An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (William H-William P):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
WilliamdeHacunby K-13225
William Hakon L-0338
WilliamdeHakthorn K-09818
William Haldeyn H-2969
William Haldeyn H-1231
William Haldyn H-2932
Williamattehall' L-4111
William Halmark' K-09017
William Halyday L-3846
William Hamelyn K-20810
William Hamond L-074
William Hamund K-19441
William Hamund K-21612
William Hamund H-0832
William Hancelym K-06829
William Hardegrey K-20638
William Hardy L-313
WilliamdeHarlaxton' K-04911
WilliamdeHaryngton' L-522
WilliamdeHatfeld' L-479
WilliamatteHauer' L-0266
WilliamdeHauercroft H-1323
WilliamdeHauerthorp' K-1385
WilliamdeHaugh' K-09131
WilliamdeHaukswell' L-337
WilliamdeHawethorp' K-13241
WilliamdeHawordeby K-1029
Williamde laHay K-00184
WilliamdeHaycheby L-0815
William HelleCoke K-00915
WilliamdeHelpeston' K-001191
WilliamdeHelwell' K-1186
William Hemmyng K-13315
William hendman K-17926
WilliamfiliusHenrici K-0031
WilliamfiliusHenrici K-1986
WilliamfiliusHenrici K-2184
WilliamfiliusHenrici L-0368
William Henriot K-07423
William Herbert H-26103
WilliamfiliusHerberti L-7317
WilliamdeHereford H-32125
WilliamdeHerford L-3524
William Herle K-11618
William Herlewyn H-04139
William Herr' L-7534
William Herre H-1873
William Herreward H-0259
William Hert K-07814
William Hert K-09624
William Heruy K-09527
William Heruy K-09731
William Heruy L-6713
William Herward K-1173
William Herward' K-19426
William heudFelagh L-0914
William Hiche K-11013
WilliamdelHill K-12115
William Hobyn K-14312
William Hod K-09629
William Hod H-2976
William Hode H-2143
William Hogan L-4910
WilliamdeHoland K-0618
WilliamdeHoland K-1633
Wi>WilliamdeHoland jnr K-1638
William Holde L-0365
William Hollon K-1411
WilliamdeHolmeton' L-5523
WilliamdeHolwell' L-9215
Wid bordercolor=#c0c0c0>William Holyston' H-05135
WilliamdeHonyngton' L-926
William Hopper L-222
WilliamdeHorblyng' K-07628
William Hore H-0241
WilliamdeHorkestowe L-1324
William Horn K-20121
WilliamdeHorton' K-05538
WilliamdeHothun L-3722
William Houd K-13318
William Houet K-19916
William Houlyn L-2225
William Houtared (An aspirated or hypercorrect form of the insular personal name Uchtred.) H-1481
William Howell' K-17019
William Hubbyng H-14143
William Huberd H-1379
William Huberd L-3629
William Hubert H-182
William Hubert H-0161
William Huet K-0255
William Huet K-07817
William Huet K-14217
William Hugge K-001145
WilliamfiliusHugonis K-05910
WilliamfiliusHugonis K-1094
WilliamfiliusHugonis K-12326
WilliamfiliusHugonis K-13450
WilliamfiliusHugonis K-1877
WilliamfiliusHugonis K-18711
WilliamfiliusHugonis K-19422
WilliamfiliusHugonis H-1324
WilliamfiliusHugonis H-1115
WilliamfiliusHugonis H-21105
WilliamfiliusHugonis H-0341
WilliamfiliusHugonis L-257
WilliamfiliusHugonis L-7345
William Hull' K-16511
William Hulle K-1878
WilliamdeHulle H-32112
William Hulyn L-4710
William Hund K-08924
WilliamdeHundegate K-14216
WilliamdeHundytoft H-0872
WilliamdeHuntynggfeld' K-0391
William Hurt' K-0928
William Husbond H-2936
William Husbond H-0582
William Hutting' K-16420
William Huwell' K-10010
WilliamdeHyham K-1084
WilliamdeHynkelton' K-07712
