An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (S-Thomas C):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
SabinadelFeld H-0348
SabinadelGrene H-2511
Sabina Ketyl H-2510
SabinadelMeres H-0764
Sabina la Mouner K-13216
Sabina Wace H-2518
Sabina Wymerk' H-2711
Salamon Chapman H-2062
Samson Leder H-2748
Sarah Astyn K-11399
Sarah Aylnouth K-11630
Sarah Bas K-11624
Sarah Bek' K-13446
Sarah Couper L-232
SarahdelFendyck H-2414
Sarah gardiner K-0258
Sarah Hacon L-0120
Sarahdehalle K-0104
SarahfiliaHenrici de Wyketoft H-0353
SarahrelictaJohannis filii Walteri L-5511
SarahdeMepersale K-11410
SarahdeRothewell' K-001171
Sauicula? Champenays H-2737
Sauuicula Hunnyng H-27143
SemandeWylyngham H-1750
Sewel [MS Swalle]deWalcote K-0823
Simon ? [MS torn] H-1615
Simon Abby L-101
Simon Adam H-14113
SimonseruiensAgnetis de Gosberkyrk H-32118
SimonAlcok' L-1929
SimonfiliusAlexandri H-27150
SimonfiliusAlicie K-20813
SimonAlleche H-1821
SimonAlonay [perhaps Almay] L-455
SimonAnabel K-1167
SimoninAngulo K-0676
SimonAsser H-21113
SimonAttebarre H-1384
Simon "Attegatesheud (Could be -hend -- aspirated, hypercorrect -end, rather than -heud (head).)" H-042
Simonadaulam K-113115
SimonBailif' K-20947
SimonBardy K-00547
SimondeBasingham K-06922
SimonBate L-4318
SimonBaur' K-05823
SimonatteBeck L-305
SimonBeleasise L-5535
SimonBelec K-01912
SimonBelle L-4438
Simonfiliusbenedicti K-02112
SimonBenescroft H-1871
SimonBercarius L-255
SimonBercarius L-3311
SimonBerd H-2176
SimonBidel K-1699
SimonBolle K-00176
SimonBond K-1533
SimonBoner K-13319
SimonBonseruays K-14120
SimondeBradewe H-0457
SimondeBratteflet' H-1367
SimonBreton L-2333
SimondeBretteuyll' L-934
Simonbretun K-13237
SimonBrian H-2042
SimonBroun K-001141
SimonBroun K-0101
SimonBroun K-12328
SimonBroun H-2021
SimonBunnyng' K-20923
SimonBurse K-06315
SimonBygot L-0825
SirSimoncapellanus K-04615
Simoncapellanus K-09816
SimondeCarlowe L-215
Simoncarpentarius K-0443
SimonCart[er] K-00514
SimonleCarter K-0775
SimonleCarter K-1113
SimonCast H-2811
SimondeCasterton' H-0331
Simon Cay H-0653
Simon Chapman K-17725
Simon Chapman L-6930
SimonfiliusChristiane H-21138
Simon Chyken K-12512
Simon Clawe H-1371
Simon Le Clerk H-1423
SimondeClipsham K-11377
Simon Cobbyng' K-08913
Simon Cocus K-0061
Simon Cocus L-099
Simon Coluil H-3056
Simon Cowe H-1279
Simon Crane K-09027
Simon Creuker L-2422
SimondeCroil H-2946
Simon Cruk' K-1212
SimondeDalby L-1911
Simon Darays L-2419
Simon Deruot L-9525
Simon Deye K-1962
Simon Dykman K-1948
Simonin theEllers L-033
SimonfiliusEmme K-01819
Simon Engleys K-1692
SimondeEsseby K-1855
Simon Eston' H-052
Simon faber K-00844
Simon faber K-0802
Simon faber H-1340
Simon fairday K-00423
Simon Fayrchyld H-0515
Simon Feche H-05125
Simon fikays K-08919
Simon Flemmyng' K-08852
Simon frater eius H-04137
Simon frater eius H-04171
SimonfiliusFulconis H-21144
Simon Fychet L-9029
SimonfiliusGalfridi H-04219
SimonfiliusGalfridi L-094
SimonGamel H-12141
SimonfiliusGerardi L-878
Simon Gerdoun' K-21425
Simon Gere K-20948
Simon Gervers H-3270
SimondeGeyton H-3216
SimondeGeyton' H-0792
Simon Gikel H-0651
Simon Gilbert K-09031
SimonfiliusGilberti H-1553
SimonfiliusGilberti H-295
Simonfiliusfilius H-0444
Simon Glede L-1726
Simon Glou[er] H-0442
