An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (N-Q):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
Nichola Almot K-08923
Nicholaa Benetson H-2435
Nicholas .................. K-2035
NicholasfiliusAde L-3022
Nicholas Aldeyn [An unaspirated form of Anglo-Scand personal name Halfdan.] K-09316
NicholasdeAlleseye L-3632
NicholasdeAlthorp' L-0298
NicholasdeAmcotes L-1318
Nicholasadaulam K-2119
NicholasdeAunston K-20826
NicholasleBaker K-12045
Nicholas Baldok' K-16017
Nicholas Baldyng H-2434
NicholasBarker L-0110
NicholasBarkyn L-6939
NicholasfiliusBartholomei K-11317
NicholasBenet K-08510
NicholasBercarius K-0402
NicholasBonde H-08103
NicholasBoner K-13232
NicholasdeBotha L-0316
NicholasBreteuill' K-03611
NicholasBuksheued L-177
NicholasdeBurton K-00729
NicholasCade K-1639
NicholasCadiman H-2230
NicholasdeCameryngham L-4430
NicholasCampyon L-5210
Nicholascantelowe K-0278
Nicholascapellanus K-12322
Nicholasadcapud ville K-11513
Nicholas Carpentar' [Carpentar or Carpentarius?] H-0541
Nicholas Cauz L-2522
Nicholas Chapman K-1367
Nicholas Clerk' K-11363
Nicholas Cock' H-1183
NicholasleCok' K-00524
Nicholas Cok' K-07326
Nicholas Cok' K-09324
Nicholas Conyng H-1415
NicholasdeCoquina K-0627
NicholasdeCorby K-00151
Nicholas Couhyrd H-168
Nicholas Cristian L-357
NicholasdeCrophyl H-0350
Nicholas Croune K-1018
NicholasdeCumpton' K-1451
Nicholas Dalazoun L-543
Nicholas Dally H-1261
Nicholas Daniel H-14159
NicholasdeDenton' K-0751
NicholasdeDerby H-2629
NicholasdeDunsthon' K-18923
Nicholas Edryk H-2023
Nicholas Elis K-00641
Nicholas Elredd H-1433
Nicholas faber K-0103
Nicholas faber K-08712
Nicholas faber H-3275
Nicholasde lafermori K-11519
Nicholas finne K-13224
Nicholas Fleket K-1522
Nicholasdefoston' K-09330
Nicholas Fraunceys L-254
Nicholas Fyn H-1492
Nicholas Gardin[er or -inarius] K-1728
Nicholas Gase H-2164
Nicholas Gauge K-06969
Nicholas Gildyng H-2418
Nicholas Godlak K-113118
Nicholas Gore K-13261
NicholasdeGorewyk' K-17029
Nicholas Grant K-1697
Nicholas Graunger K-07515
Nicholas Graunt K-16327
NicholasatteGryndston' L-757
Nicholasattehall' L-459
NicholasfiliusHamonis H-1461
Nicholas Hamund H-14114
Nicholas Hardy H-141
Nicholas Henry H-0113
Nicholas Heruy K-0075
Nicholas Herward K-13259
Nicholas Hod H-0680
NicholasdeHouton L-3613
NicholasleHyrd K-13413
Nicholas Iuet K-0381
NicholasfiliusJohannis H-14112
Nicholas Jordan H-2223
Nicholas Jurdan K-08813
NicholasfiliusKaterine K-09811
Nicholas Kebbe L-1326
Nicholas Keu L-2027
NicholasatteKyrk' K-20243
Nicholasin leLane L-8211
NicholasdeLanggetoft' K-0067
Nicholas lettres K-1001
NicholasdeLundesthorp' K-06826
Nicholas Lydell' L-219
NicholasdeLyndwod' L-7219
NicholasfiliusMargerie K-0754
Nicholas Marschall' K-02512
Nicholas Mold H-1182
NicholasdeMorton' L-6711
Nicholas moysand K-19447
Nicholas Murre H-2451
Nicholas Nedhyl? H-2446
Nicholas Norman K-0529
Nicholas Osbarne K-1338
Nicholas parleben K-0194
Nicholas Parys K-1177
NicholasPaytefyn L-1411
Nicholas Pedlak' K-07519
NicholasfiliusPetri H-144
Nicholas Petypount H-2457
