An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (Richard C-Richilda):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
RichardatteDamme L-1823
Richard Daniel K-19415
RichardfiliusDaniel' H-2634
Richard Darderne K-1715
RichardleDauber K-1725
Richard Dauber L-6140
RichardleDaye K-00832
Richard Den K-05215
Richard Derman H-1884
Richard Deye H-292
Richard dibel K-08018
RichardfiliusDionisii H-3073
Richard Dobyn H-0640
Richarddedodyngton' K-1036
RicharddeDouseby H-1174
Richard Drabill' L-7033
Richard drake K-0292
Richard Drye H-0455
RichardfiliusDulcie H-2228
RicharddeDunnesby K-13661
Richard Durant L-742
Richard "Dussone (Probably a form of Douceson, Douce being a hypocoristic female personal name.)" H-0658
RicharddeDygby K-08035
Richardadecclesiam K-04012
Richard Eliaduck H-2236
Richard Elis K-18029
Richard Elot' K-1072
RicharddeEnderby K-10124
Richard Est K-17416
Richard Estyby L-3117
RichardfiliusEudonis Whytebred H-3078
RicharddeEykell' K-2166
Richard faber K-04623
Richard Faber K-05533
Richard faber K-11821
Richard faber K-14215
Richard faber K-1879
Richard Far L-0389
Richarddefarley K-0491
Richardlefarmer' K-0013
Richard Faukes K-16159
Richard Faukus L-0354
Richard ože fen K-02128
RicharddeFendyk' H-04117
RicharddeFenne K-05121
RicharddeFiskem[er] H-2750
Richard Fiskere L-8423
Richard Flemmyng' K-1065
Richard Flemmyng' K-1067
Richardadfontem K-0469
Richardadfontem K-11417
Richardadfontem L-8912
Richard forestarius K-2128
Richard forman K-1677
Richard forst[er] K-0193
Richard Foul H-216
Richard Foule [sic] H-1756
RicharddeFrampton H-32129
RicharddeFrampton H-0146
Richard Frankys H-153
Richard Fraunceys K-16331
Richard fraunceys K-1647
Richard Freman H-1038
Richard Frend L-1214
Richard Frogenhale K-11357
RicharddeFrothyngham L-1412
RichardfiliusFulconis H-1369
RichardfiliusFulconis H-05134
RichardfiliusFulconis H-2145
RichardfiliusGalfridi K-02813
Richard Galt L-0436
Richard Gardiner L-037
Richard Gelus K-11336
Richard Generose K-1015
Richard Geram L-0379
Richard Gerard K-0963
Richard Gere K-17032
RicharddelGern[er] K-02517
Richard Geuevay K-1702
RichardfiliusGilberti H-1585
RichardfiliusGilberti H-04207
RicharddeGilby K-18518
Richardattegildhalle K-11620
Richard Gille L-9122
Richard Gilmyn K-0886
RichardfiliusGodefridi Rougewyn H-1179
Richard Godwyn K-20823
Richard Goldeborn K-0851
Richard Goldesmyth' L-892
Richard Gozelyn K-14615
Richard Graunger L-708
RicharddelGrene H-1983
Richard Grenedyk H-0937
RicharddeGretton' K-08711
RicharddeGrouele L-3864
Richard Grym K-0122
Richard Grym H-121
Richard Grys K-0907
Richard Gull' K-06235
RicharddeGunneys L-2431
RichardleGynur K-11418
Richard Haksmal L-2036
RicharddeHakunby K-13233
Richard Halbarn' L-637
Richard Haliday L-0221
Richard bi the Halle L-0513
Richard Hamund' L-7713
RicharddeHamyle K-00142
Richard Hardy H-32111
Richard Hawys L-2714
RicharddeHebbedeyn K-0631
RichardfiliusHenrici K-01027
RichardfiliusHenrici L-7011
RicharddeHerington' K-1473
RicharddeHermeston' K-10122
RicharddeHermeston' K-21124
Richard Herr' L-7513
Richard Hert K-09630
Richard Hert K-09715
