An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (John H-John O):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
JohndeHa...gton' L-7418
JohnHaget H-1816
JohnHaket K-14812
JohnHaket K-16016
JohnHakun L-039
JohnHaldan K-1987
JohnHaldayn L-424
JohnHalyday H-187
JohnHalyman jnrL-0814
JohnHalyman L-0826
JohnHamelyn K-0553
JohnHamelyn L-315
JohnfiliusHamoundi K-12331
JohnHamund K-09737
JohnHamund K-2162
JohnHamund L-3811
John Hamund L-7723
John Hamund' L-4424
John Hanekyn H-21100
John Hankyn K-10119
John Hannesone L-156
John Harald H-0716
JohndeHarby L-3822
JohndeHarby L-3845
John Hardy K-2025
John Hardy H-1338
John Hardy H-237
JohndeHarington' K-0481
John "Harneys (An aspirated or hypercorrect form of the Continental-Germanic personal name Ernisius/Arnisius, Erneys or Arneys?)" H-1484
John Haryel H-0555
MrJohndeHaryngton' L-3417
MrJohndeHaryngton' L-521
John Hasty K-0085
JohndeHatcheby L-083
JohndeHatfeld' L-474
John Haudeyn K-1253
JohndeHauercroft H-1385
John Hauk' K-0089
John Hauory H-05122
Johnin leHawe K-00724
John Hawe L-383
John Hawyl' K-17034
John Hayil H-0466
John Hayron' K-1749
JohndeHaytheby L-139
John Hayward K-17114
JohndeHebholm H-2440
JohndeHehourby K-16312
JohnfiliusHellewys[ie] H-0233
John Helred* K-01514
JohnHelys L-514
JohnHemery H-32106
JohnHemery H-0811
JohnHemmyng' K-08110
JohnleHende K-02914
JohnfiliusHende K-11427
JohndeHendon' L-504
JohnfiliusHenrici K-19819
JohnfiliusHenrici H-161
JohnfiliusHenrici L-0174
JohnfiliusHenrici L-0376
JohnfiliusHenrici L-3023
JohnfiliusHenrici de Leek H-1535
JohnfiliusHenrici Deniel H-05151
JohnfiliusHenrici Parlebien H-0114
JohndeHerford K-15412
JohnHerle K-1976
John Herle L-374
John Herlewyn H-047
John Hert H-3065
John Herui K-19814
JohnfiliusHeruici L-0122
John Heruus K-12215
John Heruy snrK-07028
John Heruy jnr K-07052
John Heruy K-11230
John Heruy K-12525
John Heruy H-1763
John Heruy L-0224
John Heruy L-9021
John Heruy L-9312
Johnor=#c0c0c0>John Herward K-19718
John Heryngman L-3661
JohndeHeselwod' L-2011
John Heuylyf H-251
John Heylward iv H-1872
#c0c0c0> JohndeHiklyng' K-08013
JohnatteHille L-1931
Johndelhille L-323
JohndeHo K-1016
John Hocchile K-0264
MrJohn Hodyl H-1127
John Hogan K-1325
John Hogg H-1172
John Hogge K-1303
John Hogmer K-07313
JohndeHoland' K-09637
John Holdeman H-259
JohndeHole K-09727
John Honwill' K-1837
JohndeHorblyng' K-18113
John Horn H-2553
John Horn H-0881
John Horre K-1262
JohndeHorsington' K-0682
John Horston K-11420
John Hoty K-0395
John Houd K-1335
John Houtenhere H-2427
JohndeHouton' L-781
JohndeHowell' K-16948
John Howet K-0885
JohndeHoyland H-1769
JohndeHoyland H-0257
John Huberd H-1232
John Hubert L-0247
John Huet jnr K-13113
John Huet H-0869
JohnfiliusHugonis K-01111
JohnfiliusHugonis K-02810
