An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (John C-John G):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
JohnCade H-1870
JohnCalfhyrde K-13627
John Campas H-2654
John Campion L-1219
John Campyoun K-05821
JohndeCandysse H-3253
John Cante L-4327
John Cap K-09810
John Capel [sic] H-1218
John Capellanus K-06511
SirJohn Capellanus K-07419
SirJohncapellanus K-09823
Johncapellanus K-1025
John Capellanus L-6611
SirJohn Capellanus K-0661
John Capellanus de Skyrbeck H-2423
John Cappe K-19722
John Carbonel L-273
John Caret K-2075
JohndeCarleton' K-20245
John Carman K-1179
John Carman L-3660
John Carp[e]ntar[ius] H-319
John Carpent[er or -arius] K-16947
John carpentar[ius] K-11517
John carpentar[ius] K-12411
John carpentarius K-0416
John carpentarius K-19432
John Carpentarius L-0910
John Carpentarius L-3642
John Carpenter L-345
John Carpenter' H-0134
JohnleCarpunt[er] K-1329
JohnleCarpunter K-12018
JohnleCart[er] K-001139
JohnleCart[er] K-08862
John Carter L-2523
John Carter' K-0218
John Cartewryght L-0921
Johnde laCastel K-09824
JohndeCasterton K-001134
JohndeCasterton K-0182
John Cate K-00919
John Catelyn K-0677
John Catelyn K-13637
John Catelyn K-1818
John Catesone L-1812
JohnCatson K-16144
JohnCatte H-1017
JohndeCaue L-198
JohndeCaue L-1928
JohndeCauenby L-7717
JohnCaumpun L-775
JohnCay H-04107
JohndeCayston' L-618
JohnfiliusCecilie H-0980
Johncementarius K-18910
JohnChambyrleyn H-0591
Johnde leChapel K-0127
JohnChapell' K-0639
JohnChapman K-13264
JohnChapman H-0799
JohnChapman H-2689
JohnChapman L-4426
JohndeCharlecote K-1237
John Chartreys L-621
John Chaumberlayn K-21012
John Chaumberlayn K-21620
John Chaunsy L-378
JohnleCherz K-0082
John Chese L-1021
JohndeChesterton' K-16138
John Christian K-19216
John Christian H-1754
John Cirsy L-6016
John Cissor K-1188
John Cissor H-3131
John Cissor H-2662
JohndeClaipoll' K-09512
John Clanbak' K-2113
Johnde laclay K-0114
JohndelClay H-27114
JohndeClaypoll' H-0621
John Clement K-15627
John Clement H-23139
John Clement L-0381
JohnfiliusClementis L-097
JohndeClepton H-313
John Clericus K-06510
John clericus K-11447
John clericus K-1273
John clericus K-2117
John Clerk K-16912
John Clerk H-2960
JohnleClerk H-1996
John Clerk H-1435
JohnleClerk' K-01815
JohnleClerk' K-0242
JohnleClerk' K-13424
John Cleuelock' H-0462
Johnde le clif K-2108
JohndeClisseby L-2212
John Cliue K-00158
John Cluny H-12149
John Cobbe L-661
JohndeCobeldyk H-0982
MrJohndeCobeldyk' H-1748
MrJohndeCobeldyk' H-27151
John Cock H-0243
John Cock' H-07155
John Cocus K-02326
John Cocus K-1318
John Cocus H-287
John Cocus L-352
John Coddyng H-1263
John Cok H-227
John Cok' K-17132
John Cok' K-2185
John Cok' H-2935
John Cok' H-1153
John Cok' L-3715
JohndeCokayn K-11372
John Coke L-465
John Cokeman H-2757
John Cokerel K-16924
John Cokerell K-00166
John Coketon K-04113
John Cokewold H-3261
John Cokston K-0937
