Hungarian Surnames Related to Wandering

by Kolosvari Arpadne Julia, 2014

A lot of people in the SCA want to be wanderers. Here is a list of Hungarian surnames with meanings related to wandering, with pre-1650 citations, from Kázmér Miklós: Régi Magyar családnevek szótára (Magyar Nyelvtudományi Társaság, Budapest, 1993). This is based on the list of names with related meanings found at the end of the entry for Bujdosó. I skipped the names that only had post-1650 citations.

Typography and notation: Each item consists of the Headword (as found in K.; generally the modern standard spelling, useful for pronunciation); the definition; and one or more of “date: given name surname” or “date: surname given name.” (If there are multiple citations from the same year, the date is only listed once.) Names in square brackets are modernized/standardized. “-0-” means only the surname was recorded. I have grayed out the post-1600 citations.

(This list started as a comment in OSCAR on an internal letter from Meridies.)