An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (Ro-Robert K):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
RoberFaber K-06117
RobertAdam H-27132
RobertAdam L-6310
RobertfiliusAde K-12720
RobertfiliusAgnetis K-19514
RobertAilif' K-2054
RobertAky L-3522
RobertfiliusAlani K-06929
RobertfiliusAlani H-1521
RobertfiliusAlani H-1822
RobertfiliusAlani H-0493
RobertAlayn K-08212
RobertAlbot H-066
RobertAlcous H-0625
RobertfiliusAlexandri H-27115
RobertAlgar H-1883
RobertdeAlkebarowe L-1423
Robert Allot L-652
Robert Allot L-655
Robert Almod H-1157
Robert Alnet L-0281
Robert Althewerld H-106
Robert Aluet L-2445
RobertdeAmcotes L-071
Robert Ammory K-1598
Robert Anabel K-11648
Robert Ancus K-01911
RobertfiliusAndree K-05318
RobertfiliusAndree L-237
Robert Andreu K-10316
Robert Anys L-6125
Robert Arkel H-0986
Robert Arkel [A syncopated form of Scand personal name Arketel.] K-09619
Robert Arnald K-1442
RobertdeAscham L-024
RobertdeAscheborn' K-00132
RobertdeAskeby K-20828
RobertdeAskeby L-3819
Robert Askel [A syncopated form of Anglo-Scand personal name Asketil.] K-1791
Robert Athelard H-21160
RobertAttebord H-0491
RobertAttebord H-0496
Robert attegrene K-07826
RobertAttehesche H-21117
RobertAttetouneshend' H-1267
Robert Aubray H-0490
Robertdeauburn K-2102
Robert Auerey H-0179
RobertadAulam K-17418
Robertadaulam K-17919
Robert Aunger K-01010
Robert Ausche H-04146
Robert Austy junior H-0128
Robert Austy senior H-0126
Robert Auyn L-028
Robert Ayttock' H-118
Robert Baffagg' K-20831
Robert Bagot K-13320
RobertleBaker K-08020
Robert Bakere K-0327
RobertdeBakewell' K-2152
Robert Bakst[er] K-08716
RobertdeBakton' K-17966
RobertdeBalderton' K-00838
Robert Baldewyn K-1129
Robert Baret K-12024
Robert Barfot K-113113
Robert Barfot H-0459
Robert Barge molendinarius L-1824
RobertdeBarham K-02815
Robert Barham K-1308
Robert Baroun K-11718
Robert Basset K-15716
Robert Bate K-00431
Robert Bate K-0409
Robert Batisneue H-0678
Robert Baumborugh' K-0656
Robert Bayhus K-0878
RobertdeBeauuer K-16169
RobertatteBeck' L-4032
RobertatteBeck' L-485
RobertdeBekyngham H-0916
RobertdeBelefay K-20927
Robert Belion L-0137
Robert Belle K-0787
Robert Belle K-0896
Robert Belle K-11216
Robert Belle H-1540
Robert Belleward H-21136
Robert Beloth' K-113112
Robert Bene L-2014
Robertfiliusbenedicti K-0139
RobertdeBenescroft H-14136
Robert Benyg H-0319
Robert bercarius K-08211
RobertBercarius L-2315
Robert Berege K-0675
Robert Bergates K-0807
Robert Besaunt H-12109
Robert Bete L-6129
Robert Beuerage K-09724
RobertdeBirrle K-001203
Robert Biscop' L-0284
Robert Bissing' K-0451
Robert Blenche H-114
Robert Blete K-13911
Robert Bleuet L-5418
Robert Blissot K-13715
RobertdeBlyburgh' L-4421
Robert Bole K-0613
Robert Bole K-19828
Robert Bolle H-0599
Robert Bolower H-04205
Robert Bolur K-0436
Robert Bond K-05113
Robert Bond K-11432
Robert Bond L-426
Robert Bond' L-0158
Robert Bonde K-08836
Robert Bonny L-042
RobertdeBoryngham L-0726
RobertdeBotha L-0314
RobertleBourser K-001130
Robert Bozoun K-2098
Robert Bracy L-4025
RobertdeBrandon' K-0986
Robert Brant' K-17121
Robert Braund' L-7210
Robert Bresttoun K-1453
Robert Breton' K-08834
Robert Brette K-0888
Robert Bretuile K-0364
Robert Brid K-18420
MrRobertdeBridlington K-14127
Robert Brodyng H-21114
Robert Bromf' K-07021
Robert Brond K-06018
Robert Bront K-05824
Robert Broun K-06122
Robert Broun K-06818
Robert Broun K-12341