John Coky K-0913
JohndeColby K-0801
John Cole K-1189
John Cole K-17952
John Cole L-0264
John Colgrim K-11012
JohndeColingham K-21314
John Colle H-198
John Collyng K-17041
John Collyng' K-06224
John Collyng' L-7511
John Colom L-6014
John Colswayn K-1263
John Coluil H-07154
JohndeColuile K-1501
John Coluill' K-17955
John Communur? K-21030
JohndeConynggesby K-17922
John Corlo H-1111
John Cornewailes K-08616
John Cornwaile K-19512
John Corueyser K-01034
John Coryngton' L-7517
JohndeCosschall' K-09746
John Cosyn L-4411
John Cosyn L-666
John Cote K-01830
John Cote L-1417
John Cotel K-03711
John Cotem[er] H-19119
JohndeCotem[er] H-26101
John Cotte H-2970
John Cotur K-1656
John Cotyman H-3037
John Couherd K-19913
John Couhyrd K-1007
John Couper K-13247
John Couper K-20215
John Couper H-04136
John Courtyn K-2143
John Cowyn K-1313
John Coy K-15012
JohndeCrabdam H-2714
JohndeCraik' K-00847
John Crane K-09034
John Crane H-2191
JohndeCranefeld K-11452
John Cras L-151
John Cras L-478
JohndeCrauen L-366
John crayl K-12529
John cristenmes K-001108
JohndeCroft snrL-3710
Johnin theCroft L-7352
JohndeCroft' L-3619
JohndeCroft' L-376
John Crok' H-1849
JohndeCrosholm' L-401
JohndeCrosholm' L-412
JohndeCrosholm' L-466
JohndeCroumbwell' K-13440
John Crow H-1130
JohndeCroxton' K-16142
John Croyl K-0145
Johnadcrucem H-2321
John Cruk' K-1219
John Cruker L-2518
John L [sic] Cue H-1349
John Culbon K-1594
John Cullul H-07108
John Cuppe K-11419
John Curle L-617
John Cursoun K-14123
John Curtays K-11334
John Curtays K-20416
John Curteys H-0911
JohndeCurtilagio K-0874
John Cutwulf' L-0391
JohndeCybecey H-15119
JohndeCybetey H-1653
JohndeCybthorp' K-20414
John Dalazon L-541
John Dalle H-04160
John Dallyng K-13643
John Dancus L-1424
John Daniel K-12412
John daniel K-19412
John Daniel' H-05154
SirJohn Dordercolor=#c0c0c0>Darcy L-9214
John Dase H-3066
John Dauit H-157
John Dauy K-0534
John Daw H-0742
JohnleDaye H-05118
John Dearcy K-1885
John dede K-18918
John Dede H-1188
John Dekyn K-1555
John Dene H-07145
John Denis K-2059
John Dercy L-9522
John Derenloft H-1412
John Derkyn capellanus K-00657
John Deye H-2952
John Deye H-1727
John Deynam [sic] H-1819
John Deyncourt K-08032
John Deyne K-11643
John Diue K-02917
John diue K-0357
John Dobbe K-1856
John Dobyn K-06825
John Dobyn H-1483
John Dod K-09011
John Dode H-1725
JohndeDormethorp' K-08714
John Douceneue H-321
JohndeDousby K-1352
John Dousyng' K-00650
John Doux K-17015
John Douzesone K-13327
John Drake K-113116
John Draper K-13255
John Drepe L-063
John Droury L-0330
John Drumbyl H-0227
John Drury K-0437
John Drury L-4215
John Drury L-792
JohndeDunnesby K-17818
JohndeDygby K-07426
JohndeDygby K-1851
John Dykeman K-13246
John Dynand H-2671
Johnadecclesiam K-0134
Johnadecclesiam K-03312
Johnadecclesiam K-08854
Johnadecclesiam K-08930
Johnadecclesiam K-2005
Johnadecclesiam [sic] K-08856
John Echard K-02615
