An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (Thomas D-Tr):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
Thomas Dandi K-12538
Thomas Danus K-09410
Thomas Dekyn K-15518
Thomas Dene H-07134
Thomas Denyas L-6141
ThomasleDey K-16314
Thomas deye K-0832
ThomasleDeye K-12032
Thomas Dobyn H-1236
Thomas Dod K-0908
Thomas Dolfyn L-0377
Thomas Dounisson? H-0667
Thomas Doutefir H-2171
Thomas Drake K-0293
Thomas Dreu H-2561
ThomasdeDunnysby H-2349
Thomas Dykeman K-13231
ThomasdeDylham H-3217
Thomasadecclesiam K-20117
Thomasfiliuseiusdem H-05152
Thomas Elgar H-0568
Thomas Elryche H-1860
Thomas Elstan H-179
Thomas Emcyn H-0912
Thomas Engleys K-16946
Thomas Ermyn H-0735
Thomas Estiby L-6618
ThomasdeEston K-1512
ThomasdeEston' K-0384
ThomasdeEston' K-1566
Thomas Euerard L-0132
ThomasfiliusEufemie L-2510
Thomas faber K-09615
Thomas faber K-13257
Thomas Faber K-17113
Thomas faber K-19823
Thomas faber H-1657
Thomas faber H-2914
Thomas faber H-0562
Thomas Faber L-3870
Thomas Faber L-654
Thomas Felesneue H-3234
Thomas Felgest [or Folgest?] H-23112
Thomas Felice L-0816
Thomas Ferur K-12810
ThomasleFeuer L-0213
Thomas Fisser L-279
ThomasdeFolkyngham K-01017
Thomasadfontem K-10117
Thomasadfontem K-19826
ThomasleForester K-0654
Thomas Forster L-771
Thomas fort K-08522
Thomas Fosse H-04173
Thomas fouler K-21115
Thomas Fouler L-348
Thomas Franceys H-05101
Thomas frater eius H-0489
Thomas frater eius H-04124
Thomas frater eius H-27142
Thomas frater eius H-27149
ThomasdeFraumton' H-3238
Thomas Fraunceys H-0411
Thomas Fraunsays L-3838
Thomas Frere H-1813
Thomas Frisent' K-0206
Thomas Frost H-0324
Thomas Furmage K-09750
Thomas Fytheler H-0464
Thomas Galardon H-14153
ThomasdeGaleway K-11343
ThomasfiliusGalfridi H-0428
ThomasfiliusGalfridi H-307
Thomas Galle H-27131
Thomas Garden' [Gardenarius or Gardener] H-0536
ThomasleGardener K-17020
Thomas Gardener L-0230
Thomas Gardin[arius or -er?] K-19919
Thomas Gardyner L-3121
Thomas Gare L-7216
ThomasdeGastenoys K-00714
Thomas Geffray K-17117
Thomas Geffrey H-098
Thomas Geffrey H-1717
Thomas Gelus K-113105
Thomas Gerard K-05114
Thomas Gerard L-5441
Thomas Gere K-20950
Thomas Gere H-2761
Thomas German K-16160
Thomas Gerueys H-0592
Thomas Gery H-17130
Thomas Gery H-0513
Thomas Gery H-1255
Thomas Gery H-206
Thomas Gigur snrK-05118
Thomas Gilbert K-1417
ThomasfiliusGilberti K-16311
ThomasfiliusGilberti L-3616
Thomas Gilneue* H-1719
ThomasfiliusGode K-13641
ThomasfiliusGodefridi H-1273
Thomas Godewyn H-07103
Thomas Godwyn K-20832
Thomas Godwyn K-20940
Thomas Graue H-0754
Thomas Graue H-0768
ThomasGrauntpas K-1652
