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Individuals Mentioned in Hebrew Accounts, 12th-13th centuries

Martyrs of the 2nd Crusade (1146-47)

R. Shimon heChasid "from Trier"
Maras Minna meAshpira
Avraham and Shmuel (two young brothers)
R[eb] Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Yoel haLevi
Mar Yehudah
R[eb] Shmuel b[en] R[eb] Yitzchak
R[eb] Alechsandri b[en] R[eb] Moshe, a scholar
Mar Avraham b[en] R[eb] Shmuel
Mar Kalonymos b[en] R[eb] Mordechai
Maras Guthela
HaRav R. Yitzchak ben Rabbenu Elyakim
R[eb] Shimon b[en] R[eb] Yitzchak, a young scholar
R[eb] Peter

Others mentioned in the narrative:
R[eb] Chizkiyahu ben Rabbenu Elyakim and his wife Maras Yehudis, who bought a burial-ground for the martyrs of Wurzburg
Rabbenu Shmuel and Rabbana (or Rabbenu) Yaakov, the leading rabbis of France [grandsons of Rashi, known to posterity as Rashbam and Rabbenu Tam]

Martyrs of 1171 in Blois, France

heChasid R[eb] Yechiel b[en] R[eb] David haKohen
haTzadik R[eb] Yekusiel b[en] R[eb] Yehudah haKohen
R[eb] Yehudah b[en] R[eb] Aharon = R[eb] Yuda b[en] R[eb] Aharon [The two forms of his name appeared in different chronicles.]

Others mentioned in the narrative:
Maras Pultzelina
R[eb] Baruch b[en] R[eb] David haKohen
R[eb] Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Elazar
R[eb] Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Yehudah
Yosef haKohen
heChaver R[eb] Nasan b[en] R[eb] Meshulam haRav

Travellers to Koln, Germany, 1171

R[eb] Binyamin haNadiv miVoliere
R[eb] Avraham haSofer miCarentan

Martyred in 1180 in Boppard, Germany

R[eb] Yehudah b[en] R[eb] Menachem z"l

Martyrs of 1186 in Neuss, Germany

R[eb] Yitzchak heChazan b[en] R[eb] Gedalyah
R[eb] Shmuel b[en] R[eb] Nasan and his son, R[eb] Nasan
R[eb] Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Shimshon
R[eb] Shmuel b[en] R[eb] Natronai
Baruch b[en] R[eb] Yosef

Mainz, 1188-1195

haRav R. Yehudah b[en] R[eb] Kalonymos
haRav R. Moshe b[en] R[eb] Mordechai
R[eb] Moshe heChazan = R[eb] Moshe b[en] R[eb] Elazar haKohen heChazan
Nadiv R[eb] Moshe b[en] R[eb] Yosef haKohen
Maras Doltza
her children:

Martyrs of 1190-91 in England

HaRav HaMuvhak R. Yaakov meOrleans
HaRav R. Yom Tov

Martyrs of the 3rd Crusade (1196)

in Austria:
R[eb] Shlomo

in Boppard, Germany:
R[eb] Shlomo heChazan

Others mentioned in the narrative:
in Speyer, Germany:
haRav R[abbi] Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Asher
R[eb] Chizkiyah haNagid b[en] R[eb]r Reuven miBovart = Chizkiyah haNadiv
R[eb] Moshe b[en] R[eb] Yosef haKohen

Koln, 1216


Erfurt, Germany, 1221

R[eb] Shmuel heChazan b[en] R[eb] Kalonymos
Maras Chana
R[eb] Yoel heChasid
Maras Shluida
R[eb] Shem Tov haLevi
R[eb] Mordechai b[en] R[eb] Elyakim haLevi
R[eb] Yosef b[en] R[eb] Shmuel
R[eb] Yitzchak
R[eb] Moshe
R[eb] Kalonymos
R[eb] Zelekman haBachur
R[eb] Shabsai
Yosef haNaar

Fulda and Bischofsheim, Germany, 1235

R[eb] Nasan haZaken
R[eb] Yosef
R[eb] Shlomo
R[eb] Chayim
R[eb] Nechemiah b[en] R[eb] Chiyya
R[eb] Yechiel b[en] R[eb] Yosef haKohen
R[eb] Meir b[en] R[eb] Moshe haLevi
R[eb] Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Meir


R[eb] Avraham Ger Tzedek = R[eb] Avraham ben Avraham Avinu meOispurk

Koblenz, Germany, 1265

R[eb] Yoel
Maras Shoinlin heChasidah
heChaver R[eb] Yosef haBachur b[en] R[eb] Shmuel
Maras Shonlin
R[eb] Shlomo haBachur
R[eb] Avraham b[en] R[eb] Moshe
heChaver R[eb] Eliezer

Pforzheim, Germany, 1267

haRav Shmuel ben haRav Yakar haLevi
Rabbi Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Eliezer
R[eb] Avraham b[en] R[eb] Gershom

Wissembourg, France, 1270

heChaver R[eb] Shimshon b[en] R[eb] Shlomo
R[eb] Shlomo b[en] R[eb] Shimshon
R[eb] Moshe b[en] R[eb] Shimshon
R[eb] Yaakov b[en] R[eb] Avraham
R[eb] Moshe b[en] R[eb] Nasan
R[eb] Gershom b[en] R[eb] Yekusiel

Troyes, France, 1288

R[eb] Baruch meAvirey
Mar Baruch Tuv Elem
heCh[aver] Chayim miBreinon
heCh[aver] Chayim
heCh[aver] Komlin
heCh[aver] Shimshon haKadmon
R[eb] Shimshon haSofer miKatilon
heCh[aver] Shlomo
R[eb] Yitzchak Katlein = Tzshatlein [His byname probably derives from the French and German words for cat, "chat" and "katz."]
heCh[aver] Yitzchak Kohen

Frankfurt, Germany, 1307

Zuiskind Wimfen [He was probably from the town of Wimpfen, Germany.]