An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (Robert L-Robert T):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
Robert Lambe L-118
Robert Lambert K-01811
Robert Lambert H-3049
RobertfiliusLamberti H-0337
Robertattelane K-1349
Robertin leLane L-7535
Robert Large K-0234
Robert Lawe K-05817
RobertdeLayk' K-00133
RobertfiliusLecie K-1941
Robert Ledebeter L-0172
Robert Legaldon' H-17122
Robert Legister K-20112
Robert Lelhod H-2688
RobertdeLesingham K-1813
Robert Leue K-07827
Robert Leuerik' K-20244
Robert Leuesone L-3837
Robert Leuet H-14120
Robert Lewyf' L-0321
RobertdeLinbergh' K-00115
RobertdeLinc' K-13645
Robert Littester K-1612
RobertdeLodyngton' L-126
Robert Long' K-17213
RobertleLong' K-2112
RobertleLonge K-1384
RobertfiliusLoth' K-09621
Robert Lothen L-728
Robert Loty K-0266
Robert Louerdyng K-1741
Robert Loundreys H-0262
Robert Loune L-8628
RobertdeLouthewyk' L-197
Robert Loyden H-1557
RobertdeLudyngton' L-051
RobertdeLudyngton' L-451
Robert Luterel K-0308
RobertdeLyndesay K-1696
RobertdeLyndesay L-0346
RobertdeLyndeseye K-07041
RobertdeLynne H-12143
Robert Lytherwyn L-658
Robert Ma... L-7416
Robert Machun L-9117
Robert Maheu K-0335
Robert Maison K-18412
Robert Makyererl H-226
Robert Male H-1351
RobertdeMalton' L-312
Robert Mareschall K-1264
RobertleMareschall' K-1399
RobertfiliusMarg' H-1617
RobertfiliusMargar' L-9211
RobertfiliusMargarete K-1394
RobertfiliusMargerie K-11449
Robert Mariot K-15312
Robert Maris K-01033
Robert Marrays L-0811
RobertfiliusMartini K-01311
RobertfiliusMartini L-062
Robert Masmunt L-7537
Robertlemasoun L-4441
Robert Matchef K-17511
RobertfiliusMathey K-16915
RobertfiliusMatild[is] H-1564
RobertfiliusMatildis K-1102
Robert Mazon L-144
SirRobertdeMekesaye K-001183
RobertdeMelton' K-15623
Robert messor H-1620
Robert Michel H-12146
RobertdeMikelham H-0890
Robert Milner K-09716
Robert Milner L-4423
Robert Mody K-1546
Robert Mody L-7351
Robert molend[inarius] H-2178
Robert Molendar[ius] K-1114
Robert molendinarius K-0492
Robertadmontem K-0865
Robert super montem L-6131
Robertde laMore K-1737
Robert en la more L-3627
Robert Morell' L-3713
Robert Morewen H-04103
Robertdemorle L-2420
RobertdeMorton' L-5522
Robert Mot' K-0651
Robertlemoygne K-001138
Robert Moysant K-19444
Robert Muller [sic] K-13314
Robert Mylner H-17135
Robert Nalk' L-5512
RobertdeNastendres K-16513
Robert Neghbour K-06228
Robert Nel L-0323
Robert Nepos vicarii L-5416
Robert Netebroun' [sic] K-2044
Robert Neucomen K-13452
Robert Neucomen H-0867
Robert Neue L-7812
Robert Neuill' K-2043
RobertdeNeuland H-1516
RobertdelNeuland H-1660
RobertdeNeuton' L-682
RobertfiliusNicholai K-1346
RobertfiliusNicholai K-13629
RobertfiliusNicholai K-17729
RobertfiliusNicholai L-4440
Robert Nicholas K-0253
RobertfiliusNigelli L-0233
RobertfiliusNigelli L-284
Robert Nobel K-15514
Robert Noressone H-3041
Robert Norman K-11367
Robert Norman L-081
Robert Norman L-496
RobertdeNormanby L-9311
RobertdeNormanton K-00114
Robert Northern' K-001104
RobertdeNorthgate K-11224
Robert Northiby L-626
RobertdeNorthorp K-01020
RobertdeNorton' L-3318
RobertdeNorton' L-789
Robert Oky K-1698
Robert Osbern' L-2220
RobertdeOseltoun K-0499
Robert Osgot H-2018
RobertdeOsgotby L-3621
Robert Otham K-20622
Robert Oueray L-9520
RobertdeOuseby K-0138
Robert Outred H-1914
RobertfiliusPagani H-1843
Robert Page K-13454
Robert Paik' K-113100
RobertdePakyngton K-001109
Robert Palle L-939
Robert Palm[er] K-06943
Robert Palm[er] K-11375
Robert Palmer H-0216
Robert Palmer L-9515
