Flemish Names from Bruges

by Luana de Grood (Loveday Toddekyn)


This is an analysis of the name data from _Histoire de la Gilde des Archers de Saint Sebastien de la Ville de Bruges_ by Henri Godar, Bruges, 1947. The data entered here is from the index on pp. 103-269. All names were dated except for those taken census of all members, begun in 1514. For those names the name field is blank but they have been identified with a comment.

While computing the starting and ending dates for the alphabetical listings, I treated undated (census) names as though their date was as low as 1400 or as high as 1550, where appropriate. Thus a census name is earlier than a name dated 1417 and it is later than a name dated 1547. This is only used while computing the alphabetical listings.

Each name is divided into a given name, a byname, and a linking article or preposition (called an aanlope).

We do not have all the data on the Web at this time. Sections which will be added are listed, but do not yet have links.

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