An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (Hugh-I):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
Hughfilius? Derman H-1610
HughfiliusAde K-0286
Hugh Adecock H-32120
Hugh Aimy? K-1688
HughdeAinwyk' K-07310
Hugh Aky L-4446
HughfiliusAlani H-1915
Hugh Alcock H-19118
Hugh Alcok' L-2030
HughfiliusAlicie K-15110
Hugh Alisunder K-09747
HughfiliusAndree L-4010
HughinAngulo K-0725
Hugh Arketel K-1466
HughfiliusAsceline H-2948
Hugh Astan H-05171
HughAttegrene H-2911
HughAttehyrne H-209
Hughadaulam K-12339
Hugh B............. K-2037
Hugh Bakons K-0605
Hugh Barbedur' K-1886
Hugh Barel H-1336
Hugh Baret K-12042
HughfiliusBartholomei H-2513
Hugh Basse H-303
Hugh Bate K-1653
Hugh Bateman K-0294
HughfiliusBaudrici H-07151
HughdeBeby K-00648
HughdeBeby K-0643
Hugh Bekeryng' L-711
Hughin leBekk' K-00544
Hugh Ben H-3149
Hugh Benne H-1266
Hugh bercar[ius] K-00412
HughBercarius L-4911
Hugh Berdeles L-0438
Hugh Bere K-13112
Hugh "Bettessone (Bate is a hypocoristic form of Bartholomew, which recurs in Bettessone.)" H-05147
HughdeBilleffeld K-01519
Hugh Bissoig K-1552
Hugh Blaunch' L-893
Hugh Bokil' K-17010
Hugh Bolet K-19922
Hugh Bolur K-06015
Hugh Boner K-13229
Hugh Borer K-14121
Hugh Borre K-09730
Hugh Boye K-2003
HughdeBradewe H-1222
HughdeBraiceby K-16616
Hugh Bret H-0714
Hugh Brette K-0977
Hugh Broun K-14115
Hugh Broun K-19420
HughfiliusBroun [sic] K-1605
Hugh Brounyng H-2772
HughdeBrunham H-3243
Hugh Bunni K-001201
Hugh Bydyl H-2022
HughdeCameryngham L-0439
Hugh Carecter' [sic] H-1565
Hugh Cargan H-2539
HughdeCarleton L-843
Hugh carpentarius K-19914
Hugh carpentarius K-2089
Hugh Carpentarius [MS Carpn with contraction mark] H-3021
Hugh Cart[er] K-00652
Hugh Cart[er] L-759
Hugh Carter' H-2147
HughdeCastelford H-3291
HughdeCastilford H-2422
Hugh Catelyn H-1936
Hugh Catur L-0435
HughdeCaue L-191
Hughfiliuscecilie K-0602
Hugh Chapman L-4821
Hugh Chast[er] K-02320
HughfiliusChristiane K-1873
HughinCimiterio K-08624
Hugh Cissor L-8417
HughdeClaxby H-1634
Hugh Clek' [sic] K-1871
Hugh cocus K-05815
Hugh Cocus K-113111
Hugh cocus K-19511
HughdeColby K-08631
Hugh Condroun H-2439
HughdeCorby K-13815
Hugh Couhird' L-456
HughdeCranem[er] H-27112
HughdeCranem[er] snrH-2759
HughdeCroxton' L-2410
Hugh Crys L-0422
Hugh Curtays K-0397
Hugh Cust H-0238
HughdeDalby K-04121
Hugh Day L-3119
Hugh Daye H-05160
HughleDen K-02014
HughfiliusDerman' H-1619
Hugh Dodeman H-0931
SirHugh druri K-1375
Hugh drury K-13263
Hugh drynkdregges K-00534
HughdeDuffeld' L-3420
HughdeDunnysm[er] H-2763
Hughadecclesiam K-08914
Hugh Eche K-1383
HughdeEdelington' K-21027
HughdeEdenham K-00146
HughfiliusElene H-3048
Hugh Elinor K-07055
Hugh Elys L-853
HughdeEmpyngham K-13653
Hugh Ernys K-1635
Hugh Estiton' L-4913
HughdeExton K-0343
Hugh faber K-20916
Hugh Faber L-1752
Hugh faber L-8626
Hugh Faber L-957
Hugh Faunell' L-5436
HughdeFiskem[er] H-27104
Hugh fitzWaryn L-1311
HughatteFlete L-0711
HughdeFlixburgh' L-209
Hugh Foulman H-138
Hugh Frankich' K-20237
Hugh Frankys H-27159
