An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (Wi-William G):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
Wiliam faber K-00661
Willam Capel K-0188
Willia Turk' H-2027
William [de] ....arkeworth' K-2033
William ? H-1780
William las [recte bas?] K-11611
William Abbot K-06820
William Abbot' L-8521
William Abby L-0818
William Abelot H-0261
William Abraham H-0737
WilliamfiliusAbrahe [sic] Tubbe H-3044
WilliamfiliusAde K-2199
WilliamfiliusAde H-2041
WilliamfiliusAgnetis K-11015
WilliamdeAinewyk' K-1709
WilliamdeAinwyk' K-1839
WilliamdeAland L-0169
WilliamfiliusAlani K-0462
WilliamfiliusAlani K-08812
WilliamfiliusAlani H-15113
WilliamfiliusAlani H-0730
WilliamfiliusAlani H-23122
WilliamfiliusAlani H-04192
WilliamfiliusAlani H-2679
WilliamfiliusAlani H-2039
William Alayn K-0444
William Alayn K-0827
William Alayn K-2031
William Alcok L-266
William Alcok' K-09214
William Alcok' L-6023
William Aldborn K-09631
William Aldus K-03112
William Aldus K-13317
WilliamfiliusAlexandri K-02131
WilliamfiliusAlexandri K-0595
WilliamfiliusAlexandri K-2147
WilliamfiliusAlexandri H-0343
William Aleyn H-2120
WilliamdeAlford' L-5118
WilliamfiliusAlicie K-1519
WilliamfiliusAlicie L-0277
WilliamfiliusAlicie Sparhauk' L-5212
WilliamdeAlkebarowe L-606
William Alkok' K-0906
William Alnnott' K-0638
William Althewerld H-1051
William Amyohe H-0837
William Anabel K-11327
WilliamfiliusAndree K-2056
WilliamfiliusAndree H-2222
William Andreu K-0066
William Andreu K-09012
William Andreu K-10317
WilliamdeAnewik' K-0146
WilliamdeApethorp' K-00145
WilliamdeApethorp' K-001169
WilliamdeAppelby K-20321
William Apperdeyn K-13020
Williamadaquam K-0306
William Arnald H-0953
William Arnald H-1771
William Ascelot K-20635
William Athelard H-1342
WilliamAttebarre H-2117
WilliamAttebrygge H-17128
WilliamAttebrygge H-2122
WilliamAttebyrne H-04213
WilliamAttegrene H-0148
William attelanehend K-00933
WilliamAttemedewe H-21137
WilliamAttetounesende H-04142
William Aubraye K-07510
William Aubrey K-07620
William Auerey H-0153
William Auerhill' K-0473
William Aunsel K-12015
William Auot' K-07312
William B.r.s L-397
William Babel K-16910
William Badil H-2113
William Badyl H-21153
William Bagge K-17040
William Baker K-00533
William Baker K-0388
William Bakest[er] L-0333
William Bakun K-14610
William Baldewyn H-05136
William Baldewyn H-21148
William Baldok' K-16014
William Barbur L-0911
William Bardolf' L-078
William Bardy K-00552
William Barel H-1339
William Baret K-0233
William Baret L-7321
William Barker L-0219
William Barker L-0383
WilliamdeBarleword' K-0288
William Barne L-1736
WilliamdeBarneby K-2078
WilliamatteBarnis K-20628
William Baroun K-1171
William Baroun L-6113
William Bas K-07035
William Basog' K-10123
William Bassok' H-108
William Bate K-0024
William Bate K-0051
William Bate K-11011
William Bate K-11214
William Bate K-12316
WilliamfiliusBate K-1293
William Bate K-13638
WilliamfiliusBate K-1829
William Bate H-1122
WilliamfiliusBate Mawe [Bate is a hypocoristic form of Bartholomew] L-518
William Bateman L-1024
William Bateson L-4511
William Batin K-0056
William Bayard K-16724
William Bayard H-32123
William Bayhus K-1403
MrWilliam Bayhus K-2132
WilliamdeBayhus K-1421
WilliamfiliusBeatricis K-03610
William Bele K-1137
William Belle K-19911
William Belle K-21422
WilliamdeBelmisthorp' K-001181
William Belnes H-1117
William Benchmaler [sic] K-20643
William Bene H-2066
William Bene L-064
William Bene L-1914
WilliamdeBeneale K-0997
Williamfiliusbenedicti K-02110
WilliamfiliusBenedicti K-0911
William Benet K-01910
William Benet K-1305
William Benet L-5911
William Benge K-03416
William Benne K-0477