Richard Hert H-0672
Richard Heruest H-04161
Richard Heruy K-09514
Richard Heruy L-3124
RicharddeHerwyk H-2722
RicharddeHeselwod L-205
RicharddeHeytoft H-0664
Richard Hilde K-09211
Richard Hod H-263
Richard Hodde L-7536
RicharddeHoddyl H-19121
Richard Hc0c0>Hogg' K-1068
Richard Hogg' K-1071
RicharddeHoldthepyn' H-1139
Richard Hollon K-1412
Richard Honet K-0761
Richard Hopy lor=#c0c0c0> H-2818
Richard Horcharde L-0272
RicharddeHouton' L-8551
RicharddeHowell' K-06013
RicharddeHowell' K-1636
RichardfiliusHugonis K-08926
RichardfiliusHugonis H-1881
RichardfiliusHugonis H-2798
RichardfiliusHugonis H-0263
Richard Hugun K-0279
RicharddeHumby K-16732
RicharddeHunlowe L-476
RicharddeHykham K-2138
Richard Ingg' K-17037
Rior=#c0c0c0>RicharddeIngoldesby K-17110
Richard Ingram K-08828
RicharddeInsula K-1952
RicharddeInsula L-0163
RicharddeIrnham K-02919
Richard Iscok' K-09743
Richard Iwyn H-2193
Richard Jake K-0135
Richard Jake L-0288
RichardfiliusJohannis K-04514
RichardfiliusJohannis H-1614
RichardfiliusJohannis H-07132
RichardfiliusJohannis H-2684
RichardfiliusJohannis H-1417
RichardfiliusJohannis L-2440
RichardfiliusJohannis L-725
RichardfiliusJohannis Foulman H-213
Richard Jok' K-11617
Richard Joye K-02010
Richard Jubel K-0758
Richard Julien H-07123
Richard Jurdan K-21317
Richard Kede H-0553
RicharddeKele H-27157
RicharddeKele L-4712
RicharddeKelleby K-18022
Richarddekelloseye L-6145
Richard Kelman K-09622
Richard kepe K-0755
Richarddeker L-7113
RicharddeKeten' K-00161
Richardlekeu L-0271
RicharddeKirkeby L-3328
Richard Knokhorn K-0985
Richard Knyt K-1529
Richard Kres K-1525
Richardleku K-16112
Richardleku K-1703
Richard Kyng' L-1751
RichardatteKyrk' K-0673
Richard Lambert H-1787
RichardfiliusLamberti H-2633
RichardfiliusLamberti H-2657
Richardattelane K-20612
RichardatteLane L-0371
RicharddeLangholm H-2565
RicharddeLangholm H-0231
Richard Lauman L-2451
Richard Lawe K-09035
RichardfiliusLece H-2339
Richard Lelle H-1994
Richard Lesyng' K-1901
Richard Leuererd H-04212
Richard Leuot H-12134
Richard Leuot H-035
RichardfiliusLewyn' K-1875
RicharddeLeycestr' H-1910
RicharddeLinc' K-11112
Richard Lock' H-2563
Richard Loek' [or Leek?] H-27155
Richard Loek [or Leek] H-0518
Richard Lokheued' L-102
Richard Loue H-2632
Richard Loyden' H-1595
RichardfiliusLuce H-0751
RichardLucie L-2021
Richard Lundr' K-10016
RicharddeLynchowe K-07719
Richard Lyusi [Representing OE personal name Lefsi?] K-17921
Richard Mabot L-914
Richard Magh' L-1211
Richard Magh' L-8623
Richard Malkyn L-4022
Richard Man K-1163
Richard Marays K-01513
RichardleMarchal K-0252
Richard Marchaund K-1395
Richard Margaret L-3116
Richard Margery H-0151
RicharddeMarom H-3262
Richard Marschall' L-413
Richard Martin K-11416
RichardfiliusMartini K-17812
Richard Maryot H-261
Richard Maryot L-471
RichardfiliusMatildis K-08623
Richard Maufyn H-1269
Richard Maug[er] K-09748
Richard Maunsel K-1457
RichardleMazon' K-06415
Richard Mazoun K-07811
Richard Menewot' H-1928
Richard mercator K-08713
Richard En la Mere L-3636
RichardleMessag[er] K-00189
Richard Millot L-774
RicharddeMisen L-0154