ThomasGregg' K-09119
ThomasGregorii K-01029
Thomasattegrene K-09113
ThomasdelGrene H-07110
ThomasGretheued K-0418
ThomasdeGretwell' L-8218
ThomasdeGreyngham L-6135
ThomasGrisdale K-11342
ThomasGrowell' L-288
ThomasGrym H-1911
Thomas Gulle H-111
Thomas Gunhild K-1122
Thomas Gunuld' L-8632
Thomas Gusse H-2934
Thomas Gykyl H-2183
Thomas Gynour L-187
Thomas Hacon L-0119
Thomas Haldan H-0581
Thomas Haldayn K-00815
ThomasdeHalm' H-1274
ThomasdeHaltoft H-0588
ThomasdeHameryngton' K-0857
ThomasdeHarby L-3848
ThomasdeHardegate H-0630
Thomas Hardepeny H-0914
Thomas Hardy H-0120
Thomas Harell' K-00433
ThomasdeHatheby L-6013
Thomas Hauk L-7346
Thomas Hawyse L-807
Thomas Hebbe K-16955
Thomas Hellot H-2773
ThomasdeHelwell K-1532
ThomasfiliusHenrici L-594
Thomas Henry H-0965
Thomas Herd K-07044
ThomasdeHerford K-15515
Thomas Herre H-1192
Thomas Hert K-2085
Thomas Heruy K-04118
ThomasdeHerwyk H-27102
Thomas Heryng H-2624
ThomasdeHeselwod' L-208
Thomas Heued K-18312
Thomas Heyqued H-0550
Thomas Heyty K-0739
ThomasdelHill K-07032
ThomasdelHill L-2910
ThomasdelHill' K-12112
Thomas Hod K-02125
Thomas Hod K-1485
Thomas Hod H-0645
ThomasHogg' K-09029
ThomasdeHolbech' L-2324
ThomasHomelay [sic] K-13713
ThomasdeHonyngham H-0417
ThomasHopper K-02913
ThomasHorn K-2133
ThomasHouner H-2964
ThomasdeHouton' L-5112
ThomasHudde L-8111
ThomasfiliusHugonis K-0622
ThomasfiliusHugonis K-08819
ThomasfiliusHugonis K-16727
ThomasfiliusHugonis K-19915
ThomasfiliusHugonis H-091
ThomasfiliusHugonis H-1363
ThomasHulle K-18513
ThomasdeHundegate H-0794
ThomasHunt K-1947
ThomasHunte H-2220
ThomasHunter L-7355
ThomasdeHykham K-2139
ThomasdelHyll' H-2739
ThomasHyllot H-23106
Thomasin leHyrne K-06931
ThomasIlger K-09315
ThomasdeIngelby L-7427
ThomasIngson K-16134
ThomasIrnenside K-17049
ThomasIryng H-04106
ThomasdeIwardeby K-17937
ThomasJakes L-4018
ThomasJanekyn K-17827
ThomasfiliusJocei H-065
ThomasfiliusJohannis K-05110
ThomasfiliusJohannis K-0904
ThomasfiliusJohannis K-1576
ThomasfiliusJohannis K-16212
ThomasfiliusJohannis H-1158
ThomasfiliusJohannis H-2797
ThomasfiliusJohannis H-0339
ThomasfiliusJohannis Fabri L-3853
ThomasfiliusJohannis Slyth' H-2562
ThomasJulian H-1316
ThomasJurdan K-0033
Thomas Justis K-0099
Thomas Kadale L-271
ThomasfiliusKaterine K-12113
Thomas Kede L-0276
Thomas Kede L-2452
ThomasdeKelleby K-05522
Thomas Kente H-2465
Thomas Ketel K-1314
Thomaslekeu L-1815
Thomaslekeu L-4410
ThomasdeKirkeby K-00177
Thomas Knyt K-02133
ThomasleKu K-0663
ThomasKyng K-17321
ThomasKyng L-1413
ThomasKyng' K-18526
ThomasKyng' L-0617
ThomasdeKyrkeby K-17826
ThomasdeKyrketon H-2785
