An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (R-Richard C):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
RalphfiliusAlicie K-13436
Ralph Allot L-0353
Ralph attepersones K-00923
Ralphadaulam K-11323
Ralph Baget L-1745
Ralph Barbur H-0139
RalphdeBardeney K-17736
Ralph Bardolf L-3523
Ralph Basok K-15615
Ralph Batur K-0707
RalphdeBayne L-3663
RalphatteBek' K-1379
RalphBercarius L-3647
Ralph Binorth' že Water K-16010
Ralph Bithekirk' L-457
RalphdeBlyburgh' L-183
Ralph Bond' K-1324
Ralph Bonde L-164
RalphleBraseur K-15112
Ralph Breuster L-814
RalphdeBrokkelay K-0873
Ralph Broun K-1591
Ralph Broun K-16113
Ralph Campyoun K-1683
Ralphcapellanus K-13023
Ralphcapellanus K-18726
Ralph Capellanus L-673
Ralphadcapud ville K-13711
Ralph Carpentar[ius] K-02816
Ralph carpentar[ius] K-13662
RalphleCart[er] K-2123
Ralph Carter K-02119
Ralph Chaloner H-2965
Ralph Chaumpenays K-13617
Ralph Cissor H-0896
RalphdeCobeldyk H-0981
Ralph Cocus K-14211
Ralph Cotte H-2968
Ralph Crapaud K-06012
Ralph Cressi K-0543
Ralph Cressi K-05524
Ralphadcrucem K-05410
Ralph Daubeney L-739
Ralph Day L-6134
RalphdeDerby H-3213
RalphfiliusDulcie K-00546
RalphdeDunham L-8517
RalphdeDunnesby H-23133
Ralphadecclesiam L-0392
Ralph iuxta Ecclesiam L-776
Ralph Edecus [sic] H-2665
Ralph faber K-1469
Ralph faber H-19102
Ralph Fauuell' L-611
Ralph Ferthyng' L-6913
Ralph fikays K-11813
Ralph fischer K-13248
Ralph a [sic] Font' K-06610c0c0>12
RalphleForester L-2319
Ralph Fraunceis K-13025
RalphdelFryth' H-14127
Ralph Furry K-19115
Ralph gagel K-12221
RalphfiliusGalfridi K-20613
RalphfiliusGalfridi H-2692
RalphfiliusGalfridi L-1615
Ralph Galian L-0148
Ralph Gamell' L-9033
RalphdeGamelston K-14124
Ralph Gare L-7215
RalphdeGarton' L-0152
Ralph Geneuer H-3058
Ralph Gerard H-27116
Ralph Gernon H-14131
Ralph Geruays L-6915
Ralph Giloun K-12819
RalphdeGlentham L-9031
RalphfiliusGode K-13619
Ralph Godefray L-5910
Ralph Godred K-1895
Ralph goldyng K-0695
RalphdeGosberkyrk H-3228
RalphdeGreiby K-11333
Ralph Haldeyn K-02318
Ralph Halepeny K-07047
RalphdeHalton' L-4711
RalphdeHemelay [sic] K-13712
RalphdeHerlaxton' K-16139
Ralph Heruy L-318
Ralph Heryng' K-16151
RalphdeHoland' K-0975
RalphdeHorncastr' K-19012
Ralph Hubert K-13624
Ralph Hubert H-17105
RalphfiliusHugonis K-02516
RalphfiliusHugonis H-233
RalphdeHundelby H-1591
Ralph Hundeman K-03216
RalphdeIngoldesby K-16168
Ralph Irnensyde K-17018
RalphfiliusJohannis K-05125
RalphfiliusJohannis H-1546
RalphfiliusJohannis H-23127
RalphfiliusJohannis de la grene K-15617
Ralph Jolyf L-7711
Ralph Josep H-0312
Ralph Julian L-0117
Ralph Kelboys L-2338
Ralph Kelman H-285
RalphdeKesseby L-3414
RalphdeKetelby H-3256
RalphdeKetelby H-2419
RalphdeKirketon' L-681
Ralph Koc L-854
Ralph Ku L-2024
Ralph Kyggemer' K-1757
Ralph Ladyher H-0731
Ralph Large K-02319
Ralph Leuyng L-672
RalphdeLouton' K-1514
RalphleLymbrenner [Metathesis for lymbernner -- i.e. limeburner.] K-001177
Ralph Mabbe K-14110
Ralph Malin K-01810
Ralph Malkyn K-0268
Ralph Marchand L-6148
Ralph Mariot K-15614
RalphfiliusMatilldis L-2345
Ralph Mercer H-08113
