An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (G):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
G. [sic]deStok' K-21131
Geoffrey ? H-0178
G>Geoffrey Ad' K-11645
GeoffreyfiliusAlani K-13223
Geoffrey Albot H-0632
GeoffreyfiliusAlexandri H-196
GeoffreyfiliusAlicie K-19727
Geoffrey Alisot L-1720
GeoffreydeAluerton' K-2015
Geoffrey Anabel K-11641
Geoffrey Andreu K-00840
Geoffrey Antam K-2041
GeoffreyAttefeld H-04159
GeoffreyAttehalle H-04114
GeoffreyAttelathe H-2637
GeoffreydeAyton' K-1464
Geoffrey Bache K-20624
Geoffrey Bardon' L-8117
Geoffrey Bate K-0179
GeoffreyatteBeck' L-486
Geoffrey Bele K-11616
Geoffrey Bernard K-11528
Geoffrey Bettes K-11396
Geoffrey Bislaunce [sic = Briselaunce?] K-0019
Geoffrey Bocheler H-12128
GeoffreydeBokeland K-02316
Geoffrey Brewyster H-1169
Geoffrey Broun K-20639
Geoffrey Buchos K-11638
GeoffreyatteBure K-0969
GeoffreydeBurnham K-2094
Geoffrey Cacelady K-0113
GeoffreydeCalgarth' K-1082
Geoffrey Cart[er] K-00664
Geoffrey Carter H-0586
Geoffrey Carter L-3812
Geoffrey Cartewryght' L-0919
GeoffreydeCasewyk' K-1126
GeoffreydeCaster K-00527
Geoffrey Cchulle [sic] K-13448
Geoffrey chanel K-0071
Geoffrey Chaumberlayn K-00557
Geoffrey Cherl K-11350
Geoffrey Christian K-0226
Geoffrey cissor K-1362
GeoffreydeClay H-0789
Geoffrey clericus K-16211
Geoffrey Cocel K-113110
Geoffrey Cocus H-0611
Geoffrey Cole K-00554
Geoffrey Coluil' K-1796
Geoffrey Couper L-2312
Geoffreyfilius"cous [A hypocoristic female name, sometimes Edecus.]" K-11356
Geoffrey Cres K-01616
Geoffrey Crysp H-2972
GeoffreydeDalby K-001166
Geoffrey Day K-11215
Geoffrey diue K-0351
Geoffrey Droury H-0666
Geoffrey Duerey (Sc. Drury.) H-21107
GeoffreyfiliusDulcie H-2233
Geoffrey Dyle H-04118
Geoffreyadecclesiam K-00422
Geoffreyadecclesiam K-11649
Geoffrey Edelyn H-0615
GeoffreydeEglsthorp K-01039
Geoffrey Elryck H-015
Geoffrey Elryck senior H-0115
GeoffreyfiliusEmme L-2318
Geoffrey Engglays K-11385
GeoffreydeEsendeyn K-1531
Geoffrey žer Est K-11632
Geoffrey faber K-11622
Geoffrey faber K-13235
Geoffrey faber K-13410
Geoffrey faber K-18214
Geoffrey faber K-18811
Geoffrey faber H-1566
Geoffrey fige K-08031
Geoffreyatteforth K-11352
Geoffrey Fra[n]ceys H-05121
Geoffrey frere K-11612
Geoffrey Frere H-0446
Geoffrey Frost L-1512
GeoffreyfiliusGalfridi K-00516
GeoffreyfiliusGalfridi K-0309
GeoffreydeGedeney H-0622
Geoffrey Gikel H-2149
Geoffrey Gilbert K-15213
GeoffreyfiliusGilberti K-11387
Geoffrey Gode K-11442
Geoffrey Godfelauh' K-00829
Geoffreyattegraunge K-0959
GeoffreydeGreiby K-0208
Geoffreyde laGrene K-1087
Geoffrey Gulle H-1953
Geoffrey Haldan L-515
GeoffreyatteHalle K-07045
Geoffrey Hamund H-1466
GeoffreyfiliusHeruy [sic] L-1616
Geoffrey Hod K-09318
Geoffrey Horchard L-0274
Geoffrey Horn L-1520
Geoffrey Hotte K-09611
Geoffrey Huberd H-21116
Geoffrey Hudde H-1958
Geoffrey Huet K-1407
Geoffrey Hyge K-0498
GeoffreyfiliusJohannis K-00539