Richard molendinarius K-17320
Richard Molendinarius K-1756
Richard Molendinarius K-21921
Richard super montem K-0379
Richard super montem K-15014
RicharddelMore K-17324
RicharddeMorton' L-554
Richard Mortymer L-4014
Richard Motte K-04510
Richard Motte K-09226
Richard Munbray H-1518
RicharddeMynton' H-0249
RicharddeNeubell' L-839
RicharddeNeuhawe K-11516
Richard Neuill' L-833
Richard Nichol K-1731
RichardfiliusNicholai H-1631
RichardfiliusNicholai L-053
Richard Norissone H-3024
Richard Norman L-782
RicharddeNorton' L-0721
Richard Orry H-0878
Richard Osberne K-1337
Richard Ossegot H-14134
Richard Oter K-20224
Richard ožedik' K-0964
RicharddeOxon' H-0279
Richard Oysel H-1382
Richard Pachemays H-1541
Richard Page H-05139
Richard Palle L-9315
Richard Palmer K-04810
Richard Palmer H-1827
Richard Panten' K-17134
RicharddePapele K-00183
Richard parsonman K-12224
Richard Partre H-0620
Richard pater noster K-05539
RicharddePaunton mazon K-1615
Richard Payng' L-7426
Richard Paynot H-2050
Richard Pesecod H-2335
RichardfiliusPetri K-11426
RichardfiliusPetri K-21616
RichardfiliusPetri L-302
Richard filuus Petri L-3624
Richard Phelipp' K-07816
RichardfiliusPhilippi H-2610
Richard Picher K-05120
Richard že pinder K-12311
Richard piscator K-02120
Richard Pistor K-07913
Richard pistor K-12319
Richard Pistor H-2937
Richard Pite K-00191
Richardattepol K-11351
Richardadpontem H-2225
Richardadportam aule L-117
Richard Porter K-09036
Richard Porter K-12540
Richard Post L-2456
RicharddePottesgraue K-16925
Richard Prat K-14813
Richard prepositus L-0166
Richard Pr'oun K-0987
Richard Pye L-1918
RicharddePykenham H-3250
Richard Pynder K-1849
RichardlePynder H-1979
Richard Pyper H-04143
Richard Pystor H-0644
Richardlequarreor K-05521
RichardfiliusRadulphi K-0474
RichardfiliusRadulphi K-1997
RichardfiliusRadulphi H-2338
RichardfiliusRadulphi L-861
RichardfiliusRadulphi Baldewyn H-3067
RichardfiliusRadulphi Osebarn K-13325
Richard Raillot K-1795
Richard Randolf K-001170
Richard Randolf' K-09220
RicharddeRapedyck' H-3142
RichardleRede H-1120
Richard Rendu K-08634
Richard Reynald H-04156
RichardfiliusRicardi H-07129
RichardfiliusRicardi H-2369
RichardfiliusRicardi prepositi K-01025
RichardfiliusRicardi Pynder H-0253
RicharddeRiston H-3212
RicharddeRiston' L-1924
Richard Robert H-14163
RichardfiliusRoberti K-02013
RichardfiliusRoberti K-0368
RichardfiliusRoberti K-0623
RichardfiliusRoberti K-07517
RichardfiliusRoberti K-08210
RichardfiliusRoberti K-1913
RichardfiliusRoberti H-0871
RichardfiliusRoberti L-1025
RichardfiliusRoberti L-918
RichardfiliusRoberti L-929
RichardfiliusRoberti Rote H-0170
RichardfiliusRogeri K-0825
RichardfiliusRolor=#c0c0c0>Rogeri de Cibetey H-2769
RichardfiliusRogeri Loeke [or Leek] H-0523
Richard Rous H-2356
Richard Rousyng H-0223
Richard Rugewyn H-1966
RicharddeRyxton' L-1313
RicharddeSancto Albano K-00849
RicharddeSancto Albano K-11524
Richard Saueray K-0235
Richard Sauntere L-7325
Richard scate L-768
Richard Schayl' L-7214
Richard sconn jnr K-11337
Richard Sedam H-1624
Richard Selth H-27129
Richard Selyman K-04716
RicharddeSes K-1477