Simon Godefray L-6710
Simon Grace H-2130
SimondeGraham K-0872
Simonattegrene K-09024
Simon Gunson K-16722
Simon Haget H-1818
Simon Hamund H-1472
SimondeHauercroft H-1359
Simon Hauerman H-1512
SimonfiliusHawyse [sic] K-0634
SimonfiliusHenrici K-05517
SimonfiliusHenrici K-1261
SimondeHerford L-512
Simon Hod K-1148
Simon Horn H-1649
Simon "Houtred (Aspirated or hypercorrect form of Outred, from the insular Germanic personal name Uchtred.)" H-05123
Simonattehowe K-11635
Simon Howet H-2165
SimonfiliusHugonis K-04114
SimonfiliusHugonis K-1258
SimonfiliusHugonis K-20830
Simon Husbond H-0584
Simon Husseband H-2925
Simon Hyry H-1334
Simon Idoun K-01417
SimonfiliusIuonis H-1611
SimonfiliusIuonis H-1352
SimonfiliusJohannis K-08521
SimonfiliusJohannis H-2432
Simon Joye K-08629
SimonfiliusJuliane K-18713
Simon Kyt H-1833
Simon Lambyn L-4030
SimondeLangton' K-08017
SimonfiliusLecie K-07421
Simon Leffy H-14171
Simon Leffy H-2234
Simon Lewe K-1138
SimondeLinc' K-06519
Simon Long H-2169
Simon Loue H-04155
Simon Magge K-18913
Simon Male H-14122
Simon Marcholf K-17415
Simon Marow L-7726
Simon Mayfay H-1832
SimondeMelton' L-2321
SimondeMere K-1957
Simon Michel K-09417
Simon Molendinarius K-15111
Simon molendinarius K-1992
Simon super montem K-0413
Simon moter K-001119
Simon Moye K-00150
Simon Mustarder H-0561
SimonfiliusNicholai H-15114
SimonfiliusNicholai H-2040
SimonfiliusNigelli H-05165
Simon Northiby L-3615
SimondeNorton' K-20935
Simon One L-103
Simon Osbuson K-0488
SimondeOsby K-0788
Simon Parker H-016
Simonatteparsones L-6934
SimondePaunton' K-15415
SimonfiliusPetri L-1014
SimonfiliusPetri Day L-9034
Simon piscator K-0054
Simon piscator K-12824
Simon Polle H-14156
Simon Prat K-02613
Simon Prat K-14122
Simon Prowet H-05178
Simon prudmay K-1342
SimondePyncebeck H-0131
Simon Pynder K-0679
Simon Pyscator H-2814
SimonfiliusRadulphi K-1943
Simon Randolf H-215
Simon Raynold' K-1766
Simon Rede H-1474
Simon Reynger L-014
SimonfiliusRicardi K-1097
SimonfiliusRoberti H-12140
SimonfiliusRoberti H-305
SimonfiliusRoberti L-2818
Simon Rond K-05527
SimondeRouceby K-1827
Simon Russell K-03111
Simon Russell K-13311
Simon Salt[er] K-1187
SimondeSautre K-0417
SimondeSchepay K-0312
Simonattese L-358
Simon Seward H-2677
Simon Shuccok' K-03215
Simon snell' L-4016
Simon Sourhale H-0316
Simon Spicer L-557
SimondeStowe L-597
SimondeStrouston' K-16714
Simon Suth' K-0773
Simon sutor K-13249
SimondeSwinford' K-0792
Simon Taggel K-1121
SimondeTalington' K-001180
SimondeTalington' K-1143
Simon Tannator L-556
Simon Tasker L-2436
Simon Tastard H-21131
Simon Taylour L-244
Simon Thacker H-04202
SimonfiliusThome K-14712
SimonfiliusThome H-0636
SimondeThornagthe H-1488
SimondeThurleby K-0147
SimondeToufte H-1032
Simon trews K-0771
Simon Trig K-09413
Simon utting' K-21020
Simon Utwy K-00812
Simon Walker K-08710
Simon Westyby L-2414
Simon Westyby L-4036
Simon Whytebred H-308
Simon Wilcok' K-18211
SimonfiliusWillelmi H-1451
SimonfiliusWillelmi H-14111
SimonfiliusWillelmi H-14115
Siward Thumbe H-1328
Stephen Astan K-16321
Stephen Aubray H-2655
Stephen Baly H-286
Stephen Benc' H-1237
StephendeBernewelle H-0533
Stephen Bore L-2031
Stephen Buck H-0246
StephendeCanewyk' K-1275
Stephencapellanus K-12333
Stephen Carter K-1623