Ralph Milsop' K-1327
Ralph molend[inarius] K-00835
Ralph Molendinarius K-0812
Ralph Molendinarius K-12818
Ralph molendinarius L-3911
Ralph Molendinarius L-5411
Ralph Moneye K-1468
Ralphdemonte K-0276
Ralph super montem K-1405
RalphdeMykylham H-3145
Ralph Neucomen H-3076
RalphdeNeukyrk' K-001185
Ralph Neuland H-2351
RalphdeNeuland L-1217
RalphfiliusNicholai H-14126
RalphdeNorthiby L-2335
Ralph Osbern' L-5513
Ralph Osberne K-13324
Ralph parfit K-02129
Ralph Parker L-9032
Ralph Parlur K-14125
Ralph parmenter K-0216
RalphdeParys K-1376
Ralph Paterman L-0920
Ralph Paynel L-2334
Ralph Pek' K-11221
Ralph pennereth' K-00818
Ralph Pert L-316
RalphfiliusPetri L-7360
Ralph Peyt H-242
Ralph pistor K-12320
Ralphadpontem L-0723
Ralph Prykm[er] K-11393
Ralph Pyger K-0323
Ralph Pynder K-09713
Ralph Pynder H-07156
RalphfiliusRadulphi K-04719
RalphfiliusRadulphi K-0685
Ralph Rag L-753
RalphleRede K-1341
Ralph Reyner L-1723
RalphfiliusRicardi H-2310
RalphfiliusRoberti K-05213
RalphfiliusRoberti K-15616
RalphfiliusRoberti K-1596
RalphfiliusRoberti H-1550
RalphfiliusRoberti H-15109
RalphfiliusRoberti H-234
RalphfiliusRoberti L-035
RalphfiliusRoberti L-076
RalphfiliusRoberti Spurn K-02322
RalphfiliusRogeri K-11910
RalphfiliusRogeri K-1823
Ralph Rote L-701
Ralph Rowes H-21119
Ralph Rudd' L-0349
Ralph Russell' L-1816
RalphdeSancto Laudo K-1391
RalphdeSancto laudo K-1563
Ralph Scheter K-19516
Ralph Schillyng K-00532
Ralph Schore L-135
Ralph Smyth L-534
Ralph Sparhauke H-21123
RalphfiliusStephani H-21158
Ralph Strug' H-1877
Ralph Sutor H-027
RalphdeSutton K-1946
Ralph Swyft K-0515
Ralph Takel L-0171
RalphleTayllour L-1828
RalphfiliusThome L-0385
RalphdeThorp' L-948
Ralph Thurberne H-054
Ralph Tonbriby H-2350
Ralph Tull' L-0912
Ralph Tutriche K-13620
Ralph Tybel K-13245
Ralph Tyd K-0164
Ralph Veer L-153
Ralph ver L-194
Ralph Walinger K-0307
Ralph in že Wallegate K-03123
RalphfiliusWalteri K-13510
RalphfiliusWalteri L-085
RalphfiliusWalteri Sporn K-0232
Ralph Wardcors K-1333
Ralph Warde K-20116
Ralph Warde L-6812
Ralph Waterqu'iste K-13458
RalphdeWesingham H-2959
Ralph West L-7422
RalphfiliusWillelmi K-1714
RalphfiliusWillelmi L-2029
RalphfiliusWillelmi L-3415
RalphfiliusWillelmi K-0891
RalphdeWolyngham L-0926
RalphdeWyk' H-1211
Ralph Wyterik K-13647
Ralph Wytheued K-0119
Ran[ulph] Baudry H-2693
Ran[ulph] Breust[er?] H-2387
Ran[ulph] Cissor H-0830
Ran[ulph] Coupere H-3254
Ran[ulph]Fischere H-207
Ran[ulph]filiusGalfridi H-1592
Ran[ulph]filiusGilberti H-2029
Ran[ulph]Prat K-02511
Ran[ulph]filiusRicardi H-1954
Ran[ulph]filiusRicardi H-2342
Ran[ulph]Suce K-13239
RanulphAky L-953
RanulphAlbert H-07138
RanulphinAngulo K-01211
Ranulphadaulam K-0871
RanulphBercarius L-5414
RanulphdeBuggeden' L-6110
RanulphBully K-03812
RanulphChapman H-3022
RanulphfiliusCollette K-03311
Ranulphdrynkdregges K-00152
RanulphDunfoul H-19117
RanulphdelGrene H-1820
Ranulph Halleche H-189
Ranulph Harald H-0760
RanulphfiliusJohannis H-103
RanulphdeKylington' K-16121
Ranulph Lemme H-1927
RanulphdeManflet' L-127
Ranulph Mazon H-1244
Ranulph Molot K-04017
RanulphdeParys K-06822