ThomasdeLafford' K-08832
ThomasLambard K-00934
ThomasfiliusLamberti H-2799
ThomasfiliusLamberti H-0328
ThomasLandri H-1329
ThomasatteLane L-0378
ThomasdeLangar K-0547
ThomasdeLangham K-13265
ThomasdeLangham K-14918
ThomasLayman H-2943
ThomasLece K-0912
Thomasleche K-19519
ThomasdeLefingham K-1793
ThomasLeget L-3832
ThomasdeLeueden H-1480
ThomasdeLeyk' K-17810
ThomasLoke H-2741
ThomasLolle L-334
ThomasdelLongelond H-1737
ThomasdeLuda K-00920
ThomasdeLudyngton' L-2612
ThomasLuti K-02617
ThomasLutipaty K-001155
ThomasleLymbrenn[er] K-001179
ThomasdeLynne H-3272
ThomasfiliusMabille L-178
ThomasMachun K-0732
Thomas Machun K-20114
Thomas Maddi K-20944
Thomas Male H-14149
Thomas Man K-1989
Thomas Manaunt K-15423
Thomas Mange K-1021
Thomas Mannyng H-087
Thomas Mapyl H-2638
ThomasdelMares H-07107
Thomasdemarteford' L-3657
Thomas Martyn L-3530
Thomas Martyn L-705
Thomas Mauger K-04712
Thomas Mayster L-876
Thomas Mazoun K-0484
Thomas mercator L-419
Thomas Merle K-1393
ThomasdeMerston' K-1669
Thomas Michel K-12817
ThomasfiliusMille L-623
Thomasde le milne K-18417
ThomasleMilner K-1579
Thomas Milsone L-625
ThomasdeMisen' L-6923
Thomas Molend[inarius] H-05109
Thomas Molendinar[ius] K-1115
Thomas molendinarius K-00842
Thomas molendinarius K-2047
Thomas Molendinarius L-6612
Thomas Mone L-0269
Thomas Monenday K-0909
ThomasdeMora H-143
Thomas Moraund K-1482
Thomasde laMore K-01015
Thomas en la more L-364
Thomas Morste H-188
Thomas Motte K-17814
Thomas mouner L-2438
Thomas Mous K-13021
ThomasdeMulton' L-731
Thomas Nasing' K-0302
MrThomasdeNeuill' K-16015
ThomasdelNeuland H-2352
Thomas Nichol K-11210
ThomasfiliusNicholai 0c0> H-0495
ThomasfiliusNigelli H-204
Thomas Nobell' K-00139
Thomas Nodekyn H-2552
Thomas Nollyng K-0073
Thomas Norman H-1529
Thomas North H-0842
Thomas Northiby L-361
ThomasdeNorton' L-331
Thomas notekyn K-00930
Thomasdenouo loco K-001198
Thomasdenouo mercato K-0227
Thomas Oliue H-2380
Thomas Olyfart L-9216
Thomas Olyuer L-181
Thomas Osberne H-0454
Thomas Otheboth L-0211
ThomasdeOttele H-1046
Thomas Oydir' H-04151
Thomas oyewold K-11339
Thomas Pacy K-21023
Thomas Page K-21132
Thomas Page H-0587
Thomas Palmer L-952
Thomas Pardon K-1611
ThomasleParker K-14611
Thomas Parmenter L-0232
Thomas Partre H-064
Thomas Passem[er] H-2646
Thomas Payn K-14517
Thomas Paynman H-2668
Thomas Pechel K-13650
Thomas Pemane K-07023
Thomas Peroun K-18020
ThomasfiliusPetri K-08625
ThomasfiliusPetri K-09825
Thomasfiliusphilippi K-16911
Thomasfiliusphilippi K-1745
ThomasfiliusPhilippi L-0352
Thomas Pidelak' K-20932
Thomas pikelcromme K-13657
Thomas Pistor L-9028