Hugh fraunkhomme K-1321
Hugh Frend K-1133
HughdeFrisseby H-12144
HughfiliusGalfridi L-798
Hugh Gaunt' K-1629
Hugh Gernon H-3055
Hugh Gerre H-2625
Hugh Gildintho' H-271
Hugh Gille K-0864
Hugh Glede L-1610
Hugh Gocelin K-0572
Hugh at Grene L-8535
Hugh Greyue K-08843
Hugh Greyue H-3129
Hugh Grym K-0117
Hugh Grym H-2515
Hugh Guet K-14817
Hugh Gustard K-00658
Hugh Gymer H-0450
Hugh Hanneld H-169
Hughde Hanworth' L-2413
Hugh Hardy H-1645
HughdeHebholm H-2448
HughfiliusHenrici H-2155
Hugh Herberd H-2028
Hugh Herbert K-14511
Hugh Hernes L-804
Hugh Herre L-704
HughHeruy H-172
HughHerwy K-16310
HughHeryng H-2694
Hughde leHille L-7539
HughHoky i H-1842
HughdeHospitali L-3635
Hughhot K-1336
HughdeHoyland H-1125
HughfiliusHugonis H-192
HughfiliusHugonis L-3410
HughfiliusHugonis L-9518
HughfiliusHugonis Norman L-498
Hugh Hutte L-778
Hughin leHyrne K-06959
HughfiliusJohannis K-18912
HughfiliusJohannis K-1973
Hugh Jordan H-0757
Hugh kite K-05819
Hugh kowhyrd K-0648
HughdeKybword K-00136
Hughattelanend K-05415
HughdeLann' [Lenn'?= Lynn?] K-0556
Hugh Leaute L-764
HughdeLeek' L-641
Hugh Letherwane K-02510
HughdeLeycestr' H-3246
HughleLong' K-08633
Hugh Lortimer [sic] K-00537
Hugh Louegod K-0431
Hugh Machoun K-2018
Hugh Maddy K-1667
Hugh Malkyn K-2032
Hugh Malle K-0446
HughdeManton K-00823
Hugh Mazon K-0665
Hugh Memoray K-18421
HughdeMora L-0312
Hugh Moubray L-8636
Hugh Mower K-09636
Hugh Neucomen K-0921
Hugh le [sic] Neuill' K-0899
HughdelNeuland H-1598
HughdeNeuton' K-12335
HughfiliusNicholai K-17023
Hugh Nobel K-00113
HughdeNorthburgh H-2159
HughdeNorthburn K-00541
Hugh Outy L-9120
Hugh Oydir H-0492
Hugh Page K-1996
Hugh Papunyay H-0254
Hugh parmunter K-1225
Hugh Pauk' H-112
HughdePaunton' K-0689
Hugh Pecche K-11319
Hugh penne K-13213
Hugh Penyaunt L-795
Hugh Pernant L-0179
Hugh Perun K-19822
Hugh Piper H-0448
Hugh Pone K-18021
HughadPontem L-464
Hughadportam ecclesie K-1239
Hugh Porter L-356
Hugh poye K-19439
Hugh Pratt H-05127
Hugh prepositus H-2447
Hugh Prest K-00827
Hugh Prest H-0425
Hugh Prodfot L-4510
Hugh Prudmay K-15013
Hugh Pye L-7363
Hugh Pye L-7725
Hugh Pygge H-3077
Hugh Pynhel K-08610
Hugh Pytit H-05156
Hugh Quenes H-2778
Hugh Quenild' K-2197
HughfiliusRadulphi K-06815
Hugh Rag' L-7017
Hugh Randolf' K-15519
Hugh Ray H-1221
HughleRede K-00143
HughdeRegewaye K-16165
Hughlerest' K-20122
Hugh Reyner L-225
Hugh Reynwill' K-0557
HughfiliusRicardi K-1607
HughfiliusRicardi K-1735
HughfiliusRicardi L-2816
Hugh Robyn H-2670
Hugh Rog[er] L-472
HughfiliusRogeri K-12542
HughfiliusRogeri K-20236
Hugh Rudden H-1934
HughdeRysun L-1746
Hugh sak' K-20319
Hughinsalicibus L-702
HughdeSalteby K-1614
Hugh Sampson K-00432
Hugh scate L-762
Hugh Schapman K-10411
HughdeScofter L-7514
HughdeScoter L-709
Hugh Shirref' L-482
Hugh Shuccok' K-03217
HughfiliusSimonis K-05313
Hugh Sley K-15017
HughleSmyth K-12520
Hugh Soule H-2363
Hugh Southiby L-193
Hugh Spur K-13412
Hugh stacy L-7313
Hughdestatherne K-19113
HughfiliusStephani K-0434
Hugh stot' L-9510