NicholasadPontem L-7720
Nicholas prepositus K-16336
Nicholas prepositus L-0412
Nicholas Prouost H-12145
Nicholas Pynder H-0964
NicholasfiliusRadulphi K-18719
NicholasfiliusRadulphi H-1479
Nicholas Randolf K-13429
Nicholas Reddynges K-21128
NicholasfiliusReginaldi K-04718
Nicholas Reus K-00612
NicholasfiliusRicardi H-0913
NicholasfiliusRicardi H-07130
NicholasfiliusRicardi Geue H-1462
NicholasdelRisches H-1176
NicholasfiliusRoberti K-0369
NicholasfiliusRoberti K-0826
NicholasfiliusRoberti K-1593
NicholasfiliusRoberti K-19712
NicholasfiliusRoberti H-2789
Nicholasde laRoche L-598
NicholasfiliusRogeri H-2766
NicholasfiliusRogeri H-14109
NicholasfiliusRogeri L-304
Nicholas Rome K-1339
NicholasdeRouston' K-19428
Nicholas Rudde H-14169
Nicholas Rugewyn H-1187
Nicholas Ruupe H-1291
NicholasdeRytherewyck' H-2238
Nicholas Schiryf L-079
NicholasfiliusSimonis H-1478
Nicholas Slyman K-00415
Nicholas Spede H-1186
Nicholas Stace K-13461
NicholasdeStokewelle H-2141
NicholasdeStrouston capellanus K-03916
Nicholas Styberd H-1962
Nicholas Suckelyng H-284
Nicholas Swan H-1177
Nicholas Swyft K-0359
Nicholas tannator K-17910
Nicholas Taylur K-07049
NicholasfiliusThome K-1476
Nicholas Thorny L-3917
NicholasdeThorp' K-13254
NicholasdeToucest' K-00124
NicholasdeTrent' L-6153
Nicholas Tunhyrd H-0163
Nicholasinvenella K-14711
NicholasdeWadyngham L-3329
NicholasdeWadyngham L-3631
Nicholas Wake K-11430
Nicholas Waryn K-03813
NicholasfiliusWillelmi L-2032
NicholasdeWirthorp' K-1498
Nicholas With' K-13456
NicholasleWodreue K-11428
NicholasdelWold L-7516
Nicholas Wryde L-0612
Nicholas(?) [MS Nocho with contraction mark]deStepyng H-3032
Nigel [no byname] K-07825
NigelAtteDrane H-2049
NigelBercarius L-3312
Nigel Bolewer H-05141
NigeldeCampo H-1986
Nigel Chapman K-11713
NigeldeFlete H-0526
NigelatteFlete L-0710
Nigel Frankys L-0521
NigeldeGranhowe L-0727
Nigel Heuylyf H-2522
Nigel Heyqued H-297
Nigel Holdekorn H-2115
NigeldeHonington' K-16118
NigeldeMulton' H-2445
Nigel pie K-2161
Nigel Pratte H-0564
Nigel Rougeuyn H-1156
NigelfiliusStephani K-01419
NigelfiliusStephani H-21106
Norman Coket K-13428
Norman Dearcy K-1882
Norman Wytyng K-13427
OdodeThurston' K-1852
Odo Wade K-0161
Olicia [sic] Bret H-0711
Olive Peyneson H-0738
OliveuxorRoberti L-206
OliverleBaker K-08010
OliverdeBakton' K-17964
Oliveradecclesiam K-09735
Oliver Garyn L-2712
Oliver Helewys L-0151
OliverfiliusHugonis L-1820
Ornereus [sic] Cok' K-1694
Osanna Cullul H-19106
Osanna Cullul H-0469
Osbert Hert H-0275
Osbert Hodelyn H-029
OsbertleSchapman K-0144
Ouerid seruiens de Grimescroft H-23101
Pain Coket H-2645
Paruus Lucas H-0758
Paruus Walterus L-8112
Paul Customer H-3287
Peter Alast' K-19719
Peter Athee H-1497
PeterAttefreres H-04133
Peter Baker L-8622
Peter Barker L-0252
PeterdeBarkeword' K-20819
Peter Barlyman H-183
PeterdeBarowe L-4212
PeterdeBarston' K-0846
Peter Base L-7311
Peter belamy K-21615
Peter Berner L-0270
Peter Blaunk' K-1972
Peter Cap[e]ll[anus] [MS De Petro Capllo with contraction marks] H-3220
Peter Capellanus K-08033
SirPeter Capellanus L-3817