RobertdelPark' H-0950
Robert Parleben K-01914
Robert Parleben K-12834
Robert Parlebien K-0649
Robert parson K-2055
RobertdeParys K-2097
Robert Patryk' H-17137
Robert Patryk' L-0328
Robert Paulyn L-592
Robert Payk' K-11646
RobertfiliusPayn' K-1309
Robert Pecher K-09725
Robert Pekman K-19414
RobertdePelchor H-04126
Robert pelliparius K-09117
Robert Peper K-00626
Robert Peronell' L-3317
Robert Peroun K-18015
Robert Petite K-1897
RobertfiliusPetri L-1017
RobertfiliusPetri L-306
Robert Philip K-0366
Robert Philipot K-06954
Robert Philipp' K-07812
RobertfiliusPhilippi K-1057
RobertfiliusPhilippi K-13420
RobertfiliusPhilippi H-2611
RobertfiliusPhilippi L-0289
Robert Phyport H-0817
Robert Picok' L-0234
Robert Picok' L-0279
Robert Pistor K-0824
Robert Plant K-09116
Robert Plogman H-27154
Robert Plomer K-01611
Robert Plummer L-4439
Robert Poke L-4915
RobertattePole L-234
RobertattePole L-6011
RobertdePolgraue K-08014
Robert Polle H-148
Robertadpontem K-0344
Robertadpontem K-11371
Robertadpontem K-113106
RobertadPontem L-0259
Robert Popelot K-13644
Robert Porter K-09015
Robert Pory H-1450
Robert Potent' L-1212
Robert Pount K-2013
Robert Pountays K-19817
Robert Prat K-0254
Robert Pratt H-2034
Robert prepositus L-025
Robert prepositus L-738
Robert Pridkan L-622
Robert Prykmer K-11394
Robert Pygot H-1850
Robert Pynder K-06914
Robert Pynder K-07422
RobertlePynder L-154
Robert Pynder L-4916
Robert Pynder L-958
Robert Pynkeney K-0316
Robert Pynson H-3289
Robert Pyterel H-1287
Robert Pytteman H-1361
RobertdeQuadheryng H-27101
RobertfiliusRadulphi K-04730
RobertfiliusRadulphi K-09128
RobertfiliusRadulphi K-1998
RobertfiliusRadulphi H-17141
RobertfiliusRadulphi H-1234
RobertfiliusRadulphi L-0722
RobertfiliusRadulphi L-1323
RobertdeRammesaye K-001186
Robert Randolf K-08034
Robert Randolf H-1784
Robert Rasche H-208
Robert Ratekyn H-0597
Robert Rauen H-0668
Robert Rauf K-1958
Robert Raulet K-0702
Robert Raulot H-1443
Robert Raulyn H-04157
Robert Ray K-14315
RobertleRede K-08029
Robert Rede L-0210
Robert Redeware H-1865
Robert Redheued K-01214
Robert Redheued K-06964
Robert Redheued K-20218
RobertfiliusReginaldi K-1985
Robert Repereue K-18725
RobertleRest' K-20119
Robert Reynald H-04221
Robert Reynald L-1715
Robert Reyner L-223
Robert Reyner L-653
RobertfiliusRicardi K-04619
RobertfiliusRicardi K-10320
RobertfiliusRicardi K-2129
RobertfiliusRicardi H-1599
RobertfiliusRicardi H-2395
RobertfiliusRicardi H-2010
RobertfiliusRicardi L-435
RobertfiliusRicardi L-842
RobertfiliusRicardi L-9314
RobertfiliusRicardi Tatyna H-0230
Robert Richard K-05530
Robert Richard K-1844
Robert Richild K-13439
Robert rien K-11633
RobertdeRinggesdon K-13655
RobertfiliusRoberti K-0497
RobertfiliusRoberti K-0894
RobertfiliusRoberti K-0915
RobertfiliusRoberti K-09331
RobertfiliusRoberti K-17216
RobertfiliusRoberti K-18030
RobertfiliusRoberti H-2534
RobertfiliusRoberti H-1868
RobertfiliusRoberti H-0431
RobertfiliusRoberti H-022
RobertfiliusRoberti L-0159
RobertfiliusRoberti L-106
RobertfiliusRoberti L-2449
RobertfiliusRoberti L-2525
RobertfiliusRoberti L-4442
RobertfiliusRoberti le Clerk H-2540
RobertdelRode H-2384
RobertfiliusRogeri K-08929
RobertfiliusRogeri K-17214
RobertfiliusRogeri H-2940
RobertfiliusRogeri H-27148
RobertfiliusRogeri L-0294
RobertfiliusRogeri L-956
RobertfiliusRogeri atte stile L-0384
RobertfiliusRogeri Rote H-0110
Robert Roland K-00613
Robert Romeney K-05688
RobertdeRoppesle K-1671
Robert Rosselyn L-332
Robert Rous K-0587
RobertdeRoust' K-19417