HughdeStowe K-12019
HughdeStowe K-13013
Hugh sutor K-06416
Hugh sutor K-18520
Hugh Swyk' H-2656
Hugh Taillour L-9411
Hugh Tasker K-1278
HughleTauerner L-905
Hugh Tayliour K-17011
HughdeTereswell' L-634
HughfiliusThome K-09728
HughfiliusThome K-14913
HughfiliusThome H-0344
HughfiliusThome Clerici H-3052
HughfiliusThome Makerell' L-801
Hugh Tock' L-765
Hugh Torald K-12332
Hugh Tuck H-1646
HughdeTwiford K-14515
Hughdevalle L-441
Hugh vicarius K-18920
Hugh Wace H-2520
HughdeWadyngham L-1923
Hugh Walaunce L-1754
Hugh Walays K-12413
HughdeWalcote K-00837
Hugh Walgor K-03411
Hugh Walthef K-03710
Hugh Walthef K-14618
Hugh Walyfray L-898
Hugh Ward K-21622
Hugh Warde L-9511
Hugh Webester K-16133
Hugh West L-684
HughdeWesteby K-03919
Hugh Whetleye K-17021
HughfiliusWillelmi K-0958
HughfiliusWillelmi K-19714
Hughin leWra L-9013
Hugh Wryth H-17139
Hugh Wygot K-0721
Hugh Wyles L-616
Hugh Wysman K-19917
Hughyape L-0426
Humphreyclericus K-08632
IdoneadeBillesby K-1284
IdoneaNichol L-5011
Idoneapreposita [sic] K-09523
IdoneaReynwill' K-0666
Idoniaquondam uxorWillelmi Clerici H-0136
ImaniaCosyn H-0573
IncoteraBugge K-13214
IngelramGurwald L-0310
IngelramMasone L-0322
Ingus [sic]relictaHugonis Baldok' K-1608
InnocentiadeCarton' [sic] H-1372
IsabelAttegraft H-2394
IsabelAttegraft H-2424
IsabelfiliaAttehelle [sic] H-23104
IsabelBagot K-13316
IsabelBalle H-0232
IsabelBerwald K-11415
IsabelBolle H-2533
IsabelBraunston' K-0468
IsabelBuk' K-0836
IsabelCodelyng' L-3840
IsabelCofyn K-1902
IsabelColle H-1920
IsabelCoreworm K-0835
IsabelCres K-0163
Isabeladcrucem K-09118
IsabelEynald [sic] H-0958
IsabeluxorGalfridi H-05115
IsabelGunyld' K-1165
IsabeluxorJohannis Clerici K-1248
IsabeldeKeten' K-11820
IsabeldeLeek H-07158
IsabelLeuerik' K-20228
Isabelque fuit uxorLiot' Bound' K-1567
IsabelLyuel' K-1762
IsabelMinewot K-0815
Isabeldemonte acuto K-1953
IsabeldeMuston H-0785
IsabelRelictaPetri H-088
Isabelpreposita [sic] K-0876
Isabelle [sic]prouost' K-12013
IsabelRaulot H-0942
IsabelfiliaRicardi H-2382
IsabelScherman H-1551
Isabel Schinaud K-1208
Isabel Souter L-399
IsabeldeStanton' K-21427
IsabeluxorStephani H-1853
Isabel Stot H-085
Isabel Tholy H-2718
IsabelrelictaThome clerici K-0346
IsabeldeUffyngton K-00119
Isabel vache [sic] K-00643
Isabel le [sic] vescy K-0981
IsabeldeVescy K-12539
IsabeldeVescy K-1691
Isabel Wendhut K-07022
Isabel Whyte H-0480
Isabel Whyte L-3851
IsabelfiliaWillelmi H-2453
Isabelque fuit uxorWillelmi H-1160
Isabel Wiot K-1132
Isolda Braci K-0549
IsoldadeCarleton H-3297
Isolda Hakenhode L-8615
Isolda Lumbard L-6921
Isoldade laMore K-01022
Isolda peche K-0282
Isolda Schephyrd' K-20412
Isolda Spraklie K-15410
IsoldarelictaWalle K-21116
IsoldadeWesthorp' K-0517
Ithon' Broun K-06913
Ivettade laBoure L-1011
IvettaRelictaJohannis H-17131
IvettafiliaRicardi H-23114
IvettauxorRicardi L-628
Ivetta Toyk' H-2650
Ivetta Ward H-3060
Ivo ? [MS torn] H-1616
IvoAlayn K-0821
Ivoadaulam K-17819
IvoEluyue H-0862
IvoOtes H-17146
IvofiliusRicardi H-1613