WilliamleHyrde K-18524
William Idol L-7810
William Ilbot K-20247
William Illori K-1561
William Inggelborug' K-07625
WilliamdeInggelton' K-12414
WilliamdeIngoldesby K-05525
William Irnemonger L-1728
William Irnensyd K-17031
William Isaac K-0495
WilliamfiliusIsabelle H-1181
William Ithon' H-04193
William Ithun L-1317
William Iue H-1824
WilliamfiliusIuonis K-1409
WilliamfiliusIuonis H-1651
William Iuot' H-0875
WilliamfiliusJacobi K-16318
William Jake H-0437
William Jeks H-1252
William Jewe K-20115
WilliamfiliusJoce K-06966
WilliamfiliusJohanne K-2016
WilliamfiliusJohannis K-00639
WilliamfiliusJohannis K-00918
WilliamfiliusJohannis K-01828
WilliamfiliusJohannis K-07029
WilliamfiliusJohannis K-08614
WilliamfiliusJohannis K-09019
WilliamfiliusJohannis K-1199
WilliamfiliusJohannis K-12535
WilliamfiliusJohannis K-21129
WilliamfiliusJohannis K-2146
WilliamfiliusJohannis H-1552
WilliamfiliusJohannis H-1630
WilliamfiliusJohannis H-05130
WilliamfiliusJohannis H-2690
WilliamfiliusJohannis H-2462
WilliamfiliusJohannis H-14116
WilliamfiliusJohannis H-0340
WilliamfiliusJohannis H-3016
WilliamfiliusJohannis L-0626
WilliamfiliusJohannis L-4317
WilliamfiliusJohannis L-6932
WilliamfiliusJohannis ad fontem K-13615
WilliamfiliusJohannis de Sutton H-3296
WilliamfiliusJohannis Greyue K-02313
WilliamfiliusJohannis Heyqued H-05173
WilliamfiliusJohannis Oyller H-08112
WilliamfiliusJohannis Tempelman L-638
William Josep K-00621
William Joye K-0939
William Joye H-1995
William Julian H-2032
WilliamfiliusJuliane K-00711
William Juman K-1945
William Jurdan H-0769
William Jurdon L-9125
William Jurnay K-1107
William Kaunt K-09628
William Ke K-02920
William Kebbe L-0625
WilliamdeKele H-3226
WilliamdeKelkefeld' L-696
WilliamdeKelleby K-05518
William keller L-136
William Keme L-2434
William Kemp' K-1256
William kempe K-0841
WilliamdeKendale K-1723
WilliamdeKent K-0646
WilliamdeKer K-0562
William in že ker K-1799
WilliamdeKerbrok' K-00157
Williamlekeu L-131
Williamlekeu L-2453
Williamlekeu L-734
William Kny3th [yogh] H-3015
William Knyting K-0249
WilliamleKu K-17210
William kurnell' K-09112
William Kydenot K-0457
William kylner K-17925
WilliamdeKymberley L-9113
WilliamdeKyme K-00538
WilliamdeKyme K-00651
WilliamdeKyme K-0603
WilliamdeKyme K-1721
WilliamdeKyme K-1898
WilliamdeKyme K-1937
WilliamdeKyme K-21618
WilliamKyng H-2615
WilliamKyng H-1219
WilliamKyng' L-1415
WilliamatteKyrk' K-09216
Williamattekyrk' K-1802
WilliamatteKyrk' K-18925
WilliamatteKyrk' K-2023
WilliamdeKyrkeby K-13124
WilliamdeKyrketon' K-2007
William in že kyrkgarth' K-06918
William Ladde H-2955
WilliamdeLafford K-06218
William Lambert K-0377
WilliamfiliusLamberti H-1043
WilliamfiliusLamberti H-267
WilliamfiliusLamberti H-2636
WilliamfiliusLamberti H-201
William Lambkyn' L-8552
William Bythe Lane L-0615
WilliamLark' K-07036
Williamattelathe K-0843
WilliamLauender' H-04109
Williamde laLaund' K-07716
Williamde laLaunde K-0092
WilliamdelLaunde H-14125
WilliamseruiensLaurencii H-23113
WilliamLawe H-1944
William Layman H-2933
William Leaute L-761
William Lechewech' L-398
William Lechour H-04168
WilliamfiliusLecie K-19411
WilliamfiliusLecie H-2211
WilliamfiliusLecie L-0623
