Names from Fourteenth Century Foix

by Scolastica la souriete
(Triste Elliot,

Revised February 2001. © 1998, 2001 by Triste Elliot; all rights reserved.


The names in these lists are from Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie's Montaillou: Promised Land of Error, printed by Random House in 1978. Montaillou was a village in Foix (now in the departement of Ariège). The names are taken from inquisition records from the first quarter of the 14th century. These people were accused of heresy or appeared as witnesses against others. The people of Montaillou had some contact with Catalonia south across the Pyrenees, so some Catalan names may have crept into these lists.

Le Roy Ladurie wrote his book based on a modern French translation of the original Latin inquisition records. His source was Le registre d'inquisition de Jacques Fournier (Eveque de Pamiers), 1318-1325, translated and annotated by Jean Duvernoy (Toulouse, private edition, 1966. Republished Paris ; New York : Mouton, c1978). I have compared Le Roy Ladurie's book to Duvernoy's translation, and as far as I can tell, Le Roy Ladurie did not modify the names from Duvernoy's spellings. However, Duvernoy himself translated the original Latin names to modern French. Therefore, the spellings of names in these lists cannot be trusted.

With help from Azimont, an enthusiast of the Occitan language, we have added likely Occitan forms of the names; they are shown in italics. A larger selection of Occitan names from the 13th and 14th centuries can be found in Anne Brenon, Le petit livre aventureux des prénoms occitans au temps du Catharisme (Tolosa: Loubatières, 1992).

Feminine Names

Agnes   Anhés
Alazaïs   Alasais
Alesta   Alesta
Algaia   Algaia
Alicia   Alicia
Alissende   Alissenda
Allemande   Alemanda
Arnaude   Arnauda
Aude   Auda
Ava   Eva
Bartholomette   Bertomièva
Béatrice   Beatriz
Bernadette   Bernadeta
Bérengère   Berenguièira
Blanche   Blanca
Brune   Bruna
Brunissende   Brunissenda
Condors   Condors
Constance   Constancia
Eglantine   Eglantina
Emersende   Emersenda
Ermengarde   Ermengarda
Esclarmonde   Esclarmonda
Esperte   Esperta
Estelle   Estela
Fabrisse   Fabricia
Florence   Floréncia
Gaillarde   Galharda
Gaude   Gauda
Gauzia   Gauzia
Gentile   Gentila
Grazide   Grazida
Guillemette   Guilhemeta
Honors   Onors
Huguette   Ugueta
Jacotte   Jacotina
Jeanne   Joana
Louve   Loba
Marie   Maria
Marquise   Marquesina
Mathena   Matena
Maura   Maura
Mengarde   Mengarda
Montagne   Montanha
Phillipa   Felipa
Raymonde   Raimonda
Rixende   Rixenda
Rousse   Rossa
Serena   Serena
Stéphanie   Estevena
Sybille   Sibilha
Thomassia   Tomassia

Masculine Names

Adhémar   Asemar
Albert   Albèrt
Amélien   Amelian
Amiel   Amelh
André   Andrieu
Arnaud   Arnaud
Barthélemy   Bertomieu
Benet   Beneset?
Bérenger   Berenguièr
Bernard   Bernat
Berthomieu   Bertomieu
Bertrand   Bertrand
Gaillard   Gualhard
Geoffroy   Jaufre
Germain   German
Guilhabert   Guilhabèrt
Guillaume   Guilhèm
Guillot   Guilhòt
Jacques   Jaume
Jean   Joan
Julien   Julian
Loup   Lop
Martin   Martin
Michel   Miquèl
Othon   Oton
Philippe   Felip
Pierre   Pèire
Pons   Pons
Prades   Pradas
Raymond   Raimond
Simon   Simon
Valentin   Valentin
Vital   Vital

Edited from the article in the Trimaran Known World Heraldic Symposium, AS XXIX and published by Arval Benicoeur. Updated February 2021.