Stephen Chyld H-2198
Stephen Clericus L-3014
Stephen Cole K-16930
Stephen Cosyn K-0392
Stephen Cut H-1039
Stephen Cutpyk' H-269
Stephen Dene L-4322
Stephen dimich K-17960
Stephen Elryche H-1859
Stephen Feryman L-5534
StephendeFletton H-15110
Stephenadfratres? [MS fres with contraction mark] K-10024
StephendeFrysby L-3419
Stephen Harding K-1621
Stephenin leHawe K-00722
Stephen hering' K-16110
Stephen Heryng' K-0569
Stephen Ingg' K-16943
StephendeKirkeby L-6918
Stephen Lambe L-235
StephendeLangtoft K-1474
StephendeLauda K-11529
Stephen Molendinarius K-1526
Stephen le [sic] Neuill K-1513
StephenfiliusNigelli L-7318
Stephen North' L-783
Stephen Northiby L-639
StephendeOcham L-9020
Stephen Pistor H-2431
Stephen Prodhom L-2437
Stephen Pyscator H-1333
Stephen Pystor H-3224
StephenfiliusRicardi H-23109
StephenfiliusRicardi H-04206
StephenfiliusRogeri H-1294
Stephen Ryngholf H-0149
StephenfiliusSare H-3144
Stephen Schepehyrd H-17121
StephendeSinchefeld' H-1297
Stephen skynner L-0251
Stephen Sled H-2454
StephendeSleford [sic -- usually Lafford'] K-001121
Stephen Smethefeld [sic -- asyndetic] H-21157
Stephen Swet H-3136
StephendeSwynerton K-11316
Stephen Tailur K-06967
Stephen Theker L-338
Stephen Thole L-2411
StephenfiliusThome Ellot' H-0321
StephendeTornican K-07828
Stephen Wade K-05311
Stephen Warde H-04167
Stephen West K-00932
StephenfiliusWillelmi K-18611
StephendeWithlefford' K-1181
Stiward Styel H-12116
Sybil Bryan K-17126
Sybil Geffray K-06232
SybildeHerwyk' H-2753
SybilfiliaJohannis K-20616
SybiluxorWalteri L-0824
Theobald Bidel L-6136
Theobald Stoyl K-1238
TheobaldleTailour K-0687
Thoams Soloth H-024
ThoamsdeWyntrington' L-145
Thomas Abraham H-3248
ThomasfiliusAde H-2067
ThomasfiliusAde Tyl L-0145
Thomas Agate H-2529
ThomasfiliusAgnetis H-1716
ThomasfiliusAlani K-00421
ThomasfiliusAlani K-0932
ThomasfiliusAlani K-1047
ThomasfiliusAlani K-1892
ThomasfiliusAlani H-0995
ThomasfiliusAlani H-1942
ThomasfiliusAlani L-045
ThomasfiliusAlbr' [Albredi or Albrede] L-4313
ThomasfiliusAlexandri K-08628
ThomasfiliusAlexandri K-09756
ThomasfiliusAlexandri K-19438
ThomasfiliusAlexandri H-1055
Thomas Alger H-178
ThomasfiliusAlicie K-16936
ThomasfiliusAlicie K-20919
ThomasdeAliford' K-09732
Thomas Alkok H-04178
Thomas Alli K-20949
Thomas Almot K-09319
Thomas Ancoyne K-06225
ThomasfiliusAndree K-20825
Thomas Andreu K-09010
ThomasinAngulo K-16140
ThomasdeAppyltoft H-2012
ThomasleArcher K-16120
ThomasdeArdern' K-00636
Thomas Ascer K-13435
Thomas Ascer H-2112
ThomasAttebrygg H-04201
Thomas attegildus L-7524
ThomasAttegraft H-15111
ThomasAttegrene H-04181
ThomasAttegryppel H-1376
ThomasAtteharth' H-04163
ThomasAtteouen H-1247
ThomasAttetounesende H-04162
Thomas Aubern' L-7728
Thomas Auenild' K-09110
Thomasadaulam K-09419
Thomasadaulam L-321
Thomas Aungewyn K-17317
Thomas Auot' K-0738
Thomas Bacheler H-1844
Thomas Bakyster H-026
Thomas Baldewyn K-00411
ThomasdeBalkysdyk H-0637
Thomas Baret H-2516
ThomasleBarker K-17963
ThomasdeBarneby K-17959
Thomas Baron K-0614
Thomas Baroun K-08618
ThomasatteBarre K-0128
ThomasatteBarre K-12514
ThomasdelBarre L-0372
Thomas Barri K-1891
ThomasdeBarsam H-07140
Thomas Bate K-1075
Thomas Bate K-12314
Thomas Bate K-14112
ThomasfiliusBate [A hypocoristic form of Bartholomew.] K-1876