William Leck' [Leek?] H-1358
WilliamdeLeggesby L-1517
William Lete K-08823
William Leueryk' K-16933
William Leueryk' L-7114
William Leuesingham K-0619
William Leuot H-0318
William Lewin K-05214
William Lewyn K-0521
William Lewys K-10315
WilliamdeLifftenholm' K-01832
William Lightfote L-1419
WilliamdeLime [sic] K-2026
William Litelman L-287
Williamatteloft' K-06977
WilliamleLonge K-1296
WilliamleLongge K-0151
William Lorimer K-13322
WilliamdeLound' K-2071
William Loyden snrH-15102
William Loyden'? snrH-1555
WilliamdeLubham L-0326
William Lucas K-0336
WilliamfiliusLucie K-17123
William at Lund' L-845
WilliamdeLunderthorp' K-05412
WilliamdeLundon K-16148
William Lungspye K-06811
William Lycholf K-0313
William Lydel L-2115
WilliamdeLyndesay H-0547
WilliamdeLyndysay H-0222
William Lyne H-0152
WilliamfiliusMabillie K-1431
William Mabilot L-9024
William Mabot L-9115
William Machun K-0782
William Magge K-13515
WilliamfiliusMagote K-1758
Williamlemaister K-01416
William Maister K-09016
William Makerell' L-802
WilliamdeMakesay K-00186
William Male H-0660
William Male H-1383
William Male H-14119
WilliamdeManby H-326
William Manha K-17957
WilliamdeManthorp' K-05413
William Marchal H-05172
William Marchaund K-12012
William Marchaunt K-02116
William Mareschal H-1574
WilliamfiliusMarg' K-05813
William Margaret L-3122
William Margarete K-19820
WilliamfiliusMargerie K-00719
WilliamfiliusMargerie K-1862
William Mariory L-816
William Mariot K-15310
William Mariot L-157
William Marschall' K-0989
William Martyn H-1016
William Maryot H-1524
WilliamfiliusMathei K-0525
WilliamfiliusMathei K-1486
WilliamfiliusMatildis K-19921
William Maug[er] K-00531
William Mauger K-1521
William Mawaif K-17940
William Mawe L-3913
William Maysoun K-1845
William Mazon H-2651
WilliamleMazoun K-0108
WilliamleMazoun K-03120
WilliamleMazoun K-13024
William Mazoun K-20945
William Megge H-068
William megot L-2443
William Mene L-8617
William Menewot' H-1921
William mercator K-13243
William Merle K-08414
WilliamdeMerston' K-08848
WilliamdeMerston' K-0954
WilliamdeMeryngham K-1984
William Mey H-0416
William Mey H-1416
William Michel K-06944
William Michel H-2449
William Mill' L-4811
William Mille L-8118
William Milner L-4414
William Minyot K-05816
William Miriel K-0057
William Mockam L-722
William Mod K-05528
William Mody L-547
William Mold H-1971
William molendinarius K-20920
William Molendinarius K-21413
William molendinarius L-283
William Molendinarius L-6149
William super montem K-09742
William super montem L-7023
Williamde laMor K-12340
WilliamdeMora H-1447
William Morand H-0848
William Morker K-0393
WilliamdeMorton' K-16329
WilliamdeMorton' K-19425
WilliamdeMorton' L-697
William Moryce H-1852
William Moryz K-04713
William Moryz K-17051
William Mot' K-06520
William Moubray L-0123
William Moyne K-09310
William Moyne K-11811
William Munk H-0745
WilliamdelMykylholm H-3110
William Myterun H-04179
William Nauet H-1220
WilliamleNethird K-12037
William Nethird' L-3711
William Neucomen K-09014
William Neucomen L-152
William Neucomen L-3645
William Neue K-04122
WilliamdeNeuton' K-02127
William Nichol K-0039
William Nichol K-11639
William Nichol K-13119
