Scottish Heraldry

Scottish Gaelic (Highlands) Heraldry

Scots (Lowlands) Heraldry

Academy of Saint Gabriel Report 2511
This report discusses Lowland heraldic style and lists some 15th century Scottish arms.

Ancient Scottish Patents and Matriculations, by David Hunter of Montlaw (alias David of Moffatt).
Text of some sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Scottish patents of arms.

An Annotated Bibliography of Scottish Heraldic Materials, by Zenobia Naphtali and David of Moffat.
Also available on the SCA website.

An Essay on Seme, by Eowyn Amberdrake.
This article was written at a time when the SCA College of Arms was trying to figure out how to treat strewn charges, so some of the discussion is related specifically to the RfS and is now obsolete. The data and the conclusions, drawn from French, English, and Scottish examples, are all still correct and useful.

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