Peter Carpentar[ius] K-02814
Peter Carpentar[ius] K-1209
Peter carpentarius K-14814
PeterleCarter L-1515
Peter Carter' H-21102
Peter Catur K-0508
Peter Ched H-1644
PeterdeClay K-14516
Peter Clericus L-3126
Peter Cog L-755
Peter Dalison L-8528
Peter Deyuille K-2124
Peter dikun K-1103
Peter Drake H-05161
Peter Duntyng' L-4024
Peter dyue K-04010
Peteradecclesiam K-13016
Peter Elsy H-2660
Peter Faber L-165
Peteradfinem ville K-1012
PeterdeFlete H-05179
PeterdeFosse K-0892
Peter Fouler L-0812
Peter Freman K-2163
Peter Frere K-1428
PeterdeGlenteworth' L-3516
Peter Godhusband H-2111
Peteradgrangeam K-07627
Peterattehalle K-18122
PeterdeHelmeswell' L-428
PeterfiliusHenrici K-08922
PeterdeHikham K-2115
Peter super le Hill' K-1106
Peter Hubert H-27118
PeterfiliusHugonis H-1128
PeterdeHykham K-10612
Peter Jurdan K-10610
PeterdeKetelby H-3258
Peter Knag H-2175
Peter Kyng' K-04016
Peter Lambert H-32127
PeterfiliusLamberti H-2182
Peter Ledbet[er] K-19815
PeterdeLekeburn' K-1672
Peter Leuys L-891
Peter Longe H-0499
Peter Longi K-17312
Peter Lorsehey H-2927
PeterdeMalberthorp' K-10116
PeterleMiln[er] K-001167
PeterdeNeudyk' H-21125
PeterdeNeukyrk' K-001135
Peter Palmere H-0880
PeterdePelchor H-04127
Peter Person H-1935
PeterfiliusPetri L-303
PeterfiliusPhilippi K-0304
Peter Pistor H-05137
Peteradpontem H-3251
PeterfiliusRadulphi K-0246
PeterfiliusRadulphi de Morton' K-13419
PeterfiliusRadulphi fabri K-0251
PeterleRede H-32121
PeterfiliusReginaldi H-04129
PeterfiliusRoberti H-0993
PeterfiliusRoberti H-136
Peter Rode H-0142
Peter Rog[er] H-203
PeterfiliusRogeri L-0260
PeterfiliusRogeri L-667
PeterdeSauueby K-08811
Peter Schout' L-4029
PeterdeScotenaye K-06020
Peter Sele H-1976
PeterfiliusSimonis H-1814
Peter Sparhauke H-21128
PeterfiliusStephani K-18815
PeterfiliusStephani H-2020
PeterdeSwynderby K-12711
Peter Taggel K-13432
PeterdeTalington' K-001206
Peter Thoke (Possibly the Anglo-Scand personal name Toki.) H-21124
PeterfiliusThome H-2187
PeterfiliusThome L-3612
Peter Thorald H-0759
Peter Touk' K-1127
Peter Trowe L-7333
PeterdeWalkeryngham L-093
Peter Warde L-4213
Peter Whytop H-084
PeterfiliusWillelmi K-0592
PeterfiliusWillelmi H-2649
PeterdeWlmersty H-302
PeterdeWygetoft H-21110
PetronillaatteBek K-12829
PetronilladeBroune K-12811
Petronilla Cerre H-0268
Petronilla Russell' L-2423
Petronilla West K-11219
PhilipdeAunesby K-0571
Philip Belle K-18921
PhilipdeBolyngton' L-8113
PhilipdeBradwell' K-21015
Philip Capellanus L-403
Philip Coppe K-11421
PhilipdeCouentre H-328
Philip Deercy K-1881
Philip forster K-1489
Philip fraunk K-18112
PhilipdeHarington' K-0482
PhilipfiliusHenrici L-729
Philip Herword K-08840
PhilipfiliusHugonis K-18917
Philip Hunt K-1215
Philipattekyrke K-11911
Philip Lambert H-2635
Philip Louet K-01310
Philip Mody L-1750
PhilipdeNeuill' L-291
PhilipdeNeuill' L-602
PhilipdeNeuill' L-531
PhilipdeOunesby K-1222
Philip Payne L-196
PhilipdeRedmere L-1747
PhilipfiliusSimonis L-02102
Philip Wyting' K-0877
Philip de Adington' K-00217
Philip Belle K-07829
Quenilda le [sic] hyrde K-17820