Ranulph dc0>deParys K-0991
Ranulph Phylip H-0252
Ranulph Pygot H-1053
Ranulph Redeware H-1866
Ranulph Smyth L-5533
Ranulph Spring H-19105
Ranulph Syryck' H-1846
Ranulph Walter H-1845
Raymunddemidde L-7716
Redemund Alioun K-001125
Reginald Abbot K-1515
ReginalddeAilington K-14212
Reginald Albred H-27133
ReginaldAttegote [sic] H-26100
Reginald Baldewyn K-0284
Reginald Belle H-15101
ReginaldBercarius K-11810
ReginaldBercarius L-6138
Reginald Bishop H-0991
Reginald Blome H-17120
Reginald Boyt' K-06610
Reginald Bryan K-12315
Reginald Carpentar[ius] K-00535
Reginald carpentarius K-09121
ReginaldfiliusChristiane K-19813
Reginald Cissor H-1570
Reginald Courteman K-00813
ReginalddeCranewell' K-0642
ReginalddeCranewell' K-09221
Reginald Damet K-09313
ReginalddeDyk' K-1355
ReginalddeFakenham H-3283
Reginald forestarius K-13646
Reginald Frankys H-1549
Reginald filii Galfridi H-2370
Reginald Gode L-593
Reginald Graunt K-0349
Reginald Greyue H-1767
Reginald Hacoun L-3646
Reginald Hopst[er] H-23128
Reginald Horheued K-18512
ReginaldfiliusJohannis K-18035
Reginald Jolif K-1497
Reginald Jurdan K-0472
Reginald Lety L-758
ReginaldleLister K-001107
Reginald Longe H-2780
Reginald Louelesse H-0984
ReginaldfiliusLuce H-0747
Reginaldfiliusmagistri L-7525
ReginaldfiliusMathei K-1488
Reginald mercator K-13115
Reginald Molond[inarius?] K-13811
Reginald Moraunt K-14815
Reginald Norman K-0526
Reginald Pekeman K-0933
Reginald Pistor H-07117
Reginald Piterick H-15106
ReginalddePorteslade H-0228
Reginald Pruin K-09815
Reginald Rolle H-0889
Reginald Rose K-09122
Reginald Rygaud H-327
Reginald Saluayn K-18418
Reginald Sykylbris H-04222
Reginald Tailour K-12517
Reginald Theobald H-2343
ReginalddeTyd H-2231
Reginaldinvenella L-6123
ReginaldfiliusWalteri H-0445
ReginaldfiliusWillelmi K-14820
ReginaldfiliusWillelmi H-0713
ReginalddeWyetoft H-0781
Reinerdeschepewyk' L-0624
RemundleSpicer K-00170
ReynerdeQuappelad' H-154
Richard [?]iors H-0919
RichardfiliusAde H-0426
RichardfiliusAde H-2063
Richard Adecok L-3611
Richard Ailsi K-0968
RichardfiliusAlani H-1577
RichardfiliusAlani H-1941
RichardfiliusAlexandri H-195
RichardfiliusAlexandri H-0129
Richard serviens Alicie L-8216
Richard Alteyn H-0841
RicharddeAlthorp' L-1811
RicharddeAmcotes L-0620
RicharddeAmcotes L-072
Richard Angin H-0968
Richard ultra aquam K-05531
RicharddeArboribus H-1882
Richard Archer K-0862
RicharddeArcy L-1821
RicharddeArden H-0112
RicharddeArdern K-1662
Richard Arkel [A syncopated form of Scand personal name Arketel.] K-09620
Richard Arnof' H-2639
Richard Arodes L-0434
RichardfiliusAsceline H-2947
RicharddeAsfortheby K-0037
Richard Astan H-0972
Richard attebarnes K-2061
RichardAtteboy H-2821
RichardAttefeld H-288
RichardAttegraft H-15117
RichardAttegraft H-2398
RichardAttegrene H-07163
RichardAttegrene H-23103
Richard Auerhill K-19435
Richardadaulam K-03417
RichardleBakester K-15710
Richard Bakester K-17927
Richard Bakhus K-11330
Richard Balcok K-12547
Richard Baldewyn K-16136
Richard Balky K-05612
Richard Balling H-2215
Richard Bardolf K-06236
Richard Baret K-12030
Richard Baret L-732#c0c0c0>20
