"al-Dīn" style names from Ibn al-Bannāʼ
by Basil Dragonstrike

This list collects all the so-called titles of the form "____al-Dīn" and similar formations (e.g. al-Dawla instead of al-Dīn). Some of these come from nasabs, where an ancestor is referred to by his "title" rather than his ism.

In spoken Arabic, the prefix "al-" is not always pronounced as written. Specifically, the "a" is elided (that is, not pronounced) following a word ending in a vowel; also, the "l" is sometimes assimilated (that is, it is changed to the sound of the following letter) before "sun letters." Makdisi has changed the spelling of "al-" to fit the pronunciation throughout his translation. Upon consideration, I have decided to use the spelling "al-" throughout, as I believe this is more useful to re-enactors, particularly as the spelling with "al-" is more common than with it altered.

‘Alam al-Dīn
‘Amīd al-Daula
Dhakhīrat al-Dīn
Ḑiyā’ al-Dīn
Fakhr al-Daula
‘Imad al-Dīn
Taqī al-Dīn
Za‘īm al-Daula
Za‘īm al-Mulk