Robert Ruffyng K-1142
Robert Rugewyn H-1965
Robert Russe K-09513
Robert Russell K-0334
Robert Russell K-11816
Robert Russell' K-001204
Robert Rust H-21152
Robert Rychard H-2541
RobertdeRyeby K-16935
Robert Ryston' H-2643
RobertfiliusSaere H-1530
Robertinsalicibus L-3323
Robert Salman H-05180
RobertdeSalteby K-001150
RobertdeSalteby K-1613
Robert Sampson K-00127
Robert scate L-763
Robertdeschaffeld' L-411
Robert Schak' K-1893
Robert Schalli K-20248
Robert Scharp K-0111
Robert Scharpe L-4021
Robert Schatur K-06934
RobertdeSchefeld' L-0287
RobertleSchephird K-21418
Robertleschepird K-1232
Robert Scherman H-17115
Robertlescherman L-5531
Robert Scrok' L-6010
Robert sees L-703
Robert Selth H-0947
Robert semitor L-0231
RobertdeSempyngham [sic] K-001187
RobertdeSheffeld' L-5439
Robert Sibille H-2425
RobertfiliusSibille L-1416
RobertdeSidbrok' L-1930
RobertdeSilkyston H-1368
RobertfiliusSimonis K-2145
RobertfiliusSimonis L-294
Robert Simson K-0486
Robert Simund H-2781
Robert Sire K-0154
Robert siword K-1027
RobertdeSkoupwyk' K-0858
RobertdeSkydegate L-5536
Robert Skynn[er] H-12131
Robert Skynner L-692
Robert Sneker H-0578
RobertdeSomercotes K-01026
RobertdeSomerdeby K-1933
Robert Southiby L-111
RobertdeSpaldyng K-00188
RobertdeSpaldyng K-01835
RobertdeSpanneby K-12325
Robert Sped K-2116
Robert Spens[er] H-1327
Robert Stallewrth H-17106
RobertdeStandewelle H-1048
RobertdeStanton H-2733
Robert stanypok' L-932
RobertfiliusStephani K-1389
RobertfiliusStephani K-1977
RobertfiliusStephani H-3124
RobertfiliusStephani H-1817
RobertfiliusStephani L-1739
RobertfiliusStephani L-695
Robert Stodhyrd H-0229
RobertdeStokes L-4444
Robert Stonhard K-0584
Robert Stot H-322
Robert Stot L-0249
RobertdeStowe K-1254
RobertdeStrouston' K-15016
Robert Stryng L-0187
RobertdeStubton' K-07412
Robert Stutte L-043
Robert Styrck H-3070
Robert Styrkehyrd H-1464
Robert Sumf' K-21021
RobertdeSuthfolk' K-0617
RobertleSuthreue K-04410
Robert sutor K-1724
Robert sutor L-3654
RobertdeSutton H-05157
RobertdeSwanborn K-0779
Robert Swelewryth [sic] H-1724
RobertdeSylkyston H-1766
Robert Synaud K-12040
Robert Synaund H-2015
Robert Syryk' H-1856
Robert Tagel K-13425
RobertleTailour K-00824
Robert Talp K-12710
Robert Tankherbe K-21417
Robert Tasburn H-0988
Robert tayllour L-8512
Robert Tebaud H-1967
Robert Tebaud L-7538
RobertdeTeclay L-046
RobertdeTemplo K-1009
Robert cum Tena L-0335
Robert Tenman K-08821
Robert Tete K-04120
RobertdeThame K-21019
Robert Thecker H-1743
Robert Thecker H-1147
Robert Tholy H-2719
Robert Tholy H-2128
RobertfiliusThome K-0743
RobertfiliusThome K-0914
RobertfiliusThome K-13210
RobertfiliusThome K-15913
RobertfiliusThome H-1034
RobertfiliusThome H-117
RobertfiliusThome H-27158
RobertfiliusThome H-0336
RobertfiliusThome L-0280
RobertfiliusThome L-227
RobertfiliusThome L-662
RobertfiliusThome de Welle L-016
RobertfiliusThome Schirlound' K-1664
RobertdeThornhagh' L-9112
Robert Thorstun K-07315
Robert Thory K-20229
Robert Thurger H-0487
Robert Tillesone H-2962
Robert Toke L-0356
Robert Toliard L-2427
Robert Toller K-0035
Robert Torpell' K-13449
Robert trewfelaugh' K-1003
Robert Trews K-0778
Robert Trig L-7027
Robert Trope L-834
Robert Trope L-8611
Robert Tryg' K-02518
Robert Tryg' K-09640
Robert Tryg' K-2164
Robert Tuck H-0954
Robert Tuk' K-11213
Robert Tumby K-0275
Robertattetuneshende K-1195
Robert Tunhyrd H-0172
RobertdeTunstall' L-5433
Robert Turpyn K-01313
Robert Turpyn H-0816
Robert Turtell' L-895
RobertdeTygo H-1320
Robert Tymne L-172
RobertdeTytenaye K-12022