An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (L-M):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
LambertAttebrygg H-171
LambertAttehesche H-21118
Lambert Balle H-0225
Lambert Bally H-2146
Lambert Belle H-21142
Lambert Bernard H-0333
Lambert Bonesneue H-2538
Lambert Bret H-257
Lambert Broun H-2614
Lambert Chyld K-01515
LambertinCimiterio L-8610
LambertdelEdyk' H-1040
Lambert faber K-06958
LambertdelFen H-05155
Lambert Fychet H-1020
Lambert Galle H-27119
LambertfiliusGilberti H-27135
Lambert Gosyng [sic] H-12139
Lambert Helleward H-0546
Lambert Heruy K-18311
Lambert Kyng H-0510
LambertfiliusLamberti H-27141
LambertdeLangholm H-2566
Lambert London' H-1044
Lambert Luce L-8619
LambertleMazoun K-01014
Lambert Pepyr H-1028
Lambert Pylet H-185
LambertfiliusRicardi H-2016
LambertfiliusRoberti H-2036
Lambert Seller H-0235
Lambert Slyth' H-2569
Lambert Suet H-0552
Lambert Sumpt[er] H-2180
Lambert Sumpter H-0567
LambertdeSwaynnesthorp' K-0027
LambertfiliusThome Slyth' H-2547
LambertdeThrykynham H-0967
Lambert Touy H-05102
LambertfiliusWillelmi H-1010
Lambert Wodgrayue L-7026
Lambert Wymerk' H-2712
MrLambert K-0177
Landr' Joppe L-068
Laurence Barker L-2610
Laurence Baysbolle H-1985
Laurence Blencher K-12011
Laurence Broun L-5427
LaurencedeChedeston' H-1637
Laurence Chyld K-07322
Laurence Couper H-2460
Laurence Cullyour H-0772
Laurence Gerard H-07131
Laurence Godewyn K-1363
Laurence Grate H-075
LaurencedeHoddyl H-1980
Laurence Hyllary H-0992
Laurence in že Hyrne K-06313
LaurencedeLeek' H-04158
LaurencedeLeyk H-12104
Laurencelemercer K-001117
Laurence Milner L-1919
LaurencedeMuston' H-07160
Laurence Norman K-21619
LaurencedePoynton' H-3133
Laurence prepositus L-3637
Laurencedepreston' K-12212
LaurencefiliusRadulphi de Flete H-2910
LaurencefiliusRicardi L-836
LaurencefiliusRogeri K-1681
Laurence Scherman L-1322
Laurence Stagg' L-786
Laurence Syg' H-07150
Laurence Tygow K-17036
LaurencefiliusWillelmi K-1904
Laurence Wyllidons K-16949
Laurence de Grimcroft H-07152
Laurence [MS Laur'] [no byname] K-17044
Lecia Coupere H-2450
Leciain theCroft L-0140
Lecia Elred H-1861
LeciadeFrampton H-2412
Lecia fraunk' K-18120
Lecia frere K-16612
Lecia steter L-7722
Lecia Torald K-16316
Leciadevalle dei L-445
Leciainvenella K-0524
Lecia West K-16412
Leciaque fuit uxorWillelmi K-1921
Leta Palmer H-023
Letea [sic]filiaThome H-2371
Letice Herlyn K-03110
Letice Moygne K-0285
Leva Hardy L-3123
Lotalemustarder K-00167
Louaque fuit uxorWillelmi H-1233
Love [Loua] Ailmer K-18722
Love [Loua]adcapud ville K-07629
Lovia Theckere H-0897
LucydeBelton' L-525
Lucy Clouy H-2680
LucydeDunston' K-08411
LucyEderiche H-2068
LucydeFarford H-1315
LucyGaryn H-0813
LucydeHaltoft H-0543
LucyPassem[er] H-2648
LucyfiliaRicardi H-23136
Lucyque fuit uxorRoberti H-1235
Lucyque fuit uxorRoberti H-205
Lucyquondam uxorRogeri H-1523
LucyRylyng K-06213
LucydeStok' K-0404
Luke[no byname] K-1908
LukedeBurg' K-11222
LukeFraunkys H-0721
LukeGrelby H-0755
LukeHert H-0724
LukeLambert H-2628
LukeLinedraper H-3211
LukePerson H-0338
LukefiliusRicardi H-2358
LukefiliusRoberti H-0732
Luke Spark H-19100
Luke Typeler K-13639
Luke Wayte H-0765
Mabilia Cobbyng' L-507
MabiliadeColleby L-122
Mabilia Jurdan K-04711
MabiliadeMelton' L-2316
Mabilia Pylet H-2452
MabiliaRelictaRadulphi H-1791
MabiliadeStykenay H-3111
Mabilia Wym[er] H-1317
MagnusfiliusWalteri H-3072
Magota Swohe K-21130
Magota Tyd K-01612
MagotauxorWillelmi K-07610
Manselm Barlicorn K-1455
Mar' Baldewyn K-21025
Mar'deBernewelle H-2051