Robert Bryan K-0506
Robert Bryd K-03213
Robert Brygstok' K-00160
Robert Bullyng snrK-1622
Robert c0c0> Bullyng jnr K-16217
Robert Burneuile H-05114
RobertdeBury K-00125
Robert Bussy H-0774
Robert But H-3294
RobertdeButhorp' L-342
Robert Bydel K-06926
Robert Bydel K-16932
RobertdeByington' K-16122
RobertdeBynbrok' L-3644
RobertdeBynington' K-20249
Robert Cade H-0276
RobertdeCagate H-14150
Robert cake K-1654
RobertdeCalkewell' K-15610
Robert Campas H-2695
Robert cantyng jnr K-13444
Robert Cantyng' K-13417
Robertcapellanus K-12214
Robert Capon H-116
Robertadcapud ville K-19818
Robertadcapud ville K-0691
Robert Capun K-0957
Robert Capun H-1141
Robert Carby K-1032
RobertdeCarleton' K-0523
Robert carpentar[ius] K-0021
Robert Carpentarius K-0647
Robert Carpentarius L-5438
Robert carpenter K-1217
RobertleCarpunt[er] K-00518
RobertleCarpunter K-12014
Robert Carter K-1858
Robert Carter L-2219
RobertleCarter L-508
Robert Carter' K-16918
Robert Carter' H-08106
RobertdeCasterton' K-001173
RobertdeCasthorp' K-1557
RobertdelCastle K-0604
Robert Cate K-00922
RobertdeCateby L-726
Robert Cauesam H-2819
Robert Cauz L-2517
RobertdeCaysthorp' L-275
RobertfiliusCecilie K-11814
RobertfiliusCecilie H-0322
Robertadcepem K-0372
Robert Chamberleyn' H-0969
Robert Chapelain K-21211
Robert Chapman K-17728
Robert Chapman H-04108
Robert Chaterbald snrL-0144
Robert Cheret H-0957
Robert Cissor H-0116
Robert clarice K-0866
Robert clericus K-01511
Robert clericus K-11312
Robert clericus K-1268
Robert clericus K-21416
RobertdeClif K-21011
Robert Cloyere H-0677
RobertdeClyf' L-6936
RobertdeClyue K-001202
Robert Co snrK-1175
Robert Co K-1178
Robert Cobbet L-7526
Robert Cobbyng' K-08915
Robert Cock' H-1586
Robert Cocus L-0331
RobertdeCodington' K-20240
Robert Cofyn K-0243
Robert Coke H-17101
Robert Cokerel K-1706
Robert Col... L-7729
RobertdeColeuile K-2131
RobertdeColeuile K-0341
Robert Colle K-12523
Robert Colle H-1925
Robert Coluill' K-1979
Robert Colyn K-1609
RobertdeConynggesby K-17962
Robert Cook H-1393
Robert Cope H-0412
Robert Coroun K-10012
Robert Corueiser K-01037
Robert Coteler K-12051
Robert Cotte H-2961
RobertdeCottesmor K-0257
Robert Couhyrd' K-20211
Robert Cous K-1368
Robert Coy L-0418
Robert Crane K-1198
Robert Crane H-2196
Robert Crane H-0317
RobertdeCranewelle K-21120
Robert Crispyng K-15521
RobertdeCrocton' K-16954
RobertdeCrokton' K-17423
RobertdeCrondeyn K-14914
Robert Croycy K-03118
Robertadcrucem K-11631
RobertdeCrull' L-0297
Robert Cryspe H-293
RobertleCu K-21412
Robert Cullul H-19115
Robert Curpy H-2517
Robert Curteys L-0336
Robert Curzon H-0994
Robert Cut H-0220
RobertdeDalderby K-19013
Robert damet K-09327
Robert Darays L-264
Robert Darell' L-9516
Robert Daulyn L-4448
Robert dearcy K-0791
Robert Dede H-1155
RobertdeDepyng' K-00138
Robert Deryf L-899
Robert Dewe H-2192
Robert Diue K-1168
Robert Dobell K-17022
Robert Dod H-1413
RobertdeDodyngton' K-16920
Robert doly K-1551
Robert Douce L-497
Robert Dousyng K-0158
Robert Doutefir H-21108
Robert Douze L-4110
Robert Dragon H-2939
Robert Drak' L-526
RobertleDrapur K-12010
Robert Dubrigg' K-0501
Robertfiliusdulcie K-1597
RobertdeDunsthorp' K-16713
RobertdeDunston' K-0844
Robert Durant K-12337
Robert Durant K-1658
Robert Durant L-3820
Robert Dych H-14142
RobertdeDygby snrK-09326
RobertdeDygby jnr K-09329
Robert Dykeman K-02614
Robert Dynis K-16729
Robert Dynys L-3717
RobertdeEbor' L-6937
Robertadecclesiam K-08855