Richard Barli K-0295
RichardfiliusBartholomei H-1916
RicharddeBasingthorp' K-17942
Richard Basse K-00122
Richard Bassil H-3057
Richard c0c0> Bat' L-4812
Richard Bateman K-11441
RicharddeBeauuer K-1616
Richard Bele K-11634
Richard Bellard K-07617
Richard Belle H-159
Richard Belle L-0156
Richard Belot K-0256
Richard Benn[er] L-0268
RichardBercarius H-2931
Richard Bere K-20814
Richard Bertelot H-0642
Richard Biscop' L-0286
Richard Bisschop' K-20231
RicharddeBlankeney H-1374
Richard Blaunch' L-896
RicharddeBlissebyry H-1758
Richard Bolax L-2433
Richard Bole K-0062
Richard Bolur K-06016
Richard Bolur K-1788
Richard Bolur K-20210
Richard Bolyz K-1559
Richard Bond H-1838
Richard Bond' L-5123
Richard Bonde H-194
Richard Boner H-0525
Richard Bones H-2641
Richard Bonet H-14167
RicharddeBosco L-2012
Richard Botid' [sic -- Botild'?] K-21915
Richard Botirmouth' L-8425
Richard Bouch[er] H-1364
Richard Boystus H-2567
Richard Brama H-3112
Richard Breuster L-7727
RicharddeBrigstok' K-001147
Richard Brodde K-11366
RicharddeBroklesby L-3411
Richard Brothersone L-1310
Richard Broun K-0636
Richard Broun K-13459
Richard Broun K-20241
Richardde laBruer L-3655
RicharddeBrughton' K-10112
RicharddeBrunne K-03414
Richard Brus K-0548
Richard Bryd K-0362
Richard Bryd K-15624
RicharddeBrygstok' K-00149
Richard Buck H-05133
Richard Bugge K-13262
Richard Buk' L-3641
RicharddeBurgo K-001175
RicharddeBurton' K-09813
RicharddeBurton' K-16914
Richard Bussy H-2315
Richard Bust H-3023
Richard Byker K-0828
Richard ByWestoun' K-10322
Richard Cadiman H-2239
RicharddeCaldewelle K-03918
Richard Camel H-1355
RicharddeCameryngham L-4450
Richard Campas H-1972
Richardcapellanus K-0483
Richard Capellanus L-817
Richardadcapud ville K-09719
Richard carectarius K-12220
Richard Carectarius L-656
RicharddeCarleton' K-1655
RicharddeCarleton' L-3529
RicharddeCarleton' L-9023
Richard carpentar[ius] K-01613
Richard carpentarius K-2153
Richard Carpentarius L-355
Richard Carpentarius L-907
Richard Carter' H-1626
Richard Carter' H-07112
RicharddeCarton [sic] H-1378
Richard atte Castel K-00216
Richard Catelyn K-0898
Richard Catelyn K-1773
Richard Catelyn H-058
RicharddeCaue L-1916
Richard Caus K-1643
RicharddeCaysthorp' L-278
RichardfiliusCecilie H-2735
Richard Chapman H-1346
Richard Charleyn H-2340
Richard Chep' K-14917
RicharddeCibecy H-15100
Richard Cissor K-18610
Richard Cissor L-5419
Richard Cissor L-605
RicharddelClay H-07133
Richard Clemente K-21913
Richard clericus K-10613
Richard clericus K-1083
Richard Clericus H-2823
Richard Clericus L-1917
RicharddeCobeldyck H-0917
RicharddeCobeldyk' H-1742
RicharddeCodyngton' K-2093
Richard Cokk' K-05112
Richard Cole L-0275
Richard Coluyl H-0795
Richard Conson K-11610
Richard Conyng H-21122
Richard Coppyng' H-2011
RicharddeCossham K-0131
RicharddeCotem[er] K-0225
RicharddeCotem[er] H-2621
Richard Coth K-0367
Richard Cotte H-2973
RicharddeCranewelle K-1203
RicharddeCroxton' L-6128
Richard Culbon K-04512
Richard Cullul H-1143
RicharddeCumbtorp' K-1479
Richard Curre H-0884
Richard Cust H-2676
RicharddeCybecey H-3241