Maltese Names from Attard, 1499 and 1502

by Genny Grim
known in the SCA as Constanza of Thamesreach

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last updated 13Nov14

The following Latinized names are taken from a 19th-century copy of a deed of foundation of a Maltese confraternity, originally written in 1499 and with an addition dated 1502. The village of Attard is in central Malta.

All of the names found in this document are masculine, and with the exception of the first, all follow the pattern of given name + byname. Square brackets indicate where an inflected name has been put into the nominative.

Names from the original deed

Bartholomeus Tabuni
Augustinus Attard
Laurentius Attard
Bartholomeus Attard

Names from the 1502 addition

Petr[us] Pannusi[us]
Guiglelmus Vicarius


Privilegium Domus Disciplinarum, transcribed in Busuttil, Joseph and Fiorini, Stanley "Privilegium Domus Disciplinarum: the erection of a Confraternity at Attard in 1499" in Melita Historica, volume 14 part 1 (Santa Lucija: Malta Historical Society, 2004).