JohnfiliusHugonis K-06945
JohnfiliusHugonis K-07418
JohnfiliusHugonis K-0762
JohnfiliusHugonis K-1194
JohnfiliusHugonis K-12519
JohnfiliusHugonis K-14514
JohnfiliusHugonis K-14612
JohnfiliusHugonis H-2328
JohnfiliusHugonis H-04169
JohnfiliusHugonis L-258
JohnfiliusHugonis L-599
JohnfiliusHugonis Clerici H-1977
JohnfiliusHugonis Hersaud H-3017
JohnfiliusHugonis Norman L-495
John Hugun K-0273
John Hulot K-20633
JohnfiliusHumfridi H-0722
John Hund L-1724
JohndeHunlowe L-475
John Hunt K-0518
John Hunte L-0246
Johnin leHurra K-10113
John Hurre K-05814
John Hyllary H-0217
John Hyne K-18210
JohndeHyppetoft' H-1365
Johnin lehyrne K-16011
John Ilhayl H-1135
JohnfiliusIngge K-1815
John Inggesone K-13465
JohndeInggethorp' K-03212
John Ingleson L-2346
John Ingram K-08831
John Ingram L-5431
JohndeInsula L-211
JohndeIreland' K-15714
JohndeIrnham K-01617
John Isaac L-3843
John Iue K-19918
John Iuet K-0389
JohnfiliusIuonis K-1918
JohndeIwardeby K-16129
John Iwyn H-21135
JohnfiliusJacobi K-16326
JohnfiliusJacobi Cou[?s]yn H-0921
John Jake L-865
John Janggil H-2950
John Jeckes H-04180
John Jeofue K-0289
JohnfiliusJohannis K-05411
JohnfiliusJohannis K-06910
JohnfiliusJohannis K-07054
JohnfiliusJohannis K-07415
JohnfiliusJohannis K-13910
JohnfiliusJohannis K-14621
JohnfiliusJohannis K-16728
JohnfiliusJohannis K-16945
JohnfiliusJohannis K-17326
JohnfiliusJohannis K-18517
JohnfiliusJohannis H-1639
JohnfiliusJohannis H-17148
JohnfiliusJohannis H-0734
JohnfiliusJohannis H-07139
JohnfiliusJohannis H-27107
JohnfiliusJohannis H-27113
JohnfiliusJohannis H-1477
JohnfiliusJohannis H-14105
JohnfiliusJohannis H-0335
JohnfiliusJohannis L-406
JohnfiliusJohannis [sic] K-13912
JohnfiliusJohannis de Cheyl' H-1938
JohnfiliusJohannis Halpeny K-07027
JohnfiliusJohannis Harald H-0726
JohnfiliusJohannis Paty K-16218
JohnfiliusJohannis prepositi K-13217
John Josep K-03314
John Julian K-0464
JohnfiliusJuliane K-19520
John Jurdan H-0776
John Justice H-2622
John kadinot K-03121
JohnfiliusKateryne L-9037
John Keb K-1108
JohndeKeceby L-945
John Kede H-0899
JohndeKele H-32117
JohndeKelsay L-0315
John Kempe L-8544
John Kene K-0199
John Kene L-2822
John Kenesweyn H-315
John keneualet L-437
JohndeKent H-1794
Johnlekeu L-0248
Johnlekeu L-4418
JohnatteKirk' L-3871
John Knokel K-1738
John Knokel K-17314
John Knol H-3020
John Knyght' L-8549
John Knylle H-1475
John Knyt K-0058
John Knyth' K-11353
John Kyde K-11365
John kygge K-16127
JohndeKyma H-3227
JohndeKyme K-06711
JohndeKyndam H-0887
John Kyng K-1235
John Kyng H-1469
John Kyng L-0819
John Kyng' K-00310
John Kyng' L-069
John Kyng' L-1818
John Kyng' L-481
John Kyngson L-8525
John Kyppeson H-3148
JohnatteKyrk K-0438
John Kyrnell' K-0475
John Kyrwelle H-0662
John Kyton H-0566
John Lachecold H-2116
John Lacy K-07013