WilliamfiliusNicholai K-0574
William filius Nicholai K-1041
WilliamfiliusNicholai K-14213
WilliamfiliusNicholai H-1429
WilliamfiliusNicholai H-2026
WilliamfiliusNicholai H-0164
William Norays L-2819
William Noreys K-13123
William Norman H-0679
William Norman H-2644
WilliamdeNormanby L-2331
William North K-13126
William North' L-4819
William North' L-8550
WilliamdeNorthamton' K-12515
WilliamdeNorthfolk' K-001101
William in že Northgate K-1014
William Northiby L-3118
William Northiby L-368
WilliamdeNorthorp' K-01024
WilliamdeNorton' L-583
William Nunne H-14146
William Ode L-3111
William Officialis L-2611
William Oliue H-2326
William Oliuer K-0401
William Orre H-2568
William Orre L-017
William Osborne K-0023
William Ossegot H-1955
William Ossegot chaplain H-19107
William Oswold K-00659
William Oter K-20250
WilliamdeOterby L-3656
William Oueray L-614
WilliamdeOuerton K-0016
WilliamdeOunesby L-3610
William Outered H-2678
William Outy H-1373
William oyde K-0143
William Oylemaker L-1316
WilliamdeOylthorp' K-0853
William P....... L-922
William pacy K-11016
William Page K-09515
WilliamdePaikyrk' K-001178
William Palfray K-0386
William Palm[er] K-1023
William Palmer H-0749
William Palmer L-434
William Palmer L-912
William Pardryk' K-05516
William Parfite K-02019
William parleben K-1125
William parleben K-20223
William parmunter K-1228
William Parson L-3821
Williamfiliusparsone K-08865
WilliamdeParys K-11390
WilliamdeParys H-1498
William Parys L-379
William Paskes K-18410
William Passaunt [sic] L-2412
William paterman K-11515
William Patryk H-021
William Paul K-1518
William Payn K-01822
William Pelleson H-32128
William peniman K-07056
William Percy H-2530
William Percy H-17140
William Peronell' L-6614
William Pert K-00713
William Petite K-03913
Williamadpetram K-1231
WilliamfiliusPetri K-13442
WilliamfiliusPetri K-1982
WilliamfiliusPetri H-12106
WilliamfiliusPetri L-5415
WilliamfiliusPetri L-9410
WilliamfiliusPetri Sabyn H-1439
William Peuerel K-0325
WilliamfiliusPhilippi L-2713
William Pi... L-7417
William Pinder K-0165
William Piscator L-5111
William pistor K-08114
William pistor K-0831
William pistor K-12317
William Pistor K-1722
William pistor K-20943
William Pistor H-08108
William Plaitur K-11211
William Plommer K-00130
WilliamdePointon' K-0494
William Pol K-00665
William Pollard L-8114
Williamadpontem K-09710
William Porker H-2820
William Port[er] L-3854
William Port[er] L-6712
Williamadportam ecclesie L-7029
William Porter K-0573
William Porter K-09022
William portor K-11527
William Pory H-1420
William Potemant L-6938
William Potter H-04135
WilliamdePoynton' K-06821
WilliamdePoynton' K-12832
William Prat K-1315
William Pratt H-2031
Williamfiliusprepositi K-03115
William prepositus K-0272
William prepositus K-05127
William prepositus L-0295
William Prest K-00154
William Priur K-08630
William Prodhom K-0514
William Prodhomme L-2455
Williamproudfot K-0087
WilliamProudfote L-067
Williamleprouost K-01837
WilliamProwet H-1189
WilliamPulter H-32100
Williampunchet K-1184
WilliamPuppe K-20420
WilliamPye K-1331
WilliamPygot H-19103
WilliamPygot' L-454
WilliamdePyncebeck H-3146
WilliamdePyncebek H-2110