An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Given Name: (A-Alan):

Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
......descarle L-9111
....... ............. K-20310
.......adaulam K-2039
....... mabson L-9110
.........deBurle K-20311
.......... Machoun K-2034
........................... L-9124
? Kyng K-19733
?deTylton' L-392
? H-1777
? RelictaAlani H-1774
? Conayn H-1775
? Conayn H-1776
? filiusRoberti [MS poor for next few entries] H-1772
? [ MS faded] d H-3274
"? [""Alice, Matilda and [?]""]" daus of William Loyd' H-1556
? [MS faded] H-3273
[not yet transcribed] [not yet transcribed] H-062
[not yet transcribed] [not yet transcribed] H-063
[not yet transcribed] [not yet transcribed] H-061
Abelot [no byname] H-0242
AciliafiliaHugonis L-5424
Ad' [sic]que fuit uxorWillelmi H-0551
Adamin the... L-7425
Adam ? L-0133
AdamfiliusAde K-07040
AdamfiliusAde K-18117
AdamfiliusAl... L-7419
AdamfiliusAlani H-0532
Adam Alchoun K-02520
AdamfiliusAlexandri K-05512
Adam Amerous K-0083
AdamfiliusAndree K-21920
Adam arre L-0192
Adamadaulam K-18011
Adam Baldewyn K-1784
Adam Baldewyne L-0170
Adam Baret H-0265
AdamleBarker K-13648
AdamdeBarre K-17912
Adam Bate K-17323
AdamfiliusBate [A hypocoristic form of Bartholomew.] K-18023
Adam at Beck' L-8536
Adam Bef K-1817
AdamBercarius K-0238
AdamdeBernak' K-13633
Adam Bernard K-15510
Adam Bernard' L-9030
AdamdeBerughby K-16216
AdamdeBolby K-12825
Adam Bole K-18014
Adam Bond H-3134
Adam Bosse L-2514
AdamdelBothe L-0235
AdamdeBrauncewell' K-0759
Adam Bril H-15118
Adam Bryd K-1458
Adam Bule K-19816
AdamdeCapello L-8510
Adamadcapud ville K-09422
AdamdeCarleton' K-09325
Adam Carnifex H-32113
AdamleCarpenter L-6942
Adam Catelyn K-21316
Adam Chapman L-0510
Adam Chesemonger H-32102
Adam Chyld K-02712
Adam Cissor H-1579
Adam clericus K-01516
AdamdeClif' K-21013
Adam Cocus L-1518
Adam Cocus L-169
AdamdeCodington' K-20417
Adam Cok' K-1828
Adam Cok' L-685
Adam Copere H-2817
Adam Couhird L-2329
Adam Couper K-09414
AdamleCu K-01512
AdamleCupper K-001168
Adam Curtays K-09411
Adamleday L-439
Adam Dunhall' K-20917
Adam Ernys L-749
Adam Etewell' K-1602
AdamdeEueringham K-0962
Adam faber K-0012
Adam faber K-20820
Adam Felden H-2058
AdamdeFiskerton' L-7433
Adam forman K-17724
Adam Fouler H-1568
Adam Fox L-7354
Adam frankys K-2046
Adam fraunk K-18111
Adam Freman L-2314
Adamadfurnum K-0941
AdamfiliusGalfridi L-203
Adam Gikel H-21127
Adam Gladewyn K-20623
Adam Gocelyn K-15425
Adam Godehusband H-0528
Adam Gold K-07320
AdamdeGrangea K-01421
Adam Greiueson K-04812
Adamde laGrene K-07011
AdamdelGrene H-0939
AdamatteGrene L-3413
AdamfiliusGundr[ede] L-0291
Adam Gundy L-115
Adam Gunne H-059
AdamdeHalden' K-06942
Adam Halepeny K-07031
AdamdeHaltoft H-0542
Adam Hamelyn K-2076
AdamdeHampton' K-20413
Adam Hardepeny et socij eius [sic] H-0167
Adam Hardpeny H-0123
AdamdeHaydur K-0683
AdamdeHelpringham K-00721
AdamatteHemstile L-0220
AdamfiliusHerberti H-1240
Adam Houston H-218
AdamfiliusHugonis K-07030
AdamfiliusHugonis H-26104
AdamfiliusHugonis L-9517
AdamdeImynghawe L-0262
Adam Inglays K-1814
AdamfiliusJo... L-743
AdamfiliusJohannis K-15420
Adam Kay H-2133
Adam Kok H-1344
AdamfiliusLeticie K-1154
Adam Lewyn K-07020
Adam Lewyn K-1074
AdamdeLindesey K-01032
Adam Margori H-0556
AdamdeMarnham K-04813
Adam Maryot L-6928
Adam Mellor H-14102
Adam mercer K-16164
Adam Messag[er] L-559
Adam Mille L-819
Adam Molendinarius K-07910
Adam Molot K-19416
Adam Moubray L-7816
Adam Moubray L-815
Adam Muller [sic] K-13328
AdamdeNormanby L-2332
Adam Officialis L-2614
Adam One L-1420
Adam Osbern' L-5515
Adam Osberne K-07043
Adam Otheflores H-0236
Adam Page K-11636
AdamdeParco L-1220
Adam parfyt K-0212
Adam Pelliparius K-19433
Adam Penicoke L-018
Adam peniman K-07033
Adam Peroun K-19427
AdamfiliusPetri K-02523
AdamfiliusPetri H-127
AdamfiliusPetri H-21130
Adam Pigot K-07017
Adam Pollard K-20839
Adam Porter L-4026
Adam Pratt H-05158
Adam Prest' L-387
Adam Pye L-8411
AdamdePykeword K-1221
AdamdePykworth' K-0106
Adam Pylat K-0599
AdamfiliusRadulphi K-08113
Adam filus Radulphi K-20710
Adam Raynwill' K-1761
AdamleRede L-4413
AdamfiliusRicardi K-17313
AdamfiliusRicardi L-835
AdamfiliusRoberti K-07015
AdamfiliusRoberti K-1646
Adam Rog[er] L-6119
Adam Schephyrd K-20939
Adam Schort' L-2320
Adam scot L-186
Adam selle K-17928
Adam Sente H-12107
AdamdeSkaupwyk' K-07513
AdamdeSkoupwyk' K-1011
Adam Sower H-0463
AdamdeSprode K-21918
AdamdeStepyng H-3031
Adam Strony L-735
AdamdeStykenay H-1559
AdamdeStykenay H-0125
Adam Symild K-1632
AdamfiliusThome K-0704
AdamfiliusThome K-0757
AdamfiliusThome H-2330
AdamfiliusThome H-2367
AdamdeThorneton H-17103
AdamdeTilnaye K-19419
Adam Toky K-0946
Adam umfray L-745
Adamdeupton' L-8418
AdamdeWalcotes L-054
Adam Walle K-0445
AdamdeWalsoken K-15418
AdamleWariner K-00118
Adam West' L-4515
Adam Whytefot H-0838
Adam Wigot K-20619
AdamfiliusWillelmi K-07314
AdamfiliusWillelmi K-07624
AdamfiliusWillelmi K-1812
AdamfiliusWillelmi L-0621
AdamfiliusWillelmi filii Hugonis H-05108
Adam Wydeuel H-0537
Adam Wylby L-6121
Adam Wyles L-0118
Adam Wynter H-1246
Adam Holyn K-09423
Adelina Wyth' K-11326
Agnes ................. K-2036
AgnesrelictaAde K-09820
Agnes Alicok K-13014
AgnesdeAmcotes L-123
Agnes Andreu K-00420
AgnesAttegrene H-2913
Agnes Aueray K-00148
Agnes Auerey H-0133
Agnes B.... L-4434
Agnes Bacheler H-1835
Agnes Bardolf K-07327
Agnes Bardolf K-1872
Agnes Barker L-0164
Agnes Bate K-0081
Agnes Bedel K-00413
Agnesuxorbenedicti K-0213
AgnesdeBenwyk' K-0686
Agnes Berlet L-0168
Agnes Betrice K-0115
Agnes Bischopp' L-8519
Agnes Borel H-0770
Agnes Brond K-001129
Agnes Brysetymbr' L-214
AgnesdeBurgh' L-1414
AgnesdeCampo H-1146
Agnes Cardinell' L-788
Agnes Carman K-1176
Agnes Carter H-2812
Agnes Cauer L-7529
AgnesdeCaysthorp' L-277
Agnes clarice K-0867
AgnesdeCodington' K-2079
Agnes Cok' K-0705
Agnes Coupere H-07111
AgnesdeCreyk' H-2967
AgnesadCrucem H-0883
Agnes Curpy H-2512
Agnes Daubeney K-0883
Agnes Derlyng K-18717
AgnesdeDeryngton' K-0555
AgnesdeDeylys H-07143
Agnes Dunfoule H-264
AgnesdeDunnesby K-1816
Agnesadecclesiam K-0723
Agnesadecclesiam K-09311
Agnes Eng' K-17421
Agnes Erward K-00645
AgnesdeEuedon' K-11716
Agnes farewell' K-2109
Agnes fithien L-1711
Agnes formatrix K-15626
Agnes Fraunceys L-871
AgnesRelictaGalfridi H-1471
Agnes Garuyn L-8410
Agnes Gere H-2727
Agnes Gilberd H-2751
Agnes Gower L-0724
AgnesdelGrene H-2525
Agnesde laGrene L-3623
Agnes Gunyld H-2698
Agnes Gurneys L-524
AgnesdeHarby L-3831
AgnesdeHely H-1018
Agnes Herwy K-1716
Agnes Hode L-0917
Agnes Hoghyrd H-07116
AgnesdeHonington' K-20314
Agnes Hughet K-06215
AgnesuxorHugonis K-14613
AgnesRelictaHugonis H-0557
Agnes Husbond H-0583
AgnesdeHycham K-05526
AgnesleHyrde K-12031
Agnes Iclysham K-0628
AgnesdeIrlethorp K-0015
AgnesuxorJacobii L-7718
AgnesrelictaJohannis K-0768
AgnesrelictaJohannis K-1734
AgnesrelictaJohannis K-19825
AgnesrelictaJohannis de valle dei K-11328
AgnesRelictaJohannis Palm[er] H-14123
Agnes Karpong L-1016
Agnes kethill [Representing Anglo-Scand personal name Ketil/Ketel?] K-17920
Agnes Lauman L-2442
Agnes Lawe H-1940
Agnes machoun L-903
Agnes makeioye K-07416
Agnes Manan K-11373
Agnes Marchaund K-1396
AgnesatteMaydens K-0966
Agnesde laMore K-01012
AgnesdeMykelham H-3120
Agnes Nesse K-1927
AgnesRelictaNicholai H-14135
Agnes notekyn K-00925
Agnes Ode L-4028
Agnes Osberne H-045
Agnes Oydik' K-11331
Agnes Page K-09522
Agnes Palefray K-1503
Agnes le [sic] Palm[er] K-1162
Agnes le [sic] Parker K-0296
Agnes Payn K-21420
Agnes Pekke K-01210
Agnes petit K-07012
Agnes Philyp K-05511
Agnes Picok L-2448
Agnes Prot' K-17413
Agnes Prudmay K-02513
AgnesdeQuappelad' H-1594
AgnesuxorRanulphi L-073
AgnesdeReule K-16155
AgnesfiliaRicardi H-23135
Agnesque fuit uxorRoberti K-00924
AgnesfiliaRoberti K-08025
Agnesque fuit uxorRoberti H-0654
Agnesquondam uxorRoberti H-2760
AgnesuxorRoberti L-116
AgnesRog[er] H-1981
AgnesRote L-7515
AgnesdeSalnan [Probably means that the 2nd 'a' is in superscript. -KOB] K-12052
Agnessaule K-18416
AgnesSchirlok' K-11629
Agnes[que] fuit uxorSimonis H-12133
AgnesuxorSimonis Joye H-2941
Agnessouth' K-0785
AgnesSroppe L-125
AgnesSta? H-2813
AgnesStagg' L-784
Agnesattestather L-059
Agnesadstratam K-19430
AgnesdeSutton H-0427
AgnesdeSykeby K-1754
AgnesatteTemple K-06231
AgnesfiliaThome H-2327
AgnesRelictaThome Aunsel K-1357
AgnesuxorThome filii Roberti H-05104
AgnesdeThorp' L-297
Agnes Toke L-0364
Agnes toli K-00929
AgnesatteTownesend' K-06516
Agnesvidua K-1805
Agnes Wakenchape L-2415
AgnesdeWalpoul H-2669
AgnesrelictaWalteri K-08022
Agnesque fuit uxorWalteri H-12122
Agnes Ward K-1435
AgnesdeWelingouere K-20942
Agnes Westyby L-224
AgnesdeWhytten' L-2111
AgnesrelictaWillelmi K-0467
Agnesque fuit uxorWillelmi H-05120
AgnesuxorWillelmi L-414
AgnesrelictaWillelmi L-6615
AgnesrelictaWillelmi Andr' K-06939
AgnesuxorWillelmi filii Hugonis H-05106
AgnesuxorWillelmi Maynell' K-0441
Agnes Wodgrayue L-7014
Agnes le [sic] Wryth' K-2088
Agnes Wylly L-119
Agnes Relicta de Wylymot' H-0269
AgnesdeWylyngham L-752
Agnes Bardolf' K-0961
AlanfiliusAgnetis K-06910c0>15
AlanfiliusAlani H-1635
AlanfiliusAlani H-23118
AlanfiliusAlani Moldesson H-0894
Alan Albedeyn K-12823
A>AlanfiliusAlbred' [Albredi or Albrede?] H-0886
AlanfiliusAlexandri Crowe H-0895
AlanfiliusAlicie H-2153
AlandeAlkebarewe H-04119
AlanfiliusAndree H-1636
AlanfiliusAndree H-175
Alan Andrewe L-343
AlaninAngulo K-12821
Alan Aray H-2755
Alan Astan H-1759
Alan attelane K-00820
Alan Barfot H-0430
Alan Barfot H-0456
AlanfiliusBeatricis H-0727
Alan Belewe L-3322
Alan Bischop H-0861
Alan Bleyk H-0864
Alan Bobelyn K-13437
Alan Bolle H-055
Alan Boye K-13110
Alan Breuster L-818
AlanfiliusBreyteywe H-1762
Alan Brid K-12510
Alan Broun K-06812
Alan Broun H-19110
Alan Brounyng K-15622
Alan Bunch' H-1293
Alan Buyn' H-2696
Alan Cart[er] H-04101
Alan Cart[er] H-21115
Alan Carter K-06968
AlandeCassend H-1795
Alan Chaffar L-1732
Alan Champeneys H-27100
AlanleChapman K-1302
Alan Charite K-0077
Alan Chese H-0219
Alan Clere K-0317
Alan clericus K-03914
Alan Cobelyn H-17108
Alan Cocus K-11450
Alan Cok' K-08412
AlandeColdere H-17116
Alan Comb K-12023
Alan Couhyrd H-0796
AlanleCouper K-0463
AlandeCrertyng' K-16123
Alanadcrucem H-3122
Alan Darell' L-928
Alan Drumbyl H-0272
AlandeDunnysm[er] H-2765
Alan Durant K-0095
Alan edific' [edificiarius?] K-09215
Alan Edryck H-249
AlanfiliusElene L-4033
Alan Estrild K-00913
Alan faber K-1013
Alan faber K-12826
Alan faber H-3222
Alan Faukys H-1721
Alan Faukys L-8419
Alan Faule H-1753
AlandeFenne K-04611
AlandeFenton' K-21031
Alan Flouter H-04216
Alan Fogge H-1033
Alan forman K-1642
Alan Forry L-7211
Alan Fox K-01618
AlandeFramton K-00110
Alan Frankys L-141
Alan fraunkeleyn K-0465
AlandeFreston H-0710
AlandeFristhorp' L-0627
Alan Fryuell L-395
Alan Gaugy L-0127
Alan Geruax K-17012
Alan Gezors H-0955
AlanfiliusGilberti H-04122
Alan Gille H-04121
Alan Godewyn H-07104
Alan Goldesone H-3079
Alan Gouse L-092
Alan Gregor' K-11512
Alan Gregori K-02524
AlandeGreiby K-13212
Alan Grener H-2142
Alan Greyue H-0818
AlandeGrimmescroft' H-07157
Alan Gubbul H-0951
Alan Gunneson H-04170
Alan Hamund K-13463
Alan Hauerman H-1533
AlandelHordercolor=#c0c0c0>Hay H-07162
AlanfiliusHenrici H-158
AlanfiliusHerberti L-3020
Alan Hersaud H-3018
AlandelHill K-0297
Alan Hogg K-02711
AlandeHorblyng' H-1847
Alanfiliushugonis K-0097
AlanfiliusHugonis H-092
AlanfiliusHugonis Brette K-08810
AlanfiliusHumfridi H-0762
Alan Hunston' H-2240
Alan Hutte H-0535
AlanleHyrd H-0974
Alan Jake H-0497
AlanfiliusJocei H-1778
AlanfiliusJohannis K-04715
AlanfiliusJohannis de Leycestr' H-197
Alan Jurdan K-1288
AlandeKele H-0833
AlandeKele H-27147
AlandeKellesby L-1731
AlandeKelsey H-3074
Alanlekeu L-444
Alan Kotler H-23108
Alanleku K-17120
Alan Kyton H-0519
Alan Lambert K-00916
AlanfiliusLamberti H-1990
AlanfiliusLamberti H-3026
AlanfiliusLaurencii H-1788
AlandeLeycestr' H-1943
Alan Loman H-0961
AlanleLouerde K-1994
Alan Loyden H-15103
Alan Lyppe H-0820
Alan Machun L-9313
AlanfiliusMarg' H-17136
Alan Massingberd H-2754
Alan Mauclerc H-239
Alan mercator H-0531
Alan Miles H-21162
Alan Milner L-5120
Alan Milsone L-221
Alan Moldeson H-089
Alan Molend[inarius] H-08109
Alan molendinarius K-20415
Alan Molle K-02522
Alan Molle K-13430
Alan More K-08822
AlandeMulton H-132
AlandeMulton H-05175
Alan Mylner H-1736
Alan Neucomen H-086
Alan Northiby L-1755
Alan Ordyng H-0959
AlandeOsberneby K-00940
Alan Osse H-2691
Alan Palmere H-0882
Alan parson K-1026
AlanfiliusPetri Palmere H-0893
Alanadpontem H-0935
Alanadpontem H-018
Alan porcer L-447
Alan prepositus K-08827
Alan Pygot H-08107
Alan Pynder K-0868
Alan Pynder H-15108
Alan Pynder H-0966
Alan Pyrre H-3121
AlanfiliusRan[ulphi] H-109
AlanfiliusRan[ulphi] filii Jocei H-3042
AlanleRede H-1145
Alan Reuelyng H-1627
AlanfiliusRicardi H-2359
AlanfiliusRicardi H-0494
Alan Robert H-27130
AlanfiliusRoberti K-0699
AlanfiliusRoberti H-102
Alan Roche H-081
AlanfiliusRogeri H-15105
AlanfiliusRogeri L-0516
Alan Romphare H-08104
Alan Rudde L-2821
AlandeSantoft' L-021
Alan Schapman K-07037
Alan Scharp' K-06916
Alan Schyrrewater H-3242
Alan sex L-335
Alan Skeye H-1224
Alan Sley H-0258
Alan Sleyth' K-00910
Alan Soulheued H-1260
Alan Spryngholf H-1798
Alan Spyllale H-1493
Alan Spyrlyng H-3237
AlanfiliusStephani H-3038
Alan stowrs L-727
Alan Styrcart H-1590
Alan swan L-3018
Alan Tannator K-01823
Alantannator K-11314
AlanleTaylur K-0181
AlanTaylur K-12020
AlanTholy H-0273
AlanfiliusThome H-1786
AlanfiliusThome H-2331
AlanfiliusThome H-0439
AlanfiliusThome L-3416
AlanThormund H-0940
AlanThurkel K-1204
AlandeThurleby K-00716
AlanTolet K-1603
AlanToli K-00927
AlanTouneshyrd H-077
AlanTowyn K-13453
AlanTryg H-0517
AlanWace H-2725
AlanWade K-15625
AlandelWalles H-2389
AlandeWalpole H-2186
AlanWalraneue H-0410
AlanfiliusWalteri H-1746
AlanWaly H-17125
AlanWaryn L-1519
AlanWestyby L-298
AlandeWiggetoft H-1641
AlanfiliusWillelmi K-0813
AlanfiliusWillelmi K-13127
AlanfiliusWillelmi H-1029
AlanfiliusWillelmi H-1618
AlanWrothe [sic] H-1782
AlandeWylughby K-06817
AlandeWythom H-1745