Robertadecclesiam K-11444
Robertadecclesiam L-7527
RobertfiliusEduse L-176
Robertfiliuseius H-0435
RobertatteElme L-4419
Robert Elred H-07121
RobertdeElsham L-1717
Robert Elsi K-02330
RobertfiliusElye K-1736
Robert Elyot K-06956
Robert Elyot H-0976
Robert Elyot H-12105
Robert Elyryche [sic] H-1815
Robert Em K-01833
Robert Emmesone L-2337
RobertdeEnderby L-293
Robert Engleys K-1693
RobertdeEsexe K-18528
Robert Estiby L-5014
Robert Estyby L-3115
Robert Euerard L-0299
Robert Euot' K-06965
Robert Eynald [sic] H-0985
RobertdeEynesham H-0829
Robert faber K-00426
Robert faber K-01816
Robert faber K-02122
Robert faber K-10114
Robert faber K-12039
Robert faber K-1433
Robert faber K-2193
Robert faber H-107
Robert faber H-1830
Robert Faber L-2516
Robert Faber L-677
Robert fairman K-09618
Robert Faukes K-03810
RobertdelFeld H-1796
Robert felice K-00653
Robert fese K-1456
RobertleFeuer L-023
Robert fisse L-0285
Robert Fissher L-6924
Robert Fleg' H-0740
Robert Flouter H-1134
Robert Folyot L-491
Robertadfontem K-0155
Robertadfontem K-01713
RobertdeForedyk' H-32104
RobertdeForedyk' H-0141
Robert Forester L-787
Robert Forster K-13636
Robert Fouleman H-2173
Robert Fox H-1026
Robert Fox L-603
Robert frankych' K-20421
Robert Frankynch' K-20217
Robert frater eius H-0433
Robert frater eius H-0471
Robert Fraunceys L-7339
Robert fraunk K-18118
Robert Fraunktenaunt L-319
Robert Freman K-14128
Robert Freman L-4815
Robert Freman L-769
Robertadfurnum K-08019
Robert Fychet L-7330
Robert Galardon H-14145
RobertfiliusGalfridi K-04011
RobertfiliusGalfridi K-1255
RobertfiliusGalfridi K-17719
Robert filii Galfridi H-2370
RobertfiliusGalfridi H-1465
RobertfiliusGalfridi H-0150
RobertfiliusGalfridi L-0823
RobertfiliusGalfridi L-657
RobertfiliusGalfridi L-9116
RobertfiliusGalfridi L-9210
Robert Galt K-08844
Robert Gamell' L-744
Robert Gandes K-1936
Robert Ganne H-14174
Robert Gardiner L-026
Robertattegatheud L-096
Robert Geffray K-01038
Robert Geffray K-1004
Robert Geffrey H-2627
Robert Geffrey H-275
Robert Gent K-03915
Robert Gerard K-07010
Robert Gerard K-09736
Robert Gerard H-1248
Robert Gerard L-5422
RobertfiliusGerardi H-0218
RobertfiliusGerardi H-0310
Robert Gerdoun K-21421
Robert Gere K-08215
Robert Gereson K-17024
Robert Gery H-1723
Robert Gery H-1254
Robert Geyt H-0631
Robert Gilberd L-7420
Robert Gilbert K-00428
Robert Gilbert K-10118
Robert Gilbert K-1166
RobertfiliusGilberti K-20818
RobertfiliusGilberti H-2019
RobertfiliusGilberti L-7315
RobertfiliusGilberti L-8214
Robert Gildyntho H-272
Robert Gille K-08845
RobertdeGlentworth' L-4436
RobertdeGnypton' K-1617
Robert Goby K-0078
RobertfiliusGocelini L-824
Robert Gode K-11626
Robert Goderam H-1047
Robert Goderyk' K-14919
Robert Godlak K-1135
Robert Gold K-0612
Robert Gossip' K-16726
Robert Graunger H-14161
Robert Graunger L-3528
Robert Grayue K-08846
RobertfiliusGregorii K-00618
Robert Greiue L-2428
Robertde laGrene K-0221
Robert super le grene K-0544
RobertatteGrene K-07821
Robert oye grene K-11361
Robert o že grene K-1374
Robertde lagrene K-17722
RobertatteGrene L-3823
RobertatteGrene L-467
Robert on the Grene L-7342
RobertdeGrenefeld L-676
Robert Gryme L-7310
Robert Gunhild' K-1169
Robert Gunnyld H-0251
Robert Gysbroun [sic -- metathesis?] K-05911
Robert Hack' H-1834
RobertdeHakebeche H-2123
RobertdeHakethorn' L-511
RobertdeHakunby K-13230
Robert Haldeyn K-06226
Robert Haldeyn K-09115