Thomas Plumb K-0123
Thomas Pocok H-2154
Thomas Pol K-1005
Thomas atte [sic] portam ecclesie K-01028
Thomas Porter K-0504
Thomas Poscenet K-1599
Thomas Prat H-0860
Thomas prepositus L-0386
Thomas Prest K-16423
Thomas Prest H-053
Thomas Prestesman H-312
Thomas Proudfot L-938
Thomas Prudyng K-01824
Thomas Pyioun H-2728
Thomas Pylat K-16940
ThomaslePynder K-13256
ThomaslePynder L-3914
Thomas Pytit H-05162
ThomasdePytton' H-1930
Thomas Quicke H-2782
ThomasfiliusRadulphi K-1825
ThomasfiliusRadulphi H-07161
ThomasfiliusRadulphi H-2374
ThomasfiliusRadulphi de Brunham L-0147
ThomasfiliusRan[ulphi] H-1054
Thomas Randolf K-08717
ThomasfiliusRanulphi H-07147
ThomasdeRaule K-1118
Thomas Rede L-0420
Thomas Rede L-5423
ThomasfiliusReginaldi K-12321
Thomas Remund K-21117
Thomas Reyner L-1721
ThomasfiliusRicardi K-05818
ThomasfiliusRicardi K-07618
ThomasfiliusRicardi K-1786
ThomasfiliusRicardi H-1633
ThomasfiliusRicardi H-3039
ThomasfiliusRicardi L-207
ThomasfiliusRicardi L-2022
ThomasfiliusRicardi L-4314
ThomasfiliusRicardi Batt' L-756
ThomasfiliusRicardi Sampson K-00427
Thomas Richard K-05122
Thomas Robbe K-20118
ThomasfiliusRoberti K-0585
ThomasfiliusRoberti K-06212
ThomasfiliusRoberti K-1046
ThomasfiliusRoberti H-1584
ThomasfiliusRoberti H-0928
ThomasfiliusRoberti H-19124
ThomasfiliusRoberti L-0292
ThomasfiliusRoberti L-2450
ThomasfiliusRoberti Chapman L-6617
ThomasfiliusRoberti Leward H-05153
Thomas Roe K-11714
Thomas Rog[er] H-202
ThomasfiliusRogeri K-1558
ThomasfiliusRogeri L-0923
Thomas Rogg[er] K-09752
ThomasleRoper K-12035
Thomas Rose H-0823
Thomas Rot[er or -arius] K-0633
ThomasdeRouseby K-0621
Thomas Rousyng H-1984
Thomas Roye K-20110
Thomas Rune K-10115
Thomas R0c0>Rybald H-04140
Thomas Rybold H-05167
ThomasdeRyland' L-8540
Thomas Rylyng K-06217
ThomasfiliusSarre H-1014
ThomasfiliusSarre H-04105
Thomas Saunfayle L-0820
ThomasdeSaxby L-4210
Thomas Schapman K-1045
Thomas Scharp' H-0744
ThomasdeScheldford' L-558
Thomas Schephyrd K-12216
Thomas Scheref L-3313
ThomasdeScilkeby K-17915
Thomas scleth' K-1959
Thomas Scotte L-272
Thomas Sele K-14518
Thomas Seman H-2048
Thomas Seman H-2179
Thomas seriaunt H-32122
Thomas Shipedam H-21149
ThomasfiliusSimonis H-1150
ThomasdeSkarle K-19449
Thomas Skarlet H-2150
Thomas Skyrwater H-0852
ThomasdeSomerdeby K-14616
ThomasdeSomerdeby K-1478
ThomasdeSomerdeby K-19521
Thomas Somerild L-386
Thomas Spark H-1998
ThomasdeSpayre H-32119
Thomas spens[er] K-0936
Thomas Spenser K-1172
Thomas Sprakley K-04731
ThomasdeSpredlington' K-2154
Thomas Sprot H-1932
ThomasdeSprydelyngton' L-4449
Thomas Spyrle K-16926
ThomasfiliusStephani H-1864
