An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (H-Hugelina):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
HamofiliusRogeri H-14138
Hamo Russot L-367
HamunddeClaxby L-3633
Harvey Tebbe L-161
Hastulf [MS Hastulphus]deWytewell' K-05613
Hawise Hamelyn L-3110
HawisedeHyppetoft H-27121
Hawise Idoun K-01410
Hawise Jake L-091
HawiseuxorRoberti L-9514
Hawise Wyles L-0257
HelendeBarton' L-7528
HelendeCamera L-3659
HelendelDale L-4412
Helenadecclesiam L-405
HelenuxorGalfridi K-0133
HelenrelictaGalfridi L-3015
Helen Hert L-9519
HelendeSecon' L-149
Helen vaillaunt L-863
Helen Waryn K-12518
Helen [Elena]deAlta Ripa H-2794
Helen [Elena] Brama H-3113
Helen [Elena]de laChaumbr' L-9026
Helen [Elena] Curtays K-09412
Helen [Elena]adecclesiam H-2749
Helen [Elena]relictaHugonis Broun K-1606
Helen [Elena]uxorJohannis H-1035
Helen [Elena] Kelyng H-04110
Helen [Elena] Osbern' K-15620
Helen [Elena]filiaRogeri H-15115
Helen [Elena] Rold K-17318
Helen [Elena]deSinchefeld H-12100
Helen [Elena] Spark H-2966
Helen [Elena] Tailur K-0698
Helen [Elena]relictaWalteri clerk K-16720
Helen [Elena] West K-0223
Helewisequondam uxorAlani filii Ricardi H-3034
Helewise Brekdur K-1182
Helewise Drury K-1372
HelewisedeGogxhill' K-1843
Helewise Reuelyng H-247
HelewisefiliaRicardi H-23120
Helewise la Taylyour K-17129
Helewise Trouns H-1137
Helewise Wype H-0438
HelewisiauxorJocei H-0162
HelminfiliusWillelmi K-10410
Henry .... L-7811
Henryad?fratres [as above] K-12336
Henry Abbot' L-484
HenryfiliusAde L-0348
Henry Alayn K-0978
Henry Alblast[er] K-17911
HenryfiliusAlexandri K-1834
Henry Almot [sic] K-06321
HenrydeAskeby K-17016
Henry Aslyn L-6120
HenrydeAssewell' K-00120
HenryAttewater H-0826
Henryadaulam K-11819
HenryleBaker K-0808
Henry Baker K-1657
Henry Balliuus K-2091
Henry Baret K-12044
Henry Basset K-2182
Henry Bauchun K-1556
HenrydeBaunborugh' K-06216
Henry Bayard H-32115
HenrydeBemund' K-09717
Henry bercar[ius] K-001140
Henry bercarius K-07626
Henry bercarius K-19429
HenryBercarius H-2957
HenryBercarius L-3860
HenrydeBerham K-00656
Henryfilius"Bettessone (Bate is a hypocoristic form of Bartholomew, which recurs in Bettessone.)" H-05143
HenrydeBirton' K-0406
HenrydeBoby K-21127
Henry Bolax L-2426
Henry Bonde L-251
Henry Borer K-11824
HenrydeBoterwyk' K-001133
Henry Boye K-1206
Henry Bracy K-0541
Henry Brade L-3515
HenrydeBrayland K-09821
Henry Brice K-20631
Henry Briffu K-1929
Henry Brond H-0930
Henry Brouneyng' [sic] H-1874
Henry Brous H-0414
Henry Bryd K-0879
Henry Bunche K-0833
Henry Buntyng H-046
HenrydeBurle K-13634
Henry Bussy H-07141
Henry Bussy jnr H-2385
HenrydeByrye et socius eius H-32116
Henry Cacchehar' K-18720
Henry Cade H-07105
HenrydeCamelton' K-12047
Henry Caperon K-1334
HenryleCarpent[er] K-01812
Henry carpentar[ius] K-00172
Henry Carpentarius L-7019
HenryfiliusCecilie K-18712
Henry Chapman L-2034
Henry Chaumpeneys K-13029
HenrydeChawe K-20318
Henryin leClay L-6132
Henry clericus K-04621
Henry Clericus L-1735
HenryleClerk' K-16335
Henry Co K-11815
Henry Co K-1776
Henry Cocus K-00637
Henry Cocus K-10412
Henry Cok' L-2811
Henry Collard K-06517
HenrydeComelton' K-0201
Henry Couhyrd' K-18814
Henry Couper L-2310
Henry Courteman K-16325
Henry Cristian K-17727
HenryinCrofto L-499
HenryadCrucem L-7013
Henry Curfyn K-11823
HenrydeDalleby K-001144
HenryfiliusDande K-18919
HenrydeDonyngton H-0933
HenrydeDonyngton' H-028
c0c0> Henry Drope H-3282
Henry Drope H-2430
Henry Dunnyng H-23111
Henry durant K-0326
Henry Durant K-13517
Henryadecclesiam K-0476
Henry Elianore K-0979
HenryfiliusEmcine H-0593
HenrydeEsendein K-1539
HenrydeEuedon' K-1951
Henry faber K-00825
Henry faber K-00912
Henry Faber L-2313
Henry Falet K-08830
Henry Fayrhore H-2217
HenrydelFen H-05168
HenrydeFenton' K-09224
Henry Fouk' L-2325
Henry Fox H-1041
Henry Frankys L-6115
HenryfiliusGalfridi H-1460
Henry Gamel K-1095