GeoffreyfiliusJohannis H-1272
GeoffreyfiliusJohannis clerici K-0187
GeoffreyfiliusJohannis de Sutton H-3290
Geoffrey Jurdon H-0613
Geoffrey Karite K-08619
Geoffrey kepe K-07511
Geoffreylekeu L-2016
Geoffrey Knape H-025
Geoffrey Knaue K-07318
Geoffrey Knyt K-00540
Geoffrey knyt K-09616
GeoffreyleKu K-06319
Geoffrey kyng K-0403
Geoffrey Lachecold H-21151
Geoffrey Lambyn L-2211
Geoffrey Lauman L-2446
Geoffrey Long H-2170
SirGeoffrey Luterell' K-0291
Geoffrey Luttrell' K-0303
Geoffrey Male H-1427
Geoffrey Male H-14166
Geoffrey Manan K-11344
GeoffreyfiliusMargerie K-00712
GeoffreydeMarkford K-00199
Geoffrey Martyn H-0267
Geoffrey Matheu H-2736
GeoffreyfiliusMatill[dis] H-1422
GeoffreyfiliusMatilldis L-533
Geoffrey Maufyn H-1270
Geoffrey Mayster H-0663
Geoffrey Mazoun K-1999
Geoffrey Milner L-5526
GeoffreydeMilsych' L-0433
Geoffrey molendinarius K-04721
Geoffrey Molendinarius L-1748
Geoffrey Monforth H-2013
GeoffreydeNethyrwyk' H-14106
Geoffrey Neue H-1357
Geoffrey Neut H-12125
GeoffreyfiliusNicholai K-19710
GeoffreyfiliusNicholai H-1428
GeoffreyfiliusNicholai H-2045
GeoffreyfiliusNicholai L-0180
Geoffrey Nicholas K-1369
GeoffreyfiliusNigelli K-03124
GeoffreydeNormanton' K-08517
Geoffrey Norre L-7349
GeoffreyleParcheminer K-001158
Geoffrey Partre H-069
Geoffrey Petri H-05124
Geoffrey Pilat K-1061
Geoffrey Pope K-11644
Geoffrey Port[er] K-1153
Geoffreyfiliusprepositi K-07616
Geoffrey Pyne H-1711
GeoffreyfiliusRadulphi K-04710
GeoffreyfiliusRadulphi K-09626
GeoffreyfiliusRadulphi L-9011
GeoffreyfiliusRan[ulphi] H-2323
Geoffrey Randolf H-12102
Geoffrey Raulot K-2095
Geoffrey Raulyn L-0810
Geoffrey Rede K-00515
GeoffreyleRede H-1121
GeoffreyfiliusRicardi K-01916
GeoffreyfiliusRicardi Gelus K-11341
GeoffreydeRidale L-159
GeoffreyfiliusRogeri H-013
GeoffreyfiliusRogeri L-2328
Geoffrey Romeyn H-12142
GeoffreydeRoyston' K-0262
Geoffrey Ruupe H-1288
GeoffreydeRythyrwyc' H-225
Geoffrey Salewyn H-1265
Geoffrey Sampson K-00429
GeoffreydeSchap' K-2021
Geoffrey Schillyng K-00529
GeoffreyleShyreue K-04413
Geoffrey Silueron H-2057
Geoffrey Siuerd H-21143
Geoffrey Sloth H-3233
Geoffrey Smith L-044
Geoffrey Spark H-1119
Geoffrey Stagg K-02113
Geoffrey Stallewrth H-095
GeoffreyfiliusStephani H-0124
GeoffreyfiliusStephani L-1015
Geoffrey Stroker K-1048
Geoffrey stukel K-0794
Geoffrey sutor L-7348
Geoffrey Sweyn H-14101
Geoffrey Taillour H-2229
GeoffreyleTaylur K-15011
Geoffrey Tenman K-08858
Geoffrey Teyk H-2659
GeoffreyfiliusThome K-0988
GeoffreyfiliusThome H-2944
GeoffreyfiliusThome H-27122
GeoffreyfiliusThome H-1426
GeoffreyfiliusThome H-2221
Geoffrey Toche L-0175
GeoffreyleToller K-11346
Geoffrey Torald K-00542
Geoffrey Torpell' K-0137
Geoffrey Toyliet K-113104
Geoffrey Tryg' K-0967
Geoffrey Turpyn K-0109
Geoffrey utlawe K-19014
Geoffreydevalle dei K-11321
Geoffrey Wals L-7519
GeoffreyfiliusWalteri K-0263
GeoffreyfiliusWalteri K-2064
GeoffreyfiliusWalteri L-4038