Robert Haldeyn H-2956
Robertattehalle K-1157
Robertattehalle L-1618
Robert Halyday L-3830
Robert Hamund K-1062
Robert Hamund K-18037
Robert Hamund H-14147
Robert Hamund' L-4325
Robert Hardegray K-1668
Robert Hardy H-0121
Robert Hare H-2053
RobertdeHareberug' K-1124
Robert Harfot L-3649
RobertdeHaryngworth K-001190
Robert Hastiu[er] H-1561
RobertdeHawe H-2975
RobertdeHawe H-12130
RobertdelHay H-0347
RobertdeHaydur K-06823
Robertin theHegge L-7312
RobertdeHekyngton' K-17950
Robert Heliot K-08911
Robert Hellewyn H-04144
RobertdeHelmeswell' L-6510
Robert Helot L-5215
RobertdeHelpringham K-00939
Robert Helwis K-13222
Robert Hem H-1132
Robert Hemery H-0173
Robert Hencop K-0965
RobertfiliusHenrici K-12816
RobertfiliusHenrici H-163
RobertfiliusHenrici H-1486
RobertfiliusHenrici L-0125
RobertfiliusHenrici L-0255
RobertfiliusHenrici le Clerk' K-0632
Robert Henry H-0922
RobertdeHerdwyk' L-4513
RobertdeHerford K-15413
Robert Herlewyn H-0413
Robert Herlewyn H-1175
RobertdeHermeston' K-17961
Robert Herre H-1919
Robert Hert K-01615
RobertdeHertheby K-0496
Robert Heruius K-1227
Robert Heruy K-07717
Robert Heruy K-18315
Robert Heruy L-9036
Robert Herwy K-1718
Robert Herwy K-17417
RobertdeHeselay L-5537
Robertde laHill' K-07039
RobertdeHillom L-0417
Robert Hod K-12324
Robert Hoddyl H-1142
Robert Hogg H-1968
RobertdeHolk' K-13426
RobertdeHolmeswell' L-341
RobertdeHomelthyth' L-0245
RobertdeHoton' L-0263
Robert Hotot K-001156
RobertdeHouk' L-058
RobertdeHousom L-5420
Robert Houweld H-1867
RobertdelHouwes H-1841
RobertdeHowell' K-06011
RobertdeHowell' K-17965
RobertdeHoyland H-1581
Robert Hubert K-1307
RobertfiliusHuberti H-1116
Robert Huet K-1401
Robert Huet K-17811
Robert Hugbody H-2318
RobertfiliusHugonis K-0355
RobertfiliusHugonis K-06237
RobertfiliusHugonis K-12513
RobertfiliusHugonis H-14151
RobertfiliusHugonis L-2018
RobertfiliusHugonis Frend K-0322
Robert Hulle K-1859
Robert Humfrey H-1744
Robert Husbond K-1104
RobertdeHuwell' K-1861
Robert Hyrry H-1212
Robert Illori K-0993
RobertdeInde K-1002
Robert Ingge K-09819
Robert Ingham K-0458
Robert Ingson K-16147
RobertdeInsula K-15416
Robert Irnenside K-17026
Robert Iueson H-0945
RobertfiliusIuonis K-0777
RobertfiliusIuonis K-19215
Robert Jake K-01212
Robert Jobelot K-13714
RobertfiliusJohannis K-00649
RobertfiliusJohannis K-01817
RobertfiliusJohannis K-04625
RobertfiliusJohannis K-0748
RobertfiliusJohannis K-0996
RobertfiliusJohannis K-1388
RobertfiliusJohannis K-15619
RobertfiliusJohannis K-15711
RobertfiliusJohannis H-3223
RobertfiliusJohannis H-1262
RobertfiliusJohannis H-12123
RobertfiliusJohannis H-1410
RobertfiliusJohannis H-1499
RobertfiliusJohannis H-0240
RobertfiliusJohannis H-2161
RobertfiliusJohannis L-173
RobertfiliusJohannis Slyth' H-2535
RobertfiliusJollani L-3127
Robert Josep K-00850
Robert Jotet K-0925
RobertfiliusJurdani K-07711
Robert Kegyl H-2030
RobertdeKele H-27144
Robert Kelle K-13441
Robert Kelman K-09633
Robert Kempe L-505
RobertdeKendale K-21114
RobertdeKent' L-4514
RobertdeKernetby H-1823
RobertdeKetelby H-3257
Robert Ketelesthorp' L-754
RobertatteKirk L-0728
RobertatteKirk' L-0227
RobertdeKirkeby L-0922
RobertdeKirketon' L-659
Robert Knoble H-04166
Robert koc K-12545
Robertleku K-1618
Robert Kydnot' K-0703
RobertdeKyme K-17135
RobertdeKyme K-19726
RobertdeKyme H-0237
Robert Kyng H-3281
Robert Kyng' K-0674
Robert kyng' K-19212
RobertdeKyrkeby K-001189
Robert Kyrneyl K-0588