An Index to the 1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (mka Kathleen M. O'Brien)


Sorted by Byname: (H-He)


Title Given Name Article Byname(s) Village Line
JohndeHa...gton' L-7418
CecilyHack' H-1837
RobertHack' H-1834
SarahHacon L-0120
ThomasHacon L-0119
ReginaldHacoun L-3646
WilliamdeHacunby K-13225
HenryHacy L-2035
WalterHag H-2667
JohnHaget H-1816
SimonHaget H-1818
MariotadeHaitheby L-1319
Richard Hakard K-00215
RobertdeHakebeche H-2123
IsoldaHakenhode L-8615
JohnHaket K-14812
JohnHaket K-16016
WalterHaket K-1484
RobertdeHakethorn' L-511
WilliamHakon L-0338
RichardHaksmal L-2036
WilliamdeHakthorn K-09818
HenryHakun K-09822
JohnHakun L-039
RicharddeHakunby K-13233
RobertdeHakunby K-13230
RichardHalbarn' L-637
GeoffreyHaldan L-515
JohnHaldan K-1987
MatthewHaldan H-0539
ThomasHaldan H-0581
JohnHaldayn L-424
ThomasHaldayn K-00815
AdamdeHalden' K-06942
RalphHaldeyn K-02318
RobertHaldeyn K-06226
RobertHaldeyn K-09115
RobertHaldeyn H-2956
WilliamHaldeyn H-2969
WilliamHaldeyn H-1231
Gilbert "Haldon [Probably representing Haldan[e], a form of the Anglo-Scand personal name, Halfdan.]" K-11619
WilliamHaldyn H-2932
GilbertdeHale K-06123
WalterHalefere K-00141
AdamHalepeny K-07031
RalphHalepeny K-07047
AlicedeHales K-1386
RichardHaliday L-0221
Rogerattehall L-3920
Nicholasattehall' L-459
Williamattehall' L-4111
GeoffreyatteHalle K-07045
Joanattehalle K-00185
Marg'atteHalle K-17035
Peterattehalle K-18122
Richardbi theHalle L-0513
Robertattehalle K-1157
Robertattehalle L-1618
Sarahdehalle K-0104
RanulphHalleche H-189
MatildadeHallem[er] H-2056
Aliceattehalleyate K-0784
ThomasdeHalm' H-1274
WilliamHalmark' K-09017
Halpeny [sic] K-0706
AdamdeHaltoft H-0542
GilbertdeHaltoft H-0575
LucydeHaltoft H-0543
ThomasdeHaltoft H-0588
RalphdeHalton' L-4711
JohnHalyday H-187
RobertHalyday L-3830
WalterHalyday H-04134
WilliamHalyday L-3846
JohnHalyman jnrL-0814
JohnHalyman L-0826
AdamHamelyn K-2076
HawiseHamelyn L-3110
JohnHamelyn K-0553
JohnHamelyn L-315
WilliamHamelyn K-20810
ThomasdeHameryngton' K-0857
GilbertHamkyn [sic] K-10111
WilliamHamond L-074
NicholasfiliusHamonis H-1461
JohnfiliusHamoundi K-12331
AdamdeHampton' K-20413
WalterdeHampton' L-6933
AlanHamund K-13463
GeoffreyHamund H-1466
JohnHamund K-09737
JohnHamund K-2162
JohnHamund L-3811
JohnHamund L-7723
NicholasHamund H-14114
RobertHamund K-1062
RobertHamund K-18037
RobertHamund H-14147
SimonHamund H-1472
WilliamHamund K-19441
WilliamHamund K-21612
WilliamHamund H-0832
JohnHamund' L-4424
MargaretHamund' L-3857
RichardHamund' L-7713
RobertHamund' L-4325
WalterHamund' L-9521
BartholomewfiliusHamundi L-3665
RicharddeHamyle K-00142
WilliamHancelym K-06829
JohnHanekyn H-21100
JohnHankyn K-10119
HughHanneld H-169
JohnHannesone L-156
WalterdeHanwik' K-19214
HughdeHanworth' L-2413
AndrewHarald H-0717
JohnHarald H-0716
RanulphHarald H-0760
AgnesdeHarby L-3831
AlexanderdeHarby L-3862
JohndeHarby L-3822
JohndeHarby L-3845
ThomasdeHarby L-3848
ThomasdeHardegate H-0630
RobertHardegray K-1668
WilliamHardegrey K-20638
ThomasHardepeny H-0914
AdamHardepeny et socij eius [sic] H-0167
Aldusahardheued K-11318
StephenHarding K-1621
AmiceHardpene K-06124
AdamHardpeny H-0123
ClementHardy H-238
HenryHardy K-20221
HughHardy H-1645
JohnHardy K-2025
JohnHardy H-1338
JohnHardy H-237
LevaHardy L-3123
NicholasHardy H-141
RichardHardy H-32111
RobertHardy H-0121
RogerHardy H-2413
ThomasHardy H-0120
WalterHardy H-1392
WilliamHardy L-313
GregorydeHardyng H-2014
AlexanderHare L-7020
RobertHare H-2053
RobertdeHareberug' K-1124
ThomasHarell' K-00433
AliceHarfot L-3517
RobertHarfot L-3649
JohndeHarington' K-0481
PhilipdeHarington' K-0482
WilliamdeHarlaxton' K-04911
John "Harneys (An aspirated or hypercorrect form of the Continental-Germanic personal name Ernisius/Arnisius, Erneys or Arneys?)" H-1484
JulianaHary L-6935
JohnHaryel H-0555
Mr JohndeHaryngton' L-3417
Mr JohndeHaryngton' L-521
WilliamdeHaryngton' L-522
RobertdeHaryngworth K-001190
Margery Haskhill [A syncopated form of Anglo-Scand personal name Asketil.] K-17953
Walter Haskhill [A syncopated form of Anglo-Scand personal name Asketil.] K-17954
RobertHastiu[er] H-1561
JohnHasty K-0085
JohndeHatcheby L-083
JohndeHatfeld' L-474
WilliamdeHatfeld' L-479
ThomasdeHatheby L-6013
MargaretleHatt[er] K-00123
JohnHaudeyn K-1253
AlexanderHauenhild' K-0947
WilliamatteHauer' L-0266
FulkdeHauercroft H-1381
JohndeHauercroft H-1385
SimondeHauercroft H-1359
WilliamdeHauercroft H-1323
AlanHauerman H-1533
MatildaHauerman H-1511
SimonHauerman H-1512
WalterHauerman H-1531
WilliamdeHauerthorp' K-1385
Marg'deHaugh K-08916
WilliamdeHaugh' K-09131
AlexanderdeHaugh' K-0951
ThomasHauk L-7346
JohnHauk' K-0089
AliceHaukeryld K-01418
WilliamdeHaukswell' L-337
JohnHauory H-05122
Andrewin leHawe K-0074
Johnin leHawe K-00724
JohnHawe L-383
RobertdeHawe H-2975
RobertdeHawe H-12130
Stephenin leHawe K-00722
WilliamdeHawethorp' K-13241
WilliamdeHawordeby K-1029
JohnHawyl' K-17034
EmmaHawys L-8620
RichardHawys L-2714
ThomasHawyse L-807
SimonfiliusHawyse [sic] K-0634
AlandelHay H-07162
RobertdelHay H-0347
Williamde laHay K-00184
WilliamdeHaycheby L-0815
AdamdeHaydur K-0683
RobertdeHaydur K-06823
JohnHayil H-0466
JohnHayron' K-1749
JohndeHaytheby L-139
HenryHayward K-17133
HenryHayward L-7031
JohnHayward K-17114
ThomasHebbe K-16955
RicharddeHebbedeyn K-0631
HughdeHebholm H-2448
JohndeHebholm H-2440
Robertin theHegge L-7312
JohndeHehourby K-16312
HenryHeine L-242
Emmaattehekke K-21919
RobertdeHekyngton' K-17950
OliverHelewys L-0151
RobertHeliot K-08911
RogerHelle H-0522
GilbertHelleCoke K-00921
WilliamHelleCoke K-00915
LambertHelleward H-0546
RobertHellewyn H-04144
JohnfiliusHellewys[ie] H-0233
ThomasHellot H-2773
PeterdeHelmeswell' L-428
RobertdeHelmeswell' L-6510
Bate [Hypocoristic form of Bartholomew.] Helot K-1842
RobertHelot L-5215
WilliamdeHelpeston' K-001191
MatildadeHelpiston' H-1960
AdamdeHelpringham K-00721
GilbertdeHelpringham K-21017
RobertdeHelpringham K-00939
JohnHelred* K-01514
ThomasdeHelwell K-1532
WilliamdeHelwell' K-1186
RobertHelwis K-13222
AgnesdeHely H-1018
JohnHelys L-514
RobertHem H-1132
RalphdeHemelay [sic] K-13712
JohnHemery H-32106
JohnHemery H-0811
RobertHemery H-0173
RogerHemery H-3221
WilliamHemmyng K-13315
JohnHemmyng' K-08110
AdamatteHemstile L-0220
RobertHencop K-0965
JohnleHende K-02914
JohnfiliusHende K-11427
Williamhendman K-17926
JohndeHendon' L-504
CecilydeHenemed H-3114
AlanfiliusHenrici H-158
Aliceque fuit uxorHenrici H-212
AndrewfiliusHenrici K-2083
BasiliaRelictaHenrici H-17134
DulcyrelictaHenrici K-2017
HenryfiliusHenrici K-15516
HughfiliusHenrici H-2155
JoanRelictaHenrici H-1347
JohnfiliusHenrici K-19819
JohnfiliusHenrici H-161
JohnfiliusHenrici L-0174
JohnfiliusHenrici L-0376
JohnfiliusHenrici L-3023
PeterfiliusHenrici K-08922
PhilipfiliusHenrici L-729
RichardfiliusHenrici K-01027
RichardfiliusHenrici L-7011
RobertfiliusHenrici K-12816
RobertfiliusHenrici H-163
RobertfiliusHenrici H-1486
RobertfiliusHenrici L-0125
RobertfiliusHenrici L-0255
RogerfiliusHenrici K-1058
SimonfiliusHenrici K-05517
SimonfiliusHenrici K-1261
ThomasfiliusHenrici L-594
WalterfiliusHenrici L-3618
WalterfiliusHenrici L-6143
WalterfiliusHenrici L-715
Walter filiusHenrici H-0979
WilliamfiliusHenrici K-0031
WilliamfiliusHenrici K-1986
WilliamfiliusHenrici K-2184
WilliamfiliusHenrici L-0368
JohnfiliusHenrici de Leek H-1535
SarahfiliaHenrici de Wyketoft H-0353
JohnfiliusHenrici Deniel H-05151
CecilyuxorHenrici filii Leticie K-02325
RobertfiliusHenrici le Clerk' K-0632
JohnfiliusHenrici Parlebien H-0114
WilliamHenriot K-07423
NicholasHenry H-0113
RobertHenry H-0922
ThomasHenry H-0965
HughHerberd H-2028
HughHerbert K-14511
WilliamHerbert H-26103
AdamfiliusHerberti H-1240
AlanfiliusHerberti L-3020
GilbertfiliusHerberti H-04209
WilliamfiliusHerberti L-7317
ThomasHerd K-07044
RobertdeHerdwyk' L-4513
WilliamdeHereford H-32125
JohndeHerford K-15412
RobertdeHerford K-15413
SimondeHerford L-512
ThomasdeHerford K-15515
WilliamdeHerford L-3524
Stephenhering' K-16110
RicharddeHerington' K-1473
RalphdeHerlaxton' K-16139
JohnHerle K-1976
JohnHerle L-374
WilliamHerle K-11618
EmmaHerlewin H-0460
JohnHerlewyn H-047
RobertHerlewyn H-0413
RobertHerlewyn H-1175
WilliamHerlewyn H-04139
RogerdeHerloxston K-15424
LeticeHerlyn K-03110
RicharddeHermeston' K-10122
RicharddeHermeston' K-21124
RobertdeHermeston' K-17961
MargaretdeHermethorp' K-1354
AlexanderHermod H-1023
HughHernes L-804
RichardHerr' L-7513
WilliamHerr' L-7534
HughHerre L-704
RobertHerre H-1919
ThomasHerre H-1192
WilliamHerre H-1873
WilliamHerreward H-0259
AlanHersaud H-3018
BenedictHert H-0725
HelenHert L-9519
JohnHert H-3065
LukeHert H-0724
OsbertHert H-0275
RichardHert K-09630
RichardHert K-09715
RichardHert H-0672
RobertHert K-01615
ThomasHert K-2085
WilliamHert K-07814
WilliamHert K-09624
BriandeHertheby K-13625
BriandeHertheby K-2151
BryandeHertheby K-0658
RobertdeHertheby K-0496
GilbertHeruest H-1280
RichardHeruest H-04161
JohnHerui K-19814
JohnfiliusHeruici L-0122
RobertHeruius K-1227
JohnHeruus K-12215
EliasHeruy L-937
GundredaHeruy L-162
HenryHeruy K-18313
HughHeruy H-172
JohnHeruy snrK-07028
JohnHeruy jnrK-07052
JohnHeruy K-11230
JohnHeruy K-12525
JohnHeruy H-1763
JohnHeruy L-0224
JohnHeruy L-9021
JohnHeruy L-9312
LambertHeruy K-18311
NicholasHeruy K-0075
RalphHeruy L-318
RichardHeruy K-09514
RichardHeruy L-3124
RobertHeruy K-07717
RobertHeruy K-18315
RobertHeruy L-9036
RogerHeruy L-1825
RogerHeruy L-901
ThomasHeruy K-04118
WilliamHeruy K-09527
WilliamHeruy K-09731
WilliamHeruy L-6713
GeoffreyfiliusHeruy [sic] L-1616
JohnHerward K-19718
NicholasHerward K-13259
WilliamHerward K-1173
WilliamHerward' K-19426
PhilipHerword K-08840
AgnesHerwy K-1716
BeatriceHerwy K-05523
HughHerwy K-16310
RobertHerwy K-1718
RobertHerwy K-17417
CecilydeHerwyk H-2723
RicharddeHerwyk H-2722
ThomasdeHerwyk H-27102
SybildeHerwyk' H-2753
CecilyHeryng H-2768
HughHeryng H-2694
ThomasHeryng H-2624
RalphHeryng' K-16151
StephenHeryng' K-0569
JohnHeryngman L-3661
RobertdeHeselay L-5537
RicharddeHeselwod L-205
JohndeHeselwod' L-2011
ThomasdeHeselwod' L-208
RogerdeHetunton' K-14510
WilliamheudFelagh L-0914
ThomasHeued K-18312
JohnHeuylyf H-251
NigelHeuylyf H-2522
MatildaHeward H-1749
CecilyHey K-07311
FelicedelHey H-07109
JohnHeylward iv H-1872
NigelHeyqued H-297
ThomasHeyqued H-0550
RicharddeHeytoft H-0664
ThomasHeyty K-0739