Richard Sigger K-11382
RichardfiliusSimonis K-04622
RichardfiliusSimonis H-2373
RichardfiliusSimonis H-12111
RichardfiliusSimonis L-1019
RichardfiliusSimonis L-3640
RicharddeSkylington' K-1619
Richard Sleght' L-1010
RicharddeSlutheby H-2455
Richard Slyman K-11354
RichardleSmyth K-0456
Richard someruile L-919
c0> Richard Spark' K-13313
Richard Sprot H-1929
Richard Spyc[er] H-1242
Richarddestabulo K-1055
Richard Starling K-1678
Richarddestayre lor=#c0c0c0> L-7712
RichardfiliusStephani H-1855
RichardfiliusStephani L-3120
Richard Ston K-13260
Richard Stort L-0413
Richarddestoter L-2326
RicharddeStretton' L-373
MrRicharddeStretton' L-943
Richard Strong H-3143
Richard Stut H-3279
Richard in že sty K-1128
Richard Styberd H-1963
RicharddeStyflington' H-294
Richard Suard' L-8414
Richardlesumpt[er] K-11812
RichardleSutheron' K-16410
RicharddeSwafeld K-1438
RicharddeSwarthford' K-20838
RicharddeSwaton' K-12026
Richard Swefman K-13312
Richard Swyft K-05115
Richard Swyke H-1836
RicharddeSwynderby K-08715
Richard Tachet H-12136
Richard Tagul K-13433
Richard Tasker L-2416
RicharddeTetford K-00851
Richard Tholymund H-0117
RichardfiliusThome K-0174
RichardfiliusThome K-17710
RichardfiliusThome H-2558
RichardfiliusThome H-0646
RichardfiliusThome H-2348
RichardfiliusThome H-0443
RichardfiliusThome H-2218
RichardfiliusThome le Cok' K-11423
RicharddeThorp' K-2004
RicharddeThorp' L-296
RicharddeThorp' L-942
Richard Thurger H-12126
Richard Tobhyl H-2791
Richard Toller K-11395
Richard Toulin H-23100
RichardatteTouneshende L-502
Richard iuxta Trent[am] L-552
Richard Treuman K-14512
Richard Tromp' H-1537
SirRichard vicar of Lenton K-1377
Richard super viridem K-04717
Richard Wade K-11359
RicharddeWaldegraue K-0881
RichardfiliusWalteri H-3069
RichardfiliusWalteri ? H-0177
RichardfiliusWalteri filii Ran[ulphi] H-3019
RichardfiliusWalteri in Angulo K-02310
Richard Ward' K-2169
Richard Warde L-4820
Richard Warner H-0857
Richard Waryn K-02317
Richard Waryn L-1315
Richard Wasteler H-23131
Richard Waunout H-1648
Richard Wayt L-8618
RicharddeWelby H-05177
RichardatteWelle K-2063
RicharddeWelleby K-05611
RichardleWestren [Sic: metathesis.] L-698
Richard Whytebred H-1114
Richard Whytelomb H-2337
RichardfiliusWillelmi K-0112
RichardfiliusWillelmi K-07615
RichardfiliusWillelmi K-17136
RichardfiliusWillelmi K-1906
RichardfiliusWillelmi H-1848
RichardfiliusWillelmi H-1622
RichardfiliusWillelmi H-0970
RichardfiliusWillelmi H-2792
RichardfiliusWillelmi L-0414
RichardfiliusWillelmi L-7328
RichardfiliusWillelmi L-8312
RichardfiliusWillelmi de Cheyl H-19114
RichardfiliusWillelmi de Multon' H-05176
Richard Wisberd H-1370
Richard Wither K-1326
Richard Witheskirtes L-394
Richard Wodecock' H-04175
RicharddeWoluyf K-17311
RicharddeWorthorp' K-00192
Richard Wryth' K-09517
Richard Wyles K-09013
Richard Wylum H-2949
RicharddeWyma K-1375
Richard Wyot K-09511
Richard Wyrlecanne K-17045
Richard yong' K-2168
Richard Hakard K-00215
Richard de Panetria K-0029
Richer faber H-1567
RicherdelFeld H-152
Richilda proudfot K-06911
RichildadeThornton' L-391
Richilda Toune L-108
Richilda Woderoue L-1013