John Echard H-1793
John Echard H-265
John "Edecous (A hypocoristic form of a female personal name, possibly Edith.)" H-2664
JohnfiliusEdmundi H-07115
JohnfiliusEduse K-08611
JohnEdward K-13118
John del Edyk' H-17123
Johnfiliuseius H-0481
John Eleyn K-00155
John Eliaduck H-2237
JohnfiliusElicie L-0258
JohnfiliusElie K-2045
John Elis K-00640
Johnin theEllers L-031
JohndeElme K-11364
JohndeElmede L-6619
John Elot' K-1073
JohnfiliusElote K-1922
John Elsen H-12147
JohndeEltham K-12541
JohnfiliusElye K-06210
JohnfiliusElye K-06924
JohnfiliusElye L-7338
John Elys K-01827
John Elys H-2526
JohnfiliusEmme K-04414
JohnfiliusEmme K-0998
JohndeEmpyngham snrK-0017
JohndeEmpyngham jnr K-0018
John England K-1269
John Ernays L-7413
John Ernys snrK-0478
John Ernys jnr K-0479
JohndeEstderham L-9019
JohndeEten' K-09639
John Euot K-1161
JohndeEyketon H-2379
John Eylward H-0929
John faber K-00914
John faber K-0688
John faber K-0786
John faber K-08927
John faber K-09526
John faber K-11218
John faber jnr K-11324
John faber snrK-11335
John faber K-1158
John faber snrK-1465
John faber K-17828
John faber K-17934
John faber K-19423
John faber K-19436
John faber H-05140
John faber H-2697
John faber H-0171
John Faber L-3639
John Faber L-3869
John Faber L-442
John Faber L-719
JohnFaber L-8545
Johnfaber L-8625
JohnFadyr H-0534
JohndeFaldyngworth' L-4445
JohndeFalur K-2198
Johnfattyng K-06951
Johnfayrman K-1685
JohndeFellyng H-2658
JohndeFelton' K-13329
JohndelFendyk H-0780
JohnFengreyue H-0280
JohnFengreyue H-0346
Johnfenkel K-09817
JohnFenkel K-19824
JohndeFenton' K-1935
MrJohndeFentun K-20913
JohnFerrur K-12812
JohnleFerrur K-1481
Johnferrur K-1493
John fettyng K-11358
John fiau K-0215
John fiket K-09720
John Fischer H-21120
John Fleccher K-02012
John Fleine L-2613
JohndeFlete H-1312
JohndeFletton' H-1593
John Fleyl H-0278
John Floter K-08622
JohndeFlouberugh' K-15422
John foder K-20632
JohndeFolkyngham K-001195
JohndeFolkyngham K-17112
Johndefolkyngham K-17938
Johnadfontem K-05520
Johnadfontem K-16613
Johnadfontem L-359
Johnadfontem L-7112
John Forest[er] L-553
John Forest[er] L-675
John Forester L-233
John Forester L-777
John Forman K-16418
John forman K-1964
John forster K-05828
John Forster H-299
John Foucher H-14160
John Fouleman H-2152
John fouler K-09641
John Frankys H-151
JohndeFrapston' L-506
John frater eius H-1167
John Fraunceys K-04729
John Fraunceys K-06713
John fraunceys K-06952
John Fraunceys L-228
John frebocher K-0806
John freeman K-1684
John0c0>John Freman K-10611
John freman jnr K-1785
John freman jnr K-17816
John freman K-21318
John Frend K-113117
John frend K-13649
John Frer K-16166
John Freward H-0521
JohndeFriston' K-05210
JohndeFrysseby H-2059
JohndeFryston' L-3520
JohnfiliusFulconis H-0612
JohnfiliusFulconis H-21129
JohndeFulwell' K-07410
Johnadfurnum K-09418
John Fyn H-2226
JohndeFyskemere H-2620
John Galardon' H-1482
JohnfiliusGalfridi K-06948