Mar'deFlete H-135
Mar'deWygetoft H-2549
Marg'que fuit uxorAlani H-1171
Marg' le [sic] Bailyf' K-1765
Marg' Blunham K-06413
Marg' Bonde H-2731
Marg'deBradewe H-0458
Marg' Bront K-05826
Marg' Carter H-3125
Marg' Cokerel K-16923
Marg'deFarford H-139
Marg' Faukys H-1734
Marg' Filyng K-16952
Marg' Geueuay K-17017
Marg'deGodesfeld H-0891
Marg'atteHalle K-17035
Marg'deHaugh K-08916
Marg' Hoddyl H-1126
Marg'que fuit uxorHugonis H-0326
Marg' Ingg' K-16938
Marg'RelictaJocei Bacon' H-0244
Marg'que fuit uxorJohannis H-1112
Marg' Nobbay H-2652
Marg' Paris H-1360
Marg' paynfayt' K-06118
Marg' Randolf H-252
Marg'que fuit uxorRicardi H-05163
Marg'que fuit uxorRogeri H-0650
Marg' Rold K-17319
Marg' Rundyald' K-1039
Marg' Seward H-1992
Marg' Stol' K-06017
Marg'deStowe K-00550
Marg'deSwafeld' K-1686
Marg'deSwynford' K-1883
Marg'delTemple K-06234
Marg' Towbons K-16951
Marg' Tryg' K-09610
Marg' Watyn K-00418
Marg'que fuit uxorWillelmi filii Andree H-3075
Marg'deWysbech' H-1353
Margar' Baldwar' H-1437
Margar'deCamera L-3628
Margar' Den' L-689
Margar' Gilbert H-14164
Margar' Kemp' L-8529
Margar' Lyhard H-2333
Margar' Roke L-0256
Margar' Swyft L-548
Margar'deWelle H-21146
Margar'uxorWillelmi de Welleby K-1641
Margar'delWodhows L-0253
Margaret Andreu K-00654
Margaretadcapud ville K-09613
MargaretdeColeuile K-0342
MargaretdeColuile K-13253
MargaretdeColuile K-1441
Margaret godmer K-13022
MargaretdeGreywerk' K-001116
Margaret Gryme L-7332
Margaret Hamund' L-3857
MargaretleHatt[er] K-00123
MargaretdeHermethorp' K-1354
MargaretrelictaJoce K-06972
Margaret Leue L-269
Margaret Mareschall' K-12222
Margaret Milisaunt K-1713
Margaretdemore L-075
Margaret Ourethegate L-8110
Margaret pampilioun K-00828
MargaretdeParys K-11370
Margaret pesschoun K-15417
MargaretdePodemere H-1571
Margaretque fuit uxorRogeri K-0407
MargaretuxorSimonis K-12312
MargaretdeThurleby K-00140
Marger'deBarneby K-16117
Marger'deCabsay H-1520
Marger' Coke H-2738
Marger'deGoram H-2148
Marger'deGreryby K-1746
Marger'que fuit uxorJohannis H-2188
Marger' Man K-1624
Marger'deParys L-3719
Marger'relictaWalteri K-16937
MargerydeAinwyk' K-0733
Margery Alcok L-0821
Margery Alot K-2068
MargeryadAulam H-0797
Margery Barlicorn K-1454
MargerydeBarneby K-1569
MargerydeBillesdon' K-07612
Margeryde labowrhall' K-18724
MargerydeBrughton' K-10313
Margery Bryan K-1249
Margery Carter K-05811
Margery Chaumpeneys K-1246
Margery Clarice K-2194
MargerydeClecham L-087
Margery Cursoun K-1416
Margeryadfontem K-0769
Margery Gilbert K-00545
MargerydeGlinton' K-001165
Margery Godard K-08910
Margery Haskhill [A syncopated form of Anglo-Scand personal name Asketil.] K-17953
Margery super le hill' K-11523
Margery Hulle K-21610
Margery Hunt L-9523
Margery Joce K-13228
Margery Joye K-02126
Margery Kyng' K-18525
MargerydeMere K-20934
MargeryrelictaNigelli K-20510
Margery Perne L-3716
Margery Proudfot' L-458
Margery Pynder K-06917
MargerydeRetford K-14520
Margery Schapman K-18119
Margery Schephird K-0922
Margery stoyl' K-2006
Margery Swythyng' K-18114
Margery Sygod K-04727
Margery Tolman L-9512
Margery Veer L-609
Margery Wak' K-11435
Margery Wygot K-0722
Margery Wynt[er] K-00720
Mariora Forman H-0865
Mariora Mody L-7336
MariotadeHaitheby L-1319
Mariota uttyng' K-2107
Martin Bene L-1910
Martin Bullok L-8621
Martin Clericus H-2166
Martin Credelyng L-061
Martin faber K-17732
Martin Murre H-2433
Martin palm[er] K-09416
Martin Pistor H-32130
Martin Pystor H-0156
MartinfiliusRicardi H-1560
Martin Shepehyrd H-1740
Martin Swaynson K-1968