John Lacy L-2814
John Lafur K-1516
John Lagman L-0361
John Laik' K-20928
John Lamber' [sic] H-0821
John Lambert H-0936
John Lambert H-1487
JohnfiliusLamberti K-17714
JohnfiliusLamberti H-262
JohnatteLane K-00617
John in že lane K-09415
Johnin theLane L-1111
JohnatteLane L-4512
Johnin leLane L-829
John Lanes K-12218
JohndeLangerak H-0963
JohndeLangetoft H-113
JohndeLangeton H-17109
JohndeLangholm H-2570
JohndeLangholm H-0226
JohndeLangwath' L-7719
JohndeLanum L-9126
John Latoner H-3230
John Lauerot H-05129
JohndeLauington' K-1381
John Laurance K-1774
JohnfiliusLaurencii K-00512
JohnfiliusLaurencii H-0750
John lawe K-19821
John Layk' L-0431
John Ledbeter H-1285
JohndeLeek H-1538
MrJohndeLeek H-07152
JohndeLefingham' K-07053
John Leper H-186
JohndeLesingham K-07720
John de de [sic -- dittography] Lesingham K-18310
JohndeLesyngham K-08416
John Lete K-113102
John Leue K-17047
John Leuesone L-3841
John Leusey [Representing OE personal name Lefsi?] K-17935
John Lewe K-13659
John Lewyn H-0997
John Liggolf K-03113
John Lightfote L-146
JohndeLimbiry K-1884
JohndeLincoln' L-4912
JohndeLindesay K-01011
John Lolle K-09033
JohnleLong' K-00164
JohnleLong' K-02619
JohnleLong' K-1637
John Long' L-8311
John Longe H-0486
JohnleLongg' K-13238
JohndeLongkastr' K-0882
JohnleLord' K-1868
John Lorye K-17947
JohndeLoudham K-04511
John Louerd K-04720
John Loutabyg L-4433
JohndeLoyngton' H-0719
JohndeLubbam L-0242
JohnfiliusLuce H-0748
JohnfiliusLucie H-21103
JohndeLudyngton' L-691
JohndeLunderthorp' K-1542
John Lutson L-449
John Lyf' H-0351
JohndeLyndesay K-05529
JohndeLyndeseye K-13464
JohndeLyndewod' L-2425
John Lyon K-05534
John Lyroys K-00190
JohndeLytylport H-04208
John Lyuel' K-1763
John Macholf K-1743
John Machun K-07820
John Maddi K-0744
John Magsoun K-00937
John Maheu K-0331
John Maison K-18413
JohndeMalberthorp' L-8634
John Malyn K-2186
John Man K-16213
John Man K-19810
John Manan K-11392
John Maners K-001162
John Manniel K-15613
JohndeManton' L-9524
John Marchal H-17111
John Marchaunt H-18td>28
John Marcher H-2459
John Mareschal H-2354
John Mareschall' L-189
JohnfiliusMarg' K-00660
JohnfiliusMargar' L-7610
JohnfiliusMargerie K-11615
John Margery H-0144
John Mariot L-493
John Markaund K-12043
John marmyon L-0913
John Marmyon L-8910
John Marschall' K-02514
John Marschall' K-0734
JohndeMarsdyk' L-0629
JohnfiliusMartini H-27136
JohnfiliusMartini L-4326
John Maryng' K-21034
John Maryot H-1970
John Maryot H-147
JohnfiliusMathei L-6811
JohnfiliusMatild[is] H-0874
JohnfiliusMatild[is] H-07135
JohnfiliusMatild[is] H-3029
JohnfiliusMatildis K-0538
JohnfiliusMatildis K-13812
JohnfiliusMatildis K-1924
JohnfiliusMatildis Swyft K-03511
JohnfiliusMatilldis L-0622
John Matilyon L-5110
John Mattif' K-1803
JohndeMatyngden' H-1514