Henry Gerard K-17131
Henry Gerard H-07124
Henry Gere K-20933
Henry Giffard K-05117
Henry Gilbert K-21310
HenryfiliusGilberti L-012
Henry Godale H-1213
Henry Gotte K-10021
Henry of the Grene L-748
Henry Greygold K-0396
Henry Grylli K-0772
HenrydeGuenby L-3643
Henry Hacy L-2035
Henry Hakun K-09822
Henry Hardy K-20221
Henry Hayward K-17133
Henry Hayward L-7031
Henry Heine L-242
HenryfiliusHenrici K-15516
Henry Heruy K-18313
Henry Honet K-1777
Henry Horn K-09123
HenrydeHouden' L-089
HenryfiliusHugonis K-0918
HenrydeHykham K-2188
HenryfiliusIngram[i] L-3321
Henry Iustys K-16124
HenryfiliusJohannis K-1733
HenryfiliusJohannis K-1767
HenryfiliusJohannis H-2560
HenryfiliusJohannis H-329
HenryfiliusJohannis L-158
HenryfiliusJohannis filii Nicholai L-0618
Henry Julian K-1974
Henry Jurnay K-21213
Henry kanel K-00710
HenrydeKele H-3214
Henry kemime L-6112
Henry Kep K-07516
Henry Kissyng' L-494
Henry Knag H-2168
Henry Knag' H-2156
Henry Knokker K-001132
Henry Kyng H-0629
HenrydeKyrkeby K-00179
HenrydeKyrketon H-3280
Henryattelane K-20640
Henryde laLaund' K-1887
HenryfiliusLaurencii K-1954
Henry lettres K-10025
HenrydeLindesaye K-20313
Henry Lode K-11429
HenryleLong' K-00156
HenrydeLyndesaye K-06411
Henry Lyon K-05519
HenrydeMalport' K-1676
Henry Maltest[er] K-0064
Henry marchaund K-13116
HenryfiliusMargerie K-0976
Henry Mariot K-0564
HenrydeMaryng H-1526
Henry Messag[er] K-10011
Henry Milner K-1044
Henry Molend[inarius] K-00159
Henry Moyn H-282
Henry Naylor L-134
HenryfiliusNicholai K-0065
HenryfiliusNicholai K-01913
HenryfiliusNicholai H-2456
HenryfiliusNicholai H-2025
Henry Osbern' L-5510
Henry Osbern' L-921
Henry ouerşebek' K-0561
Henry Pate K-0358
Henry Patman K-09723
Henry Perkyn H-2564
Henry Person K-00836
Henry Petipount H-2442
Henry pigot K-07026
HenrylePinder K-13656
Henry Piper K-12054
Henry Pistor L-5525
Henryfiliusprepositi K-1732
Henry Prest K-20216
Henry proudyng K-01838
Henry Prykmer K-11380
HenrydePykworth K-00198
Henry Pynder H-07122
HenryfiliusRadulphi L-0149
HenryfiliusRadulphi L-0367
HenryfiliusRanulphi L-0293
HenryleRede K-0052
Henry Reingnald' K-10026
Henry Reynwyll' K-1769
Henry Richard K-12534
Henry Riche K-09722
HenryfiliusRoberti K-1523
HenryfiliusRoberti K-1779
HenryfiliusRoberti K-2028
HenryfiliusRoberti H-21159
HenryfiliusRogeri L-2815
HenryfiliusRose K-17731
MrHenrydeRouceby K-18614
Henry Rouland' K-20617
HenryfiliusRusselli et socius eius H-3267
HenrydeRydale K-19210
HenrydeSaxby L-4417
Henry Scharp' K-0655
Henry Schepherd K-001159
Henry Schillyng K-15419
HenrydeSempyngham [sic] K-001188
Henry Shephird L-267
HenrydeSiksel K-0804
HenrydeSpanneby K-17721
HenryleSpenser K-1511
Henry spilgate L-6146
Henry Spryngholf' K-1066
HenrydeStok' K-04910
Henry Stot H-23129
Henry Stug' H-2612
HenrydeSuthgate K-0805
Henry sutor K-11817
Henry Sutor H-1011
Henry tailour K-1267
Henry Tatenwagge K-11368
Henry Tebbe L-1913
Henry Tebrig' L-0250
Henry Tholy H-1785
HenryfiliusThome K-04112
HenryfiliusThome K-15511
HenryfiliusThome H-2360
Henry Thurg' K-09222
Henryattetounyshend K-0197
HenrydeTychewell K-00182
HenrydeUffington K-001142
HenrydeValaunce K-20834
Henry Walgot K-0245
Henry Walkelyn K-00635
HenryfiliusWalteri K-2187
HenryfiliusWalteri H-07127
HenryfiliusWalteri L-7335
Henry Werling H-0415
Henry Westris L-2447
Henry Wilde K-18018
HenryfiliusWillelmi L-0370
HenrydeWlhous H-032
Henry Wlly K-17322
HenrydeWodforde H-14157
HenrydeWoldeby K-1648
Henry Wymeson L-285
Henry Wyot K-1197
HenryleWyth' H-1959
Henry Youhyrd H-166
Henry Margeri K-00211
Her' [heres or heredes] Gilberti Passeuant [sic] H-2758
HerbertfiliusJocei K-1978
Heres Aunselmi K-1282
Hereward prepositus L-195
HermandeEdon' K-16929
Hubert [no byname] K-20915
Hubert Brightif' L-7414
HubertfiliusGalfridi Robyn H-0618
Hubert Gase H-12118
Hubert [MS Huberdus] [no byname] K-16712
HugelinadeCauf H-137
Hugelina Cotte H-2919