JohnfiliusGalfridi K-1564
JohnfiliusGalfridi K-17718
JohnfiliusGalfridi H-1525
JohnfiliusGalfridi H-145
JohnfiliusGalfridi H-2054
JohnfiliusGalfridi H-21154
JohnfiliusGalfridi L-513
John Galian L-0160
John Galth' K-08859
John Ganne H-1321
John Gant K-0697
John Garc[i]oun K-12211
John Garden' [Gardenarius or Gardener] H-14141
John Gardener' H-0944
John Gardin[arius or -er?] K-1993
John Gardiner' K-06214
John Gase K-1316
JohndeGaytford' K-20411
John Geffray K-06220
John Geffray K-11425
John Gerard K-13323
John Gerard H-0924
John Gerard H-1258
John Gerard H-1298
John Gerard H-0345
John Gerard L-5413
JohnfiliusGerardi L-911
JohnfiliusGermani L-724
John Gernon L-8518
John Gernun L-8424
John Gery H-1253
John Gery snrH-1256
John Giffard K-0352
John Gilberd snrH-2752
John Gilbert K-0819
John Gilbert jnr H-27153
JohnfiliusGilberti K-0314
JohnfiliusGilberti jnr K-06813
JohnfiliusGilberti K-06828
JohnfiliusGilberti K-10323
JohnfiliusGilberti H-23130
JohnfiliusGilberti H-0421
JohndeGilby L-5216
JohndeGildeford K-08838
JohndelGildhous L-822
JohndeGileby K-18523
John Gilemyne K-00936
John Gilmyn K-1857
John Giloun K-1247
John Gilyot K-16214
JohnfiliusGlad' K-00519
John Gladewyn K-2155
John Glede L-1719
John Glong' L-5442
John Glouer K-06110
John Gobald H-04218
John Gobaud K-03418
John Gobaud H-19112
John God' L-8523
John Godde L-868
John Goddes H-1180
John Goddod H-0563
John Goddyng H-0659
John Gode K-11355
John Gode K-12025
JohnfiliusGode K-13623
JohnfiliusGode K-19111
John Godefray L-536
John Goderam H-1271
John Godesman K-00553
John Godesman H-04183
John Godeson H-17142
John Godewille H-2212
John Godewyn H-1528
John Godewyn H-1913
John Godewyn H-12108
John Godhyne K-13516
JohnfiliusGod'i [Godrici or Godfridi?] H-2918
John Godwyne K-08515
John Gold K-0799
John Golderon' K-06710
John Goldyng' K-06971
John Gos K-12033
John Goscelyn L-0243
John Gotheuerd H-2924
John Gouk' H-2232
JohndeGousele K-19213
John Gowe K-13018
JohndeGraffham K-001110
John Grante L-0214
JohndeGraue L-261
JohndeGraue L-2810
John Graung[er] L-706
John Graunt L-7523
John Grauntpas K-16512
John Grayu K-21112
John Greffrey [sic] H-1718
John Gregg' K-09018
John Gregori K-08615
John Grelby H-0756
Johnde laGrene K-12329
Johnde laGrene K-18510
Johnattegrene K-2057
JohndelGrene H-1840
JohndelGrene H-1950
JohndelGrene H-2713
JohnatteGrene L-2715
JohnatteGrene L-4324
JohnatteGrene L-8522
JohndelGrene L-867
John Grenedyk' H-0996
JohndeGretham K-1434
John Greyberd' L-2813
JohndeGreyby K-06949
John Greyu K-0236
John Greyue K-06824
John Greyue H-1770
John Greyueson H-0949
John Grom L-1213
John Grome L-6122
John Groud H-2971
John Grym H-2519
John Grym H-2550
John Grym H-1295
Johnattegryppe K-11229
John Guff H-0920
John Gull' K-06229
JohndeGunnays L-0290
JohndeGunneys L-2020
JohndeGunwardeby K-07016
JohndeGunware K-16515
JohnfiliusGuydonis K-13251
John Gyliot L-2327