William Benne K-06318
William Bennet H-1257
William Bent K-10023
WilliamdeBenyngworth' L-241
William >bercarius K-0373
WilliamBercarius K-0652
William bercarius K-1214
WilliamBercarius K-17610
WilliamBercarius K-18121
William bercarius K-18916
WilliamBercarius L-2339
WilliamBercarius L-3512
WilliamBercarius L-8416
William Berd H-0577
WilliamdeBerdesfeld' L-2217
WilliamdeBerham K-11381
WilliamdeBerne H-0643
William Bertelmeu K-0471
WilliamdeBerughby K-16419
William Berunger K-1537
William Bet K-0586
William Bette K-14912
William Beuerage K-09721
William Beufiz K-001164
William Beufu K-1771
William bien K-1742
William Biffyn H-2046
William Bikes K-00414
William Birchun L-803
WilliamdeBirthorp' K-001184
William Bischop' K-20233
William Bischop' L-188
William Bisshop' L-4818
William Blacberd K-12526
WilliamdeBlakewelle H-1318
William Blancpayn H-12101
William Blaunchard L-5412
WilliamdeBlaunkeney K-1378
WilliamdeBleseby K-1424
William Blod H-1926
William Blont K-18519
William Le Blount H-1310
WilliamleBocher K-0157
WilliamdeBolby K-01825
William Bole K-11520
William Bole H-1217
William Bolle K-18031
William Bolur K-1022
William Bolur K-20626
William Bond K-0324
William Bond H-1031
William Bond' L-9010
William Bonde K-19920
William Bonde L-163
William Bonde L-4015
William Bondeman H-0484
William Bondyng' K-20837
William Boner K-00831
William Borenowe L-0329
William Boteler K-0678
WilliamdeBotelesford' K-0814
WilliamdeBoterwyck' H-164
WilliamatteBothe K-17128
William Botil K-09516
WilliamdeBoudon' K-0014
WilliamdeBoukelande L-9018
William Bownce H-0334
WilliamdeBradenham K-1627
WilliamdeBraiceby K-20822
WilliamdeBrandon' H-3240
WilliamdeBraunston' K-04612
William Bray K-1806
William Brayng' K-04620
William de [sic] Breton K-06112
William de [sic] Breton H-2065
William Breton' K-08920
William Brette K-2137
William Breule H-2341
WilliamatteBrig' K-17033
WilliamatteBrigg' L-0362
William Brightiff' L-7431
William Brodyng H-0649
William Broun K-0527
William Broun K-0809
William Broun K-09623
William Broun K-0973
William Broun K-13017
William Broun K-20926
William Broun K-2101
William Broun K-2136
William Broun H-1854
William Broun L-5117
William Broun L-931
WilliamdeBroune K-1366
WilliamdeBroune K-1798
William Brounyng H-2784
William Broyl L-202
WilliamdeBruna K-00194
WilliamdeBrunby L-292
WilliamdeBrune K-00555
WilliamdeBrunne K-14916
WilliamdeBrunne L-339
WilliamdeBrunton' H-3265
William Bryan K-00634
William Bryan K-1705
William Bryce K-113109
William Bryd' K-0244
William Bugge K-02312
William Bule K-0895
William Bullok H-0165
WilliamdeBulwik' K-00147
William Buntyng H-3127
WilliamatteBurhalle K-18718
WilliamdeBurle K-00112
WilliamdeBurne L-3919
William Burre L-0317
William Burry H-079
WilliamdeBurton' K-02412
WilliamdeBurton' K-17726
William Buskheued L-226
William Bussy H-0763
William Byk' K-11436
William Bylon H-12138
William Byrche H-32105
WilliamdeCadenay L-4443
William Calwe H-1332
WilliamdeCamera K-1896
WilliamdeCameryngham L-4429
William Campioun K-11640
WilliamdeCampo H-0315
William Candel H-049
William Candeler' H-1123
William Cantyng K-1506
Williamcapellanus K-0191
SirWilliamcapellanus K-2072
Williamcapellanus K-2118
Williamcapellanus L-0720
William Capellanus L-489
WilliamdeCarby L-629
WilliamdeCarleby K-01818
WilliamdeCarleton' K-001100
WilliamdeCarleton' K-17821
WilliamdeCarleton' K-17951
William carpentar[ius] K-00726
William carpentar[ius] K-01614
William carpentar[ius] K-02915
William carpentar[ius] K-12330
William Carpentar[ius] H-0634
William Carpentarius K-06715
William carpentarius K-13227
William Carpentarius L-1741
William Carpentarius L-433