John Maug[er] K-00520
John Maunsel K-13219
John Maunsel K-2086
John Maus K-0063
John Maye K-14117
John Mayman H-2361
John Maymund K-17923
John mayre L-4517
John Mazon L-148
John Mazoun K-20938
JohnleMazoun L-3847
JohndeMelsa K-19218
JohndeMelton' L-5429
John Mensk' K-16715
John Mercator L-832
John Mercator L-8612
JohndeMere K-1719
JohndelMeres H-1790
JohndeMerston' K-0952
JohndeMerston' L-5122
JohndeMerston' L-5426
John Message K-21014
John Messager L-811
John Messor K-0055
John messor K-0528
JohndeMetheringham K-15611
JohndeMethringham K-08621
JohndeMidlington' K-00848
John Milk' K-001122
JohnleMiln[er] K-001199
JohndeMilnethorp' K-0195
John Mody L-3813
John Mody L-5440
John Mole K-07042
John Molendinarius K-0516
John molendinarius K-1312
John Molendinarius K-13616
John Molendinarius K-16719
John molendinarius K-19440
John molendinarius L-3867
John Monk' K-14116
Johndemonte K-0277
JohndeMora H-1456
JohndelMores H-0214
John Moriz K-08918
John Moriz K-11818
John Morswyn H-1987
John mortim[er] K-1207
John mortymer L-2429
John Moryse K-17014
John Mosse H-07159
John Motte K-0923
JohndeMoubray L-0390
John Mox K-0156
John Moyne H-1951
JohndeMulton H-2912
JohndeMulton H-05166
JohndeMulton H-2461
John Mund K-02817
John Mund' K-06830
John Muriel jnr H-2661
John Mustard K-16916
John Mustard H-2555
John mustarder K-00169
JohndeMynton' H-0248
John Nalk' L-5517
John Nalleson H-256
John Neghbur K-0626
JohndeNesham H-3232
John neucomen K-00845
John Neucomen H-1652
John Neucomen H-0835
John Neue H-0641
John Neue H-1473
John Le Neue H-229
JohndeNeuill' K-06814
JohndelNeuland H-2548
JohndeNeuland H-1510
JohndeNeuland L-1215
John Neumarche H-1851
JohndeNeuton' K-00667
JohndeNeuton' K-16725
John Nichol K-03010
John Nichol K-11225
John Nichol K-13111
JohnfiliusNicholai K-0171
JohnfiliusNicholai K-09323
JohnfiliusNicholai K-13438
JohnfiliusNicholai K-17013
JohnfiliusNicholai K-17730
JohnfiliusNicholai H-0819
JohnfiliusNicholai H-072
JohnfiliusNicholai H-05132
JohnfiliusNicholai H-2035
JohnRelictaNicholai H-2195
JohnfiliusNicholai K-1361
JohnfiliusNigelli K-11912
JohnfiliusNigelli H-2126
John Nithard [sc. Neatherd?] K-0387
John Noble H-21133
John Noet H-246
JohndeNokton' K-0859
JohndeNorfolk' K-00195
John Norlong' H-0160
John Norman K-0184
John Norman K-21621
John Norman L-0719
JohndeNorthlong' H-0488
John Northorp' L-869
JohndeNorththorp' K-17410
JohndeOcceby K-13242
John Oky K-0183
John Oliuer L-5113
John Olyfart L-9217
John Onyun K-1775
John Osbern' L-5514
John Osbern' L-688
John Osgot H-0468
JohndeOsgotby L-362
JohndeOsgoteby K-03119
John Ossegot H-14137
John Oter K-09314
John Ouerey K-09217
John Outered (A form of the OE personal name Uchtred.) H-2640
John Outred K-11348
John Outy K-18415
John Outy L-3865
John Oyot' H-0473