ThomasdeBedeford' K-00137
Thomas Bek' L-3650
Thomas Bek' L-371
Thomas Beke L-501
ThomasdeBekeby L-326
Thomas Bele H-0598
Thomas Belle H-32131
Thomas Belle L-4422
Thomas Belsone H-3051
ThomasdeBeltoft' L-0265
Thomas Bene H-08102
Thomas Benescroft H-1012
Thomas Benet L-4316
Thomas Berd H-0626
Thomas Berdeyn K-14710
Thomas Berdwald K-11437
ThomasdeBerford K-13665
ThomasdeBern K-00196
Thomas Bernard K-03512
ThomasleBethegh' L-4214
Thomas Beuerage K-09519
ThomasdeBilingaye K-18511
ThomasdeBirton K-00153
Thomas Bischop H-0873
Thomas Blak' L-7411
ThomasdeBlakewelle H-2125
Thomas Bleuet K-18728
ThomasdeBlyton' L-582
ThomasdeBoby K-2114
Thomas Bole K-0616
Thomas Bolle H-0224
Thomas Bolur K-17815
Thomas Bond H-0277
Thomas Bond snrL-519
Thomas Bond jnr L-5121
Thomas Bonde H-1924
Thomas Bondman K-17412
Thomas Bonewrt H-2746
Thomas Botrabeo K-16421
Thomas Boystus H-2545
Thomas Brade L-632
Thomas Bram H-3150
ThomasdeBrauncewell' K-0776
ThomasdeBrauncewell' K-1752
Thomas Bridd L-821
Thomas Brok' L-0237
Thomas Brond H-318
ThomasdeBroughton' K-1695
Thomas Broun K-17825
Thomas Broun H-0978
Thomas Broun H-1249
Thomas Brous H-2673
ThomasdeBrunne K-03415
ThomasatteBrygg' K-1574
Thomas Brythiue K-13513
Thomas Buntyng H-04174
Thomas Burdon' L-3113
ThomasatteBure K-06938
ThomasdeBurtoft H-0245
ThomasdeBurton H-0853
ThomasdeBurton' K-0248
Thomas Buyn' H-2623
Thomas Bygot H-05111
Thomas Cady L-282
Thomas Cagle L-0116
ThomasdeCalthorp' K-13632
ThomasdeCamera K-17217
Thomas Campyon H-2554
Thomas Cant' K-1043
SirThomascapellanus K-0178
SirThomascapellanus K-0578
Thomas Capellanus K-07823
Thomas Caperoun K-20419
Thomasadcapud ville K-21113
ThomasdeCarby K-0931
Thomas Cariour L-555
Thomas Carles K-06518
ThomasdeCarleton' L-346
ThomasdeCarleton' L-849
Thomas carpentar[ius] K-01517
Thomas carpentar[ius] K-1145
Thomas carpentarius K-07819
ThomasleCarter K-13710
ThomasleCarter' K-16928
Thomas Cat K-13660
Thomas Catleye K-06410
ThomasdeCaue L-7324
ThomasdeCaythorp' L-274
Thomas Chapman snrK-1216
Thomas Chapman jnr K-12116
Thomas Chardeu K-07630
Thomasde lachaumber K-09755
Thomasde laChaumber K-12537
Thomas Chaumpeneys K-0159
ThomasdeChesterton' K-16115
Thomas Child H-034
ThomasdeChyrlound' K-1663
ThomasdeCibthorp' K-20835
Thomas Cissor L-3521
ThomasdeClaypoll' K-09711
Thomas Clement K-1712
Thomas clement K-18016
Thomas Clement H-17118
Thomas Clement H-04102
Thomas Clericus K-06714
Thomas clericus K-17419
Thomas clericus K-2067
Thomas Cobbyng' K-0897
Thomas Cocus L-1514
Thomas Coffyn K-12219
Thomas Cok' H-0530
Thomas Coke H-17102
Thomas Cokerel K-06935
Thomas Cokk' K-05119
Thomas Cokyston H-0514
ThomasdeColby K-08847
ThomasdeColby K-1956
Thomas Conayn H-1993
Thomas Conayn H-27124
Thomas Conayn jnr H-27125
Thomas Copper L-723
ThomasdeCorby K-001172
ThomasdeCorby K-16146
Thomas Corueiser K-01031
Thomas Cosyn L-3844
Thomas Cotem[er] H-268
Thomas Cotte H-14140
Thomas Counte H-14107
Thomas Coupere H-0569
Thomas Coupereman H-3011
ThomasdeCrabdam H-273
Thomasin theCroft L-0111
Thomasin theCroft L-7353
ThomasdeCrossholm' K-15612
ThomasdeCroyland K-01831
ThomasdeCub[er]ton K-001128
Thomas Cundila L-1022
Thomas Curman H-1154
Thomas Curtays L-3527
Thomas Cust H-1931
Thomas Cutwulf' L-0191
Thomas Cuureydman K-16145