GeoffreyfiliusWalteri Chapman H-07100
GeoffreyleWard' K-17122
Geoffrey Warner L-2521
GeoffreydeWelton' L-422
Geoffrey Wesch' K-1491
Geoffrey West K-00728
Geoffrey West K-11521
Geoffrey West K-14119
Geoffrey West K-1524
Geoffrey Westyby L-276
Geoffrey Wilkok' K-17924
GeoffreydeWodeslade K-00131
Geoffrey Wryth K-1528
Geoffrey Wyldhau[er] H-1476
Geoffrey Wyn L-2025
Geoffrey Wyne H-2647
GeoffreydeWytham K-11627
Geoffrey Wyther L-2013
Geoffrey Yongge H-14133
Geoffrey carpentarius K-0714
Geoffrey že dam [sic] [Probably Geoffrey atte že dam was intended.] K-0716
GeorgedeLangholm H-253
GerarddeBarkeston' K-15311
GerarddeCotem[er] H-1969
GerarddeLangwath' L-7721
GerarddeMenill' K-19217
Gernagoun fil' Amicie K-1185
Gervase Nele L-0115
GevaRelictaNicholai H-1458
Gilbert ? [MS torn] H-1621
GilbertfiliusAlexandri H-27128
Gilbert Alg[er] H-0559
Gilbert Andreu K-1229
GilbertdeArardewelle H-2024
Gilbert Ascelyn L-8516
Gilbert Asty H-2762
GilbertdeAtherby L-263
GilbertAttebord H-04150
GilbertAttebrygg H-04200
GilbertAttegrene H-1144
GilbertAttehyl H-1251
GilbertAttestowe H-1250
GilbertAttestowe H-1259
Gilbert Aungewyn K-06312
Gilbert Bausy H-2416
Gilbert Benet H-0574
GilbertdeBenynton' H-0424
GilbertBercarius K-2125
GilbertBercarius L-2515
GilbertdeBinyngton' K-04722
GilbertdeBlankeney H-04123
Gilbert Bolyng' L-407
Gilbert Bond K-0513
GilbertdeBradewe H-128
GilbertdeBraiceby K-20817
GilbertdeBridesale L-7326
Gilbert Broun H-1292
GilbertdeBryggeley H-1489
GilbertdeBrytyfen H-04185
Gilbert Bustard [sic] H-167
Gilbertadcapud ville K-00417
GilbertdeCarethorp' K-0611
GilbertleCarpunter K-1202
GilbertfiliusCecilie H-05174
Gilbert Chapman H-07102
Gilbert Cobbyng' L-349
Gilbert Cock' H-1623
Gilbert Coll' L-8533
Gilbert Colliour H-05107
Gilbert Couhird L-3638
GilbertdeCrabdam H-2710
GilbertdeCroft' L-3916
GilbertadCrucem H-1225
Gilbert Derman H-1650
Gilbert Dunhal K-20941
Gilbert Dylwyn L-483
Gilbert Egir H-2127
Gilbert Englays K-12544
Gilbert faber K-0283
Gilbert faber H-15112
Gilbert faber L-8613
GilbertdeFendyck' H-04120
Gilbert fraunceys K-06973
GilbertfiliusGalfridi H-2055
Gilbert Ganne H-14148
Gilbert Gerard K-2135
Gilbert Geryng H-3141
Gilbert Giliot L-8631
Gilbert Godewyn H-1163
Gilbert oye Grene K-11422
Gilbert Gresshop[er] K-00117
Gilbert Gulle H-1917
Gilbert "Haldon [Probably representing Haldan[e], a form of the Anglo-Scand personal name, Halfdan.]" K-11619
GilbertdeHale K-06123
GilbertdeHaltoft H-0575
Gilbert Hamkyn [sic] K-10111
Gilbert HelleCoke K-00921
GilbertdeHelpringham K-21017
GilbertfiliusHerberti H-04209
Gilbert Heruest H-1280
Gilbert Hoky (An aspirated or hypercorrect form of the Anglo-Scand personal name Oky.) H-2162
GilbertdeHoland K-13460
GilbertdeHoldmedwe H-1314
GilbertdeHoyland H-1515
Gilbert Hoyot H-04172
GilbertfiliusHugonis K-1147
GilbertfiliusHugonis L-7814
GilbertfiliusIuette H-19126
GilbertfiliusJohannis H-1517