MartinfiliusWillelmi H-2613
Mary Perceuall' L-6927
Maryotavidua K-06414
Matilda .... L-7428
MatildauxorAde K-16333
MatildafiliaAlani H-23123
Matilda Alayn K-18723
MatildadeAssewell' K-00121
Matilda Aster H-2653
Matilda Baret K-12021
MatildaatteBeck' L-3826
Matilda Blakeman K-001146
Matilda Bofler K-20222
Matilda Bolur K-2029
Matilda Bryce K-13121
Matilda Cave L-3915
Matilda Clarice K-20514
Matilda Clement H-1563
Matilda Cobbyng' L-377
Matilda Crane K-16154
MatildadeCroudeyn K-00425
Matilda Cust H-1912
Matilda darbur K-20239
Matilda le [sic] Deye K-15713
Matilda Drope L-0613
Matilda Drury L-1020
Matildaadecclesiam K-04728
Matildaadecclesiam K-1345
Matilda Englays K-2077
MatildadeEston' K-001111
Matilda Faber [sic] L-3850
MatildadeFlete H-32101
MatildadeFolkyngham K-17116
Matilda fouler K-20634
MatildadeFrisby L-3712
MatildafiliaGalfridi K-1404
MatildarelictaGalfridi prepositi K-1279
Matilda Gange K-11445
Matilda Gery H-1729
Matilda Gilberd H-27139
Matilda Gotte K-10013
MatildadeHallem[er] H-2056
Matilda Hauerman H-1511
MatildadeHelpiston' H-1960
Matilda Heward H-1749
MatildadeHikham K-0855
Matildade laHill' K-1306
MatildadeHoldmedewe H-1356
Matilda Houlyn L-2224
Matilda Howe L-1613
Matilda Hugtete K-09751
MatildadeIngelby K-2105
MatildaRelictaJocei H-17127
MatildafiliaJohannis K-01836
Matildaquondam uxorJohannis H-2775
Matilda Ketel K-1319
MatildadeKetelsby L-3324
Matilda Knot K-0247
Matilda le [sic] ku K-0545
Matilda Lacy K-07014
Matilda Lambok' L-0916
MatildadeLekeborne K-1211
Matilda Linel K-16414
Matilda Long' L-604
MatildafiliaLuce H-2320
Matilda Malet K-0924
MatildadeMelton H-1792
Matilda Mody L-1727
Matilda Nichol L-5425
Matildaque fuit uxorNigelli H-2132
Matilda Nodekyn H-2551
MatildadeNorton H-2734
MatildauxorOliueri K-08825
Matilda Paum[er] K-09129
Matilda Pepyr H-1052
Matilda Pere K-0398
MatildauxorPetri L-3620
MatildarelictaPetri L-6616
MatildaRelictaRadulphi K-06611
Matilda relicta Radulphi parker K-05820
MatildafiliaRan[ulphi] H-123
MatildauxorRicardi K-02117
Matildaque fuit uxorRicardi filii Ricardi H-093
Matildaque fuit uxorRicardi filii Thome L-1810
MatildarelictaRoberti K-09317
MatildaRelictaRoberti H-14152
Matildaquondam uxorRoberti H-2172
Matilda Rotur K-1236
MatildaRelictaRouland' H-1773
Matilda Sampson K-00163
Matilda le [sic] Schapman K-1191
Matilda Selth H-0948
Matildaquondam uxorSimonis H-2184
Matilda Sire K-1408
Matilda Sleght L-0162
Matilda Snoryng H-1214
Matilda Stel K-12338
MatildadeSudbrok' L-112
MatildadeSutton' L-9121
Matilda Swetbon' K-0945
Matilda Tayllour L-1733
Matildavidua L-6144
Matilda Walter H-2524
Matilda Warner L-0215
Matilda Wayte K-0644
Matilda Whytop H-0877
MatildauxorWillelmi K-1867
MatildarelictaWillelmi K-21917
Matilda Wlm[er] H-14162
Matildain theWra L-8546
Matilda Wryth' K-1965
MatildafiliaWydonis L-877
MatildadeWykham L-3651
Matilda Wyting K-13457
"Matilda [""Alice, Matilda and [?]""]" daus of William Loyd' H-1556
Matthew Barbur K-17933
Matthew Broun K-0581
Matthew Broun K-21032
Matthew Bule K-08921
MatthewdeBykyr H-12132
MatthewdeColdyngton' L-6926
Matthew forestarius K-19510
Matthew Haldan H-0539
Matthew Nailer K-1096
Matthewde laPantrie K-02812
Matthew prepositus K-0582
Matthew Skynner H-1974
MatthewdeSwynesheued H-12137
Matthew Tabernar[ius] H-119
MaugerleClerk' K-16919
MaugerdePlimton' L-3525
Michael Beuerage K-09520
MichaeldeBlaunkenay L-8530
Michael Chapman H-0260
Michael Long H-306
MilicentrelictaThome K-06211
Milicentvidua K-18012
Mill' Bischop L-488
Murioldaquondam uxorRoberti H-3013