fil' Gilberti Loue H-04154
Halpeny [sic] K-0706
uxorHugonis H-232
uxorHugonis Graue H-0753
De Johanne Nepot' vicar' iii H-1862
fil' predicti Johannis H-27108
uxorJohannis ad pontem H-2317
uxorJohannis Attesedyck H-165
De filiabus Johannis Barel H-0771
uxorJohannis filii Oliuie H-0718
uxorJohannis Grelby H-073
uxorJohannis Passm[er] L-7520
uxorJohannis Sacri H-2392
uxorJohannis Smert H-05159
Uxor Johannis Wylly H-1643
RelictaLaurencii Palastr' H-0212
The countess of Lincoln K-04513
uxorLuce H-2319
uxorPetri in le Lane L-7533
Prior of Spalding H-2144
Prior of St John of Jerusalem L-281
Prior of St John of Jerusalem L-382
Prior of Thurgarton K-0856
Uxor Ran[ulphi] H-0451
uxorRicardi H-2314
uxorRicardi Brome H-2355
uxorRicardi Carpentarii [MS Carpn with contraction mark] H-07126
uxorRicardi de Croftis H-0782
uxorRicardi Haldman H-3068
uxorRicardi Heruy H-231
uxorRicardi Kyng H-0720
fil' Ricardi Skynn[er] H-04199
uxorRoberti B[r]ounyng H-074
uxorRoberti Jake H-0498
Uxor Roberti Jurdan H-3053
uxorRogeri K-20824
uxorSimonis del House H-0791
uxor Thome H-2334
uxorThome filii Ricardi H-0793
vicarius de Soterton H-27110
uxor"Walteri Attegatesheud (Could be -hend -- aspirated, hypercorrect -end, rather than -heud (head).)" H-043
uxorWalteri Northlong' H-04211
uxorWalteri Toulin H-2399
uxorWillelmi Attegrene H-23105
UxorWillelmi Bayard H-1654
uxorWillelmi Dalle H-04165
Wyth' [sic] K-10018