William Cart[er] K-0026
William Cart[er] K-08841
William Cart[er] K-0934
William Cart[er] K-21024
William carter K-0692
William Carter K-1969
William carter [sic] K-0693
WilliamdeCarton [sic] H-1348
WilliamdeCastel' K-0641
WilliamdeCasthorp' K-05211
William cat L-418
William Catelyn K-18123
William Catelyn H-057
WilliamdeCathorp' L-6154
William Catur K-2049
William Cau K-08861
William Caue K-00623
WilliamdeCaue L-1927
WilliamfiliusCecilie L-308
WilliamfiliusCecilie ad aquam K-03310
William Chace K-15523
William Chapman K-02130
William Chapman K-12827
William Chapman L-612
William Charite K-0072
William Charnell' K-20811
WilliamdeChastesbyry K-1787
William Chatur K-06940
William Chaumpenais K-13611
William Chauns K-1704
William Chetur K-06976
William Chulle snr K-13414
William Chyld K-1241
WilliamadCimiterium L-2019
William Cissor K-19410
William Clappescothe H-129
WilliamdeClaxby H-3271
WilliamdeClaxton' K-04618
WilliamdeClaxton' K-16731
William Clay K-09510
Williamin leClay L-6139
Williamin leClay L-8212
William Clement K-18026
William Clement H-04141
William Clement H-04195
William Le Clerc' H-14173
William clericus K-0053
William clericus K-05822
William clericus K-10120
William clericus K-11311
William clericus K-12813
William clericus K-21423
William Clericus H-27111
William clericus L-052
WilliamleClerk' K-18419
William Le Clerk' H-04220
WilliamdeClisseby L-2218
William Cluny H-0432
WilliamdeClyfton K-17316
William Cobbe L-2511
William Cocus K-00622
William Cocus K-1436
William Cocus K-19515
William Cocus K-2002
William Cocus H-2190
William Cocus L-0188
William Cok' K-11711
William Cok' K-1826
William Cok' L-3511
William Cok' L-858
William Coke H-1151
William Cokeler H-19122
William Cokerel K-0148
WilliamdeColby K-1673
WilliamdeColby L-535
William Cole K-17948
William Colemond' K-06512
William Colle L-1722
William Collyng K-17027
William Colom L-6017
WilliamdeColston' K-07316
William Colt K-20511
William Colt L-0114
WilliamdeColuile K-0408
William Coppyng K-13226
William Coppyng H-1343
WilliamdeCopyng' L-1737
WilliamdeCoquina K-20225
William Corkheued L-1729
William Cotte H-0778
WilliamdeCoubyth H-04223
William Count[e]r H-0983
William Coup[er]eman H-2324
William Coupe[re]man H-23125
William Couper K-17420
William Coy K-1502
William Crake L-0239
William Crane K-11913
William Crane jnr K-16149
William Crane snrK-16167
William Crane H-2194
William Crane L-7018
WilliamdeCranewell' K-0132
WilliamdeCreskhill' K-08511
William Crispyng K-15520
William Cristian K-04724
William Cristian L-3519
Williamin theCroft L-7340
William in že croftes K-05116
William Crok' K-01013
William Cronne H-2438
WilliamdeCrosholme L-408
William Crowe H-0876
William Crowe H-04187
WilliamdeCroxton K-1461
Williamadcrucem K-09125
WilliamleCu K-02916
William Cunstable K-19446
William Curtays K-11411
William Curtays K-20518
William Curtays L-477
William Curteys H-21145
William Cut H-14165
William Cykethorp H-0815
William Cyssor L-1510
William Dade L-011
WilliamdeDalby K-001197
William Dally H-1282
William Dalun L-7316
William Danet K-1471
William Daniel K-12416
William Daniel H-1432
William Daniel H-21132
William Danyel H-0264
William Daues K-0068
William Dauit H-3128
William Daung[er] K-0927
William Dauy K-0274
William Dauy L-0345
William Dawis H-2816
William Day L-7327
WilliamleDaye K-00841
WilliamdeDaye [sic] K-0038
William decoun K-00816
William Deisnye K-10211
William deisnye K-1038
William dekill' K-09739
William Den H-236
WilliamdeDepyng K-00178
WilliamdeDepyng K-001114
William Dereman H-1319
William Derk K-00834
William Derkyn K-00810
WilliamdeDeryngton' K-1604