Thomas Stepi K-2104
Thomas Steuene H-14103
ThomasdeStrouston' K-04610
Thomas Stuttyng L-325
Thomas Styberd H-1961
Thomas Styward K-21122
Thomas Suet H-05146
ThomasdeSuthorp' K-11822
Thomas sutor K-2126
Thomas Swet H-3126
Thomas Swetebonis H-07149
Thomas Symond K-16143
Thomas Tailour K-1923
ThomasleTailur K-03510
Thomas Tayllour H-0270
ThomasleTayllour L-088
Thomas Tayllour L-1922
Thomas Tebaud K-06019
Thomas Tebaud L-7010
Thomas Tefford' K-21613
Thomas Thacker H-0422
Thomas Theobald H-23110
ThomasdeTheuelby L-1218
Thomas Tholy H-2043
ThomasfiliusThome K-17411
ThomasfiliusThome H-2559
ThomasfiliusThome H-1731
ThomasfiliusThome Brodyng H-0676
ThomasfiliusThome Schirlound' K-1665
ThomasfiliusThome Slyth' H-2546
ThomasdeThoresby K-0185
ThomasdeThorp H-3012
ThomasdeThorp' K-0394
Thomas Thurger H-12124
Thomas Thurgot L-6920
ThomasdeToft H-0858
Thomas Tosot L-3327
Thomas Trayf K-2082
Thomas Troutyng H-2377
Thomas Trulbock H-04203
Thomas Tulhous K-17315
Thomas Turpyn H-0989
Thomas Tylly H-05138
Thomas Tynker K-0318
Thomas Tyrel H-0558
SirThomas vicarius K-03917
SirThomas vicarius K-14816
Thomas vicarius de Ludyngton' L-0518
Thomas Wace H-2726
Thomas Wag H-0477
Thomas Walgor K-03413
Thomas Walkelyn K-00616
ThomasdeWalpol H-1446
Thomas Walraneue H-0429
ThomasfiliusWalteri L-2038
ThomasfiliusWalteri L-3412
ThomasleWard K-17048
Thomas Ward H-17145
ThomasleWarde H-05144
ThomasleWayt' K-15715
ThomasdeWelby H-1765
ThomasdeWelby H-04217
ThomasdeWermeston' K-07710
Thomas Weryman K-12543
Thomas West K-16411
Thomas West H-0798
Thomas West' L-714
Thomas of the Westfeld' L-3531
ThomasdeWhitten' L-289
Thomas Whyte H-0910
Thomas Whyte H-0478
ThomasdeWiggesle K-09614
ThomasfiliusWillelmi K-1869
ThomasfiliusWillelmi H-1575
ThomasfiliusWillelmi H-1391
ThomasfiliusWillelmi H-0736
ThomasfiliusWillelmi H-0741
ThomasfiliusWillelmi L-049
ThomasfiliusWillelmi L-056
ThomasfiliusWillelmi L-201
ThomasfiliusWillelmi Deniel H-051
ThomasdeWillesford K-00129
Thomas Wlf K-1444
Thomas Wortes H-1138
Thomas Wower L-7730
ThomasdeWoytton' K-04723
Thomas Wryth' K-1449
ThomasdeWygetoft H-0879
ThomasdeWyk' K-0591
Thomas Wylchir' K-0554
Thomas Wyldhau[er] K-17716
Thomas Wyles L-0146
Thomas Wylly L-529
Thomas Wymark' K-1155
Thomas Wymerk' H-2783
ThomasleWyng' L-4516
Thomas Wynnyf' L-0725
ThomasleWythe K-09312
Thomas Wyther K-11440
Thomas Wytyng K-0854
ThomasdeWywell K-05126
ThomasfiliusYde K-16416
Thomas yongman K-21411
Thomas filius Agnetis K-0903
Thomas Bole K-06322
Thomas Popel K-0028
Thorald Schepman K-0659
Thorold bercarius K-0875
Tomas Clericus H-3014
Trewe Tabernar[ius] H-3218