Gilbertattekyrk' K-06920
GilbertfiliusLeue L-3825
Gilbert Leueryk' L-4817
GilbertatteLoft' K-06927
Gilbert Lomb K-00942
GilbertdeLondon' L-416
Gilbert Loue H-044
GilbertdeManthorp' K-05414
GilbertfiliusMartini L-941
GilbertfiliusMasilie [?] L-2417
Gilbert mercator K-0374
Gilbert Mercator H-olor=#c0c0c0>H-05128
Gilbert Neucomen H-1642
GilbertdeNeuill' K-1508
GilbertdeNeuton' K-10310
Gilbert Nodde H-1411
Gilbert Nutte L-7025
GilbertOc0>Osberne H-2061
Gilbertparson K-2051
GilbertPenne H-19104
Gilbertattepersones L-693
GilbertadPipam L-841
GilbertPissy H-0859
GilbertdePoller H-0729
GilbertdePonte L-427
Gilbertadportam ecclesie L-7028
Gilbertfiliusprepositi K-12536
Gilbertprepositus L-733
GilbertProt K-17414
GilbertPrudyng' K-2122
GilbertPygge H-1281
GilbertPylgrim H-1278
GilbertdePyncebeck H-3147
GilbertPysty H-0843
GilbertfiliusRadulphi K-1966
GilbertRandolf H-12103
GilbertfiliusRanulphi K-1422
GilbertdeReddynges K-21123
GilbertfiliusReginaldi K-14811
GilbertReynald H-115
GilbertfiliusRoberti L-5912
GilbertfiliusRoberti Collectoris H-1945
GilbertRog[er] H-1299
GilbertfiliusRogeri H-1562
GilbertRussel K-16130
GilbertRylle K-12038
GilbertScot H-1152
GilbertSele H-041
GilbertSeyntemarie H-0472
GilbertSimond' L-7111
GilbertSparewe H-04130
GilbertdeStowe K-01019
Gilbertsturdy L-3828
Gilbertdesudbrok L-7016
GilbertdeSutton' H-27109
GilbertdeSuyterby L-3810
GilbertSwengg' K-0405
GilbertleTannour L-694
GilbertThecker H-1110
GilbertfiliusThome H-1434
GilbertThorald H-0761
Gilbertde leTrede K-21214
GilbertleWarde H-1975
GilbertWaryn H-094
GilbertWhite L-3834
GilbertWhyteclerk H-1536
GilbertfiliusWillelmi K-1565
GilbertdeWirthorp' K-1117
GilbertdelWyck' H-1948
GilbertfiliusWydonis H-04147
Gilbert Wyht K-11647
Gilbert Wylde H-05126
Gilbert Wylde H-1227
GilbertdeWylynham H-1752
Gilbert Wytherlok' L-812
Gilbert Yngleys H-1573
GilesfiliusHugonis H-296lor=#c0c0c0>6
GilesdeRedmer L-0924
GilesdeRedmere L-421
GocelinfiliusBeatricis K-02011
GocelindeElemosinario H-1215
GocelindeFeriby K-08814
Gocelin godgale K-0419
Gocelin Mous K-02114
Godfrey Bernard H-1049
Godfrey Bernard H-038
Godfrey Burgeys H-19113
Godfrey Dauy K-19827
Godfrey Dyot' H-1185
GodfreyfiliusGilberti H-04194
Godfrey Kyng H-0250
Godfrey Pywyt H-1277
Godfrey Roper H-122
Godfrey Rougewyn H-1184
Godhuwe [no byname] K-1415
God'us [Godricus or Godfridus?] Crumme H-0610
Gregory Catelyn H-0560
Gregory Gilberd H-12121
GregorydeHardyng H-2014
Gregory Kede H-0520
Gregory Mabill' K-08518
Gregory Robelas K-00631
Gregory Thurberne H-0511
Gregory Undyrwynd H-0540
Gregory Walays K-1031
Gundreda Burre L-038
Gundreda Cuth' K-0919
Gundreda Heruy L-162
Gunnilda Bas K-11613
Gunnilda le [sic] spenser K-00633
GuydeBotholham H-082
Guy Couper' H-04115
GuydeEltham K-19736
GuyfiliusGalfridi H-146
Guy Luttrell K-1392
GuyleMercer H-3249
Guy Outred H-0420
Guy Rose K-113114
GuyfiliusSimonis H-14118
Guy Test K-0982
GuydeThorp' K-1322