WilliamleDeye K-08024
William Deyncourt K-08030
William Dixi K-03912
William Dod L-3720
William Dodel [sic] L-2114
William Doget H-0589
William Dokel [sic] L-2113
William Doket K-12521
William Dolfyn L-0374
WilliamdeDorem L-4311
WilliamdeDortour H-3050
William Drake K-02911
William Draper K-1317
WilliamdeDrax L-212
William Droury H-0661
William Droury L-0388
William drury K-17829
William Drury L-946
William Drye K-1689
William drynkwat[er] K-11228
William dryuer K-10312
William Duke K-09225
WilliamfiliusDulcie K-0328
WilliamfiliusDulcie K-12719
William Dunnyng K-2019
William Durant L-732
William Durny K-0125
WilliamdeDygby K-1854
William Dynaunt H-04177
William Eborard H-14121
Williamadecclesiam K-0724
Williamadecclesiam L-4037
William Echard jnr K-02616
William Echard H-0918
William Edelin K-1112
William Edelward [sic] K-1866
WilliamfiliusEdmundi H-1933
William Edryk H-244
WilliamfiliusEduse L-1513
William Edward K-13117
William Edward L-0918
WilliamfiliusEgidii H-2979
WilliamdeEkton' K-07424
WilliamfiliusElene K-1595
WilliamfiliusElene L-3011
WilliamfiliusElene L-4013
WilliamfiliusElie K-08925
William Ellerek L-8624
William Elred jnr K-12213
William Elred snrK-12223
William Elryke H-1857
WilliamdeElsham L-417
William Elsy H-1879
William Elyanore K-06116
WilliamfiliusElye K-17310
William Elyot H-1229
William Elys K-21315
William Elys L-3125
William Em K-01510
William Emeloth' L-6126
William Erle L-509
William Ernys L-7424
William Ernys L-7430
WilliamatteEssh' L-236
WilliamdeEstgat' L-908
William Estiby L-3723
William Estiby L-6613
William Estiton' L-4914
William Estryld K-17914
WilliamfiliusEudonis H-3080
WilliamfiliusEue K-01030
WilliamdeEuedon' K-17733
William Euerard H-0461
William Ewyn K-11433
William Faber K-06223
William faber K-0752
William faber K-08111
William faber K-10318
William faber K-13612
William faber K-14614
William faber K-1783
William faber K-20418
William faber K-2148
William faber H-067
William faber H-2779
William Faber L-3714
William Faber L-7347
William Faber L-8213
William Faber L-8412
William Faber L-8514
William faber L-872
William faderman K-001205
William Fage L-6155
WilliamdeFaldyngworth' L-5125
William Farcens H-2443
William faucons K-13221
William Faukys H-0614
William Faukys H-1726
William fayrman K-19110
Williamde laFeld K-0983
William Feldewe K-14915
WilliamdeFenne H-3229
Williamdefenton' K-19734
WilliamdeFenton' K-20912
Williamde lafermory K-13451
William Ferour K-1726
William Fichet L-7329
Williamadfinem ville K-1562
William firmery L-02100
William firmyn K-00525
William Fitheler H-0476
William Flemmyng' K-11110
Williamdeflete K-0084
WilliamdeFlete K-06716
WilliamdeFlete H-0527
William fletwyk K-0141
William Foleiaumbe H-1173
WilliamdeFolkyngham K-17967
WilliamdeFolkyngham H-0323
William Foller H-1656
Williamadfontem K-1243
Williamadfontem L-8911
WilliamleForester K-16417
William Forester L-1210
William forman K-14310
William Forman H-0866
William Forst[er] K-1292
William forster K-1432
William Foulman H-211
William Frankiche K-20235
William frankych K-01414
William Frankych' K-20113
William Frankys H-096
William frater eius K-0635
William frater eius H-3257
William frater eius H-048
WilliamdeFraumton' H-3239
William fraunceis K-00644
William Fraunceys K-00551
William fraunceys K-04714
William Fraunceys K-0558
William fraunceys L-873
William Fraunk L-0393
William freman K-2052
William Freman L-239
William frere K-0577
WilliamdeFriskenay L-7212
WilliamdeFryston' K-06125
WilliamdeFulbek' K-20937
WilliamfiliusFulconis H-0619
WilliamfiliusFulconis H-14170
William furmage K-09718
Williamadfurnum K-09421
William Fys H-2224