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Individuals Mentioned in Hebrew Accounts, 10th-11th centuries

France, 994

Sechok ben Esther Yisraeli
This individual was an apostate Jew who instigated a pogrom. His name has a number of unusual features. Firstly, his given name seems to be a diminutive of Yitzchak. Such diminutives were no doubt commonly used in everyday speech, but do not usually appear in memorial chronicles. Secondly, he is identified by a matronymic. Thirdly, he has the byname Yisraeli, "Israelite." Such a byname would not help to identify an individual within the Jewish community; perhaps his Christian associates used this byname for him.


In France:

R[eb] Yaakov b[en] R[eb] Yekusiel
Chana [his wife]
Yekusiel, Yitzchak, Yosef, and Yehudah [their sons]

Leaders of Rome's Jewish community:

R[eb] Moshe haNasi
R[eb] Avraham
R[eb] Shabsai

The First Crusade, 1096

in Koln (Cologne), Germany:

Mar Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Elyakim
Maras Rivkah
R[eb] Shlomo [her husband]
Maras Matrona
Mar Yuda b[en] R[eb] Avraham
Saris [a bride]
Mar Yehudah b[en] R[eb] Avraham heChasid [her father-in-law]
Avraham [his son, the groom]
heChasid David b[en] R[eb] Yitzchak

in Mainz, Germany:

R[eb] Baruch b[en] R[eb] Yitzchak
Yehudah [his son-in-law]
R[eb] Kalonymos b[en] R[eb] Meshulam haParnas = R[eb] Kalonymos haParnas=R[eb] Kalonymos heChasid
Mar Yosef [his son]
R[eb] Yekusiel b[en] R[eb] Meshulam [his brother]
Rabbenu Menachem b[en] R[eb] Yehudah
R[eb] David b[en] Rabbana R[eb] Menachem
Maras Rachel haBachurah bas R[eb] Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Asher
Yehudah [her husband]
Yitzchak, Aharon, Beila, Madrona [their children]
R[eb] Yehudah b[en] R[eb] Yitzchak
Rabbenu Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Moshe 'Oker Harim'
Maras Guta eshes Rabbana R[eb] Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Moshe
R[eb] Yehudah b[en] Rabbana Yitzchak
Mar Yitzchak ["his uncle"] b[en] R[eb] Asher
Moshe b[en] R[eb] Chelbo
Shimon, Mar Chelbo b[en] R[eb] Moshe [his sons]
Mar Yaakov b[en] R[eb] Sulam
Mar Shmuel b[en] R[eb] Mordechai haZaken = Mar Shmuel haZaken b[en] R[eb] Mordechai
Mar David b[en] R[eb] Nesanel haGabbai = Mar David Gabbai b[en] R[eb] Nesanel
Mar Yitzchak haTzadik b[en] R[eb] David haParnas
R[eb] Shmuel b[en] R[eb] Naaman
Maras Scolaster [...] bas R[eb] Shmuel haGadol = Maras Scolaster eshes R[eb] Yitzchak
Mar Uri b[en] R[eb] Yosef
Rabbana R[eb] Eliezer
Maras Rachel
R[eb] Yehudah b[en] R[eb] Yitzchak haTayar haGadol
Mar Shmuel b[en] R[eb] Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Shmuel
Mar Shneiur
R[eb] Kalonymos b[en] R[eb] Yosef haKatan miShpeira
Mar Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Shmuel
Mar Yitzchak b[en] R[eb] Moshe
R[eb] Eliezer b[en] R[eb] Yaakov
Mar Avraham b[en] R[eb] Asher
Mar Shmuel b[en] R[eb] Tamar
Rabbenu Menachem b[en] Rabbana David haLevi

in Metz, France:

R[eb] Shmuel Kohen haGabbai

in Neuss, Germany:

Mar Shmuel b[en] R[eb] Asher
R[eb] Yitzchak haLevi
Mar Gedalyah
R[eb] Shmuel haChasan b[en] R[eb] Gedalyah
Mar Yechiel b[en] R[eb] Shmuel
R[eb] Shmuel haZaken [his father]
R[eb] Levi b[en] R[eb] Shmuel
Maras Rachel haZekenah eshes R[eb] Shlomo haKohen
Rabbenu Shmuel b[en] R[eb] Yechiel
Mar Menachem heChasid haShamash

in Speyer, Germany:

R[eb] Nasan
R[eb] Mordechai
Reb Meshulam = Rabbenu Meshulam
R[eb] Moshe haParnas b[en] R[eb] Yekusiel

in Trier, Germany:

Mar Asher b[en] R[eb] Yosef
Meir b[en] R[eb] Shmuel [a youth]
Mar Avraham b[en] R[eb] Yom Tov

Worms, Germany:

Meir Kohen
Reb Meshulem b[en] R[eb] Yitzchak
Maras Tziporah [his wife]
Yitzchak [their son]
Yitzchak ben Daniel [a youth]
R[eb] Simchah haKohen ben Morenu Yitzchak Kohen
Maras Minna

in Xanten, Germany:

heChasid Rabbenu Moshe
R[eb] Natronai b[en] R[eb] Yitzchak


Maras Yeintil
Maras Rivkah
Mar Shemariah = Mar Shemariahu
R[eb] Yitzchak haLevi
R[eb] Gershom
Mar Yehudah b[en] R[eb] Avraham
Mar Yosef [his brother]
R[eb] Yehudah haLevi ben Rabbenu Shmuel
R[eb] Peter
Mar Elazar haLevi
R[eb] Levi b[en] R[eb] Shlomo [his son-in-law]