An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (John P-John S):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
JohnPack' K-00938
JohnPacok L-0112
JohnPacok' L-0432
JohnPPacy K-21010
JohnPage K-06418
JohnPage K-16733
JohnPage H-2119
JohnPage L-0340
JohnPalefray K-0412
JohnPalm[er] K-11374
JohnPalm[er] K-20642
JohnPalm[er] H-142
JohnPalm[er] H-14168
JohnPalmer H-039
JohnPalmer L-084
JohnPalmer L-432
JohnPalmer L-7022
JohnPampliour K-00822
Johnpantener K-13010
Johnleparchemin[er] K-001153
JohnParker K-17111
Johnparleben K-1242
JohnParleben K-20924
Johnparlur K-1183
JohnParment' [Parmentarius or Parmenter] H-1341
Johnparmunter K-20627
Johnfiliusparsone K-1019
JohndeParys K-11391
JohndeParys K-1659
JohndeParys [sic] K-16514
JohnPasleu L-2421
JohnPate H-311
JohndePateschall' K-16913
JohnPatet K-1351
JohnPatrik K-03313
JohnPayle L-3868
JohnPayledecerf L-793
John Payn K-06515
John Payn K-14313
John Paytefyn L-143
John Pech' [possibly Pecher?] K-10>K-1601
John pechel K-02610
John Pecok H-04116
JohndePelchor H-04125
John Pell K-06222
John Pelleson H-3299
John Pene K-16934
John Pennyng K-17030
JohndePentenay K-07317
John Peny H-2618
John Pepyr H-1050
John perche K-1928
John Peronell' L-333
John Perot K-20234
John Peroun K-18036
Johnattepersones L-6943
John Personman H-324
John Pert L-314
John Pesenneue H-05142
John Pesmete K-21429
John petite K-20936
JohnfiliusPetri K-07911
JohnfiliusPetri H-0810
JohnfiliusPetri H-1952
JohnfiliusPetri H-1386
JohnfiliusPetri H-2616
JohnfiliusPetronille H-1923
JohnfiliusPetronille H-076
John Philip H-3135
JohnfiliusPhilippi K-08112
JohnfiliusPhilippi K-1925
JohnfiliusPhilippi L-7220
John pilat K-17939
JohndePilham L-737
John Pinder K-19735
John piscator K-0086
John Piscator K-01915
John Pistor K-0169
John pistor K-0753
John Playn K-02414
John Pocok' K-11014
John Pokedyk' H-2177
John Poket K-0414
John Poket K-06957
John Pokky K-07048
John pollard K-11313
John Polle H-1228
Johndeponte K-20821
Johnadpontem K-16013
Johnadpontem K-2192
Johnadpontem H-0746
John porcarius K-00839
JohnadPortam L-9035
John Porter H-2822
John Porter H-05169
JohndePothowe L-034
John Potter K-1088
John Potyto H-2139
John Poye K-13234
JohndePoynton de Toft K-03211
John Pratt H-2181
Johnfiliusprepositi K-00944
Johnfiliusprepositi K-12831
Johnfiliusprepositi L-2110
John prepositus K-0667
John prepositus K-0672
John prepositus K-1028
John prepositus L-114
John prepositus L-429
JohnattePrestes L-4713
John Priore L-409
John Prodhomme L-2458
John Proude H-2824
John Proudfot L-1325
John Proudyng K-01711
Johnleprouost' K-2027
John Prudson K-0118
John puto K-17944
John Pygot L-8310
John Pyioun H-2543
John Pyiun H-04215
John Pykerel K-17813
JohndePykeryng K-19450
John Pykeryng' K-05314
JohndePyncebeck' H-19108
John Pynder K-06921
John Pynder K-06932
John Pynder H-05148
John Pynder L-954
John Pynk H-1264
John Pynzon K-1961
John Pysty H-3132
John Pytayl K-04115
John Pywyt H-1276
JohndeQuappelad H-2137
JohndeQuappelode H-101
Johnlequinte K-02016
JohnfiliusRadulphi K-04725
JohnfiliusRadulphi K-05827
JohnfiliusRadulphi K-0684
JohnfiliusRadulphi K-20712
JohnfiliusRadulphi H-2954
JohnfiliusRadulphi H-266
JohnfiliusRadulphi L-121
JohnfiliusRadulphi L-4319
JohnfiliusRadulphi L-7521
JohnfiliusRadulphi Batur K-07024
JohnfiliusRadulphi fox K-16730
John Raiche K-12833
John Randes H-21147
JohnfiliusRanulphi K-0339
JohnfiliusRanulphi H-0623
JohnfiliusRanulphi H-1194
John Rate H-126
John Rauen L-2820
John Raulot H-1457
John Raulyn L-086
John Raynald L-7319
JohnRayner L-3013
JohnRaynold L-699
JohnRaynwyll' K-17611
JohnfraterRectoris K-06514
JohndeReddyk' H-2557
JohndeReddynges H-0158
JohnleRede K-001152
JohnRede L-3922
JohnRedeware H-1863
JohndeRedmere L-1712
JohnRedy H-26102
JohnfiliusReginaldi K-09812
JohnfiliusReginaldi K-14818
JohnfiliusReginaldi H-3266
JohnfiliusReginaldi H-1922
JohnfiliusReginaldi H-1768
JohndeReskyngton' K-18714
JohnleRest' K-2011
JohnleReue K-06412
JohnReuelyng H-1628
JohnRicard L-5116
JohnfiliusRicardi K-01215
JohnfiliusRicardi K-13012
JohnfiliusRicardi K-15718
JohnfiliusRicardi K-17325
JohnfiliusRicardi K-1916
JohnfiliusRicardi K-19737
JohnfiliusRicardi K-21415
JohnfiliusRicardi H-3130
JohnfiliusRicardi H-2322
JohnfiliusRicardi H-2378
JohnfiliusRicardi H-04189
JohnfiliusRicardi H-1140
JohnfiliusRicardi H-2732
JohnfiliusRicardi H-2174
JohnfiliusRicardi L-3325
JohnfiliusRicardi L-848
JohnfiliusRicardi Attekyrk H-0783
JohnfiliusRicardi de Cabsay H-1554
JohnfiliusRicardi de Cheyl' H-19120
JohnfiliusRicardi Prepositi H-0656
JohnfiliusRicardi Turpyn H-08105
JohnRicdon' K-09525
JohnRiling' K-18516
JohndelRir=#c0c0c0>Risches H-1159
JohnRobert H-0538
JohnfiliusRoberti K-03811
JohnfiliusRoberti K-06961
JohnfiliusRoberti K-1822
JohnfiliusRoberti K-1909
JohnfiliusRoberti K-20120
JohnfiliusRoberti K-2069
JohnfiliusRoberti H-2523
JohnfiliusRoberti H-1578
JohnfiliusRoberti H-1629
JohnfiliusRoberti H-0888
JohnfiliusRoberti H-1714
JohnfiliusRoberti H-235
JohnfiliusRoberti L-0313
JohnfiliusRoberti L-1023
JohnfiliusRoberti L-1817
JohnfiliusRoberti L-2117
JohnfiliusRoberti L-2817
JohnfiliusRoberti L-683
JohnfiliusRoberti L-947
JohnfiliusRoberti Bakester K-1251
JohnfiliusRoberti Buxom K-18017
JohnfiliusRoberti de la grene K-15618
JohnfiliusRoberti Gery H-0572
JohnfiliusRoberti Geue H-1444
JohnfiliusRoberti Rote H-0154
John Robyn H-0617
John Robyn H-23107
John Rocelyn H-019
John rocstird K-1459
John Rog[er] H-0441
JohnfiliusRogeri K-04616
JohnfiliusRogeri H-1632
JohnfiliusRogeri L-0150
JohnfiliusRogeri L-216
JohnfiliusRogeri L-2526
JohnfiliusRogeri L-4035
JohnfiliusRogeri L-7813
JohnfiliusRogeri L-794
JohnfiliusRogeri L-916
JohnfiliusRogeri Clerici L-9022
JohnfiliusRogeri del Wodhows L-0254
JohnfiliusRogeri Petit K-18914
JohnfiliusRogeri proudfot K-06912
JohnfiliusRogeri Rauland K-00642
JohnfiliusRogeri Ward K-15513
John Rogg[er] K-00817
John Rogg[er] K-09749
John Rogg[er] K-2065
JohnleRomongur K-12225
John Romphar' H-0870
John Ronnifar L-5519
John Le Ropere H-3264
JohnleRos K-1281
JohndeRos K-1841
JohndeRos H-32124
JohnfiliusRose K-02525
Johnatterose K-18027
John Rose L-7030
JohndeRoston' L-155
John Rothyngere L-8422
JohndeRouceby K-09753
JohndeRouceby K-17735
JohndeRoughton H-3295
JohndeRoughton snrH-3278
John Rous H-3115
John Rous H-0844
JohndeRouseby K-0664
JohndeRouston' K-21110
John Rud K-05532
John Russell' L-7357
SirJohn Russell capellanus K-1534
JohndeRy H-3081
John Rymay L-375
JohndeRyngeston' L-487
JohnleRyngger K-0563
John Rypelyn H-2675
JohndeRyppes K-001148
JohndeRysum K-0623color=#c0c0c0>33
JohndeRythyrwyc' H-2213
Johnde laRyuere L-0341
Johnfiliussacerdotis L-3852
John Sadeler K-0162
JohnfiliusSaere H-1534
John Salt[er] K-0884
JohnleSalter K-17050
John Sampson K-00165
Johndesancto Lucio L-381
Johndesancto Philberto K-0971
JohndeSandall' L-671
John Sansmere K-04119
JohnfiliusSarre H-05112
John Saueld K-0449
Johndesaunton' L-3824
JohndeSautre K-0415
JohndeScalby L-354
John Schaklok' K-1778
John Schaplyng' K-10110
John Schapman K-08016
John Schapman K-1226
John Schapman K-1545
John Schapman K-21312
John Scharp' K-02314
John Scharp' K-16150
John scharp' L-856
John Schaterham K-2042
John schayl' L-7218
John Schepehyrd H-1454
JohnleScheperd K-1832
JohnleScherman K-001112
John scherman L-5532
John Schirlok' L-8629
John schore L-1321
John Schypman K-1967
John Scochi K-0136
John Scot K-08612
John Scot K-12820
John Scot K-1983
John Scuccok K-0329
John at se L-7217
JohndeSegeleye K-0608
JohndeSegraue L-591
JohndeSelby L-2710
JohndeSeldyck H-1513
JohnSelth H-17112
JohnSemer H-291
JohndeSempyngham K-17932
JohnSeriaunt H-3284
Johnseriaunt L-246
JohnSerson H-1826
JohnSeuale K-14210
JohnSeward K-0992
JohnShephird L-2311
JohnShepird' L-2210
JohnSibill' K-10014
JohnfiliusSibille L-0817
JohnSilueron H-1241
JohnSiluester K-19731
JohnfiliusSimonis K-20242
JohnfiliusSimonis K-21611
JohnfiliusSimonis H-1030
JohnfiliusSimonis Fauner H-3027
JohnfiliusSimonis Knep L-015
JohnSinaud K-12034
Johnsinoker K-0869
JohnSiuerd H-21141
JohnSiwall' K-10020
JohnSiward K-21414
JohndeSkeldyk' H-17129
JohndeSkidgate L-669
JohnSlay K-1365
JohnSlegh' L-138
JohnSleght L-0155
JohnSleght L-147
JohnSley K-1509
JohnSleyth' K-0093
JohnSlyman K-05111
JohnSlyth' H-2531
JohnSmyth H-3025
JohnSmyth' L-1742
JohndeSnarteford' L-831
JohnSnayl H-0766
JohnSnowe K-11322
JohndeSnyterby L-142
JohnSoban K-07912
Johndesomerby L-3648
JohndeSomeresby K-00620
JohnSoule H-2362
JohnSoule H-04113
JohnSpark K-1495
JohnSparou K-0186
JohnSpenser K-09635
JohnSpicfat L-0421
JohnSpicr' H-12127
Johnspilspon K-09322
JohnSpore K-14113
JohnSpringald' K-10017
JohnSprot H-1193
JohnSprot H-0271
JohnSpycer H-1166
Johnstagg K-0214
JohnStallewrth H-177
JohnStalword K-16615
JohndeStapelford' K-08410
John Starling K-07034
John Stauenild L-1421
John Staumpys L-6137
JohndeStaunford K-0354
JohnfiliusStephani K-07411
JohnfiliusStephani H-0990
JohndeSteriscroft H-0925
John Stertyng L-0424
John stiber K-17958
Johnattestile L-0387
JohndeStokewelle H-2118
JohndeStokewelle H-2140
JohndeStokhyth' L-581
JohndeStokketh' L-1718
JohndeStokys H-12119
JohndeStonouere K-13252
John Storm H-21139
John Storure L-107
SirJohndeStoter L-551
John stoteuill' L-955
JohndeStowe K-01712
JohndeStowe K-12048
John Stoyl K-1289
John Stoyl K-21215
John Strakelan L-0320
John stratour K-0829
JohnleStraunge K-13814
John Strech' L-4917
John strok' L-949
John strong K-0435
John Stybynot H-2556
JohndeStykenay H-3292
John Styrckhyrd H-3054
John Styrkhyrd H-1438
John Styward L-7344
John Suane H-2429
John Suker K-12027
John Sumpt[er] H-05149
John Surdinel K-12334
John Suspyraunt K-0669
John de že suth K-11642
JohndeSuthbyry K-001192
John sutor K-0079
John sutor L-8538
JohndeSutton jnr H-2436
JohndeSutton H-14172
John Swalon snrL-0415
John Swalon jnrL-0416
Johnswan L-3024
JohnSwanborn K-07818
JohndeSwaneton' K-0596
JohndeSwaton' K-07915
JohnSweteson L-8543
JohnSwyft' L-174
JohnSwyk' H-2619
JohnSybil H-2458
JohnSykylbrys H-04204