Surnames in Durham and Northumberland, 1521-1615

by Julie Kahan (

This article lists over 5,000 surnames recorded in Durham and Northumberland between 1521 and 1615 (mostly the later end of this period). The sources used are parish marriage registers. These documents were transcribed by George Bell and posted on the web by GEN UKI (UK and Ireland Genealogy). (I have not seen the original documents; names are listed here exactly as they appear in the online transcription.) The details of when and where each name was found are listed on the following pages; parishes are indicated by three-letter codes.

Most Widespread Surnames
These are the names that appeared in four or more different parishes.

Abraham to Ayton
Baaker to Byyers
Cake to Cuttinge
Dackson to Dyxsonne
Eaprick to Fyssher
Gadge to Gyllson
Hacffurthe to Hyutheson
I'son to Kytley
Laborn to Lyttleskeill
Mabson to Mytforth
Nanton to Oxon
Pace to Quarton
Racket to Ryppon
Sadler to Sysson
Tabart to Vyncent
Wad to